Benefits of Beach Camps: Fun Activities and More!

fun activities

It can be hard for families to find fun activities to do together that don’t involve sitting on the couch and watching TV. Only one out of every three children are physically active every day, and they spend on average of almost eight hours a day in front of a screen — whether it’s television, computer, tablet or gaming system.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that children and adolescents get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. However, we all know kids (especially teenagers) — they don’t want to go out and do anything without a real reason to. Why go outside? There’s video games and TV inside!

Summer camps are the perfect opportunity to help children enjoy spending time outside. There are dozens of fun activities at day camp for kids that focus on being fit and active. Most camps have an extensive range of activities that can help strengthen bones and muscles, like climbing, gymnastics, and swimming.

Did you know that if a child between the ages of one to four takes part in formal swimming lessons (like those offered by beach camps), the risk of drowning can be reduced by almost 90%? Swimming, and fitness in general, are important skills for children to learn while young.

Another facet of kids’ camps is kids’ nutrition. More than 40% of total daily calories for two-18-year-olds comes from empty calories. There are four main sources of these empty calories: soda, desserts, pizza, and milk. There’s nothing wrong with each of these in moderation, but many kids eat and drink these on an almost daily basis. Many camps nowadays focus on nutrition, forgoing many of the old camp staples of sweets and pizza (though they do still make appearances as special treats!) and giving children healthy alternatives.

Fun activities for the family — particularly active ones for children — are tough to come by. Why spend energy doing things outside when we could not spend energy and do things inside? Day camps offer children something they may be lacking: a reason to want to go outside. Camps offer all kinds of activities and experiences they wouldn’t get elsewhere.

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