Dates & Rates


Pacific Palisades – June 11 to August 31
(Will Rogers Beach, Tower 14 – ‘Big’ Camp – Ages 5 – 14)
Palisades North – June 18 – August 24
(Will Rogers Beach, Tower 5 – ‘Little’ Camp – Ages 4 – 11)
Santa Monica – June 11 – August 31
(North of Pier, Tower 10 – Ages 4 – 14)
Jonathan Club – June 18 – August 24
(Members & Sponsored Guests Only)

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We Offer Flexible Scheduling…

We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. When you register your child at FBS, you can choose a schedule that works for you. You may choose any number of days (there is no minimum enrollment) and they can be scheduled freely according to YOUR schedule needs, not ours. While you must choose dates at the time of your registration, you can change your scheduled dates later – at no additional cost.  Date changes can be made by either contacting our office (310-459-2425) no later than 5pm the business day prior to the originally scheduled date or by logging into your online account and making the change prior to the originally scheduled date. For more information see the Schedule/Date Changes section below.


Buy more, pay less! If you add days and move to a lower rate plan, your new, lower rate also applies to your previously purchased days. Any applicable discounts will be recalculated based on the new, lower daily rate. Rates are for each child, so siblings need to each have the number of paid days necessary to qualify for the rates below. Days can be transferred between siblings as long as they are on the same rate at the time of the transfer.

*All rates are per child. Buy 1 or moreBuy 5 or moreBuy 10 or moreBuy 20 or more
On or Before May 1$81 per day$76.50 per day$72 per day$67.50 per day
After May 1$90 per day$85 per day$80 per day$75 per day
*All rates are per child. On or Before
May 1
May 1
Buy 1+$81 per day$90 per day
Buy 5+$76.50 per day$85 per day
Buy 10+$72 per day$80 per day
Buy 20+$67.50 per day$75 per day
10% Early Bird Discount applied to all Camp Dates purchased on or before May 1.
Transportation is an additional $25 per day Round-Trip or $17.50 per day for One-Way Only.
There is a $25 per child annual registration fee which will automatically be added to all reservations.

*Camp pricing/rates do not apply to the Jonathan Club location. For rate information, please call (310) 459-2425 or (310) 393-9245.


Make-Up Days
Subject to availability, each camper is entitled to make-up days for days missed according to the following schedule:  one (1) make-up day with the purchase of five (5) paid days; two (2) make-up days with the purchase of ten (10) paid days; and one (1) additional make-up day with the purchase of each additional five (5) paid days thereafter. There are no make-up days eligible for campers with fewer than five (5) paid days. Make-up days are not guaranteed and must be scheduled through the camp office (310-459-2425 or email hidden; JavaScript is required) at least 24 hours in advance. If a make-up day is scheduled and subsequently missed, it may not be rescheduled a second time. No refunds are given for days missed. Make-up/missed days do not carry over to future camp seasons.

Schedule/Date Changes
Reserved camp dates and options may be rescheduled at no additional charge, but must be rescheduled either through the self-service online system by 11:59pm the day preceding the originally scheduled event or via email request (email hidden; JavaScript is required) no later than 5pm (Pacific Time) of the business day preceding the originally scheduled event. Changes made after that time will result in a missed day and may or may not be eligible for a make up day. Schedule/date changes made after the June 1 cancellation cutoff date may not result in fewer days than the original reservation.

Payment Policy
All fees are due and payable at the time of enrollment.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Prior to June 1st all fees are refundable except the Registration Fee. After June 1st and before the first day of the camp season (varies by year): refund for fees for cancelled camp days will be 50% of the total amount paid (after any discounts received); all fees for cancelled additional options (busing, extended care, lunch, additional uniforms, etc.) are fully refundable.  After the first day of the summer camp season (varies by year): there are no refunds or credits given for cancelled/unused days of camp for any reason and paid days may not be carried over to future camp seasons; fees for additional options (busing, extended care, lunch additional uniforms, etc.) are refundable if cancelled in advance. (For refund, cancellations must be completed through the self-service online system by 11:59pm the day before the scheduled event or via email request (email hidden; JavaScript is required) no later than 5pm the business day preceding the scheduled event.)

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