Imagination Thrives at FBS!

Roars of laughter and fun explode from the beach when Fitness By The Sea transforms into a magical world for Theme Days. Every camper receives a Theme Day schedule at the beginning of the year with descriptions of all the Theme Days throughout the season. These are some of the zaniest, most memorable days of the summer.

What Are Theme Days?

We go “over the top” to decorate our facilities for Theme Days. The music, the activities, and the staff costumes reflect the theme, giving campers a sense of wonder and excitement when they arrive. Campers and staff alike love wearing costumes on theme days!

Building Confidence, Creativity, & Imagination

Theme days offer an unparalleled opportunity for campers to express their creativity and let their imagination soar. First time campers may feel uneasy about wearing a costume to the beach, wondering if they will be accepted by their peers. But their feelings of fear transform into confidence when they are blanketed with acceptance and encouragement.

We brainstorm new and exciting Theme Days every year. Here are our Theme Days for the 2020 summer:

  • Circus, Circus  – Step right up and get your ticket. Join us under the big top and come as a clown, lion, trapeze artist, or just bring your own amazing talent. We’ll be juggling, having a ring toss, face painting, and putting on the greatest performance FBS has ever seen.
  • Halloween Day – Vampires, princesses, and ghosts roam the beach on Halloween Day. Campers love to show off their favorite costume and play some of our “ghoulish games” and “supernatural sports!
  • Carnival Day – Come celebrate the biggest event on the beach and try your luck at Carnival row tossing the ring, spinning the roulette wheel, or throwing the bean bag while collecting tickets to cash in at the prize booth. You can also sit back and enjoy the live acrobatic or magic show and just be bedazzled!
  • Pajama Party – Get right out of bed and join us for the best slumber party on the beach. Epic pillow fights, evening snacks, and incredible stories are a sample of what’s in store for you at the FBS pajama party! So wear your comfiest PJ’s and bring your favorite teddy bear- and no sense in fixing your hair.
  • Luau – It’s the last week of camp, so it’s time for a party! Campers dress for a full day of sunshine, pineapple, leis, grass shirts, limbo, and hula dancing. A great way to end the summer!

Pacific Palisades

All Theme Days at Pacific Palisades are on Fridays.

6/26Pajama Party
7/31Carnival Day
8/30Luau (End of Summer Party)

Santa Monica

All Theme Days at Santa Monica are on Fridays, except Circus Day

6/26Carnival Day
7/17Pajama Party
8/30Luau (End of Summer Party)

Jonathan Club

All Theme Days at Jonathan Club are on Fridays.

7/31Pajama Party
8/21Carnival Day
8/28Luau (End of Summer Party)