Staff Members Share Their Experience at FBS

At Fitness by the Sea, camp is who we are!

We are a real family working together for the positive development of children through the camp experience.

“I decided to apply as a Fitness by the Sea staff member because I was thinking about becoming a teacher. What impressed me the most during my time at FBS was the insight and training I received, as well as the ongoing coaching and direction that was provided throughout the summer. The camp directors really care about helping kids become the best versions of themselves, and it’s obvious every day. I learned so much and had such a great summer, I immediately decided that I wanted to return the following year.” – FBS Staff Member

Our owner is a day camp innovator, creating the first camp in southern California that empowers campers with “the power of choice,” providing an opportunity to discover their interests and abilities in a caring, nurturing environment.

He also knows exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes, having done every job and holding every title in the camp at some point.

If you’re looking for a fun and fulfilling way to spend your summer, we can give you the training and support to help you be successful at Fitness by the Sea.

“Working at Fitness by the Sea has been the most enriching job of my entire life. Spending time on the beach with an incredible group of kids and fellow staff members is non-stop fun … sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re actually getting paid to play all these games! The training is really great and prepares you to guide and help kids throughout the summer.” – FBS Staff Member

We understand that not everyone wants to become a long term staff member at Fitness by the Sea.

Many people will only be with us for a year before moving off to college or pursuing a new career.

Regardless of your stage of life, you’ll be part of a dedicated team of friends who support each other and help one another every day.

You’ll gain valuable skills in leadership, conflict management, problem solving, and cooperation.

And when you decide that you’d like to move on, we’ll provide a letter of recommendation to help you along.

“Working at Fitness by the Sea was a wonderful way to spend my summer after graduating from college. Every day was filled with exciting new ways to have fun with the campers, and guide and encourage them every step of the way. When the summer ended and it was time to pursue a new career, it was hard to walk away from such an amazing place. But I had one final meeting with Eric, the owner, and he asked me to stay in touch, and he offered his assistance with my job search. I can’t say enough good things about FBS, but I’m awfully grateful for the time I spent there.” – FBS Staff Member