Fitness by the Sea has recognized as the safest beach camp in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years.

Parents ask us questions about safety more than any other subject and we believe that’s how it should be.

Your children are your most prized possessions and we take it very seriously that you are entrusting them to our care for the day.

That’s why we spend countless hours reviewing and strategizing our safety measures both internally and in meetings with the LA County Lifeguards.

We’ll be following all of California, Los Angeles County, and the American Camp Association guidelines in safely providing camp activities, cleaning supplies and equipment to avoid disease transmission. All other activities will take place, with some modifications that won’t change your camper’s experience!

We are very proud of the fact that Fitness by the Sea has been the safest beach camp in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years.

Camp rules are reviewed daily with the campers.

(These rules are reviewed throughout all of our summer camp locations!)

(1) Drink Plenty of Water

(2) Never Go To the Bathroom Alone

(3) Reapply Sunscreen

(4) Don’t Go Beyond the Cones

(5) Throw Trash in the Cans

(6) Campers Must Wear Rash Guards At All Times.

Here are some of the other factors that contribute to our flawless safety record.

Trained Staff Members

  • Older Staff – The average age of our staff is 23 years old, which includes many local teachers and parents just like you. With an older staff, we can truly focus on your child’s development and well being. An older staff ensures more responsible, mature caretakers for your child.
  • All Staff are CPR Certified – We re-certify our staff every year to guarantee current knowledge of lifesaving techniques.
  • 6:1 Camper to Counselor Ratio – We maintain a very low camper to counselor ratio to make sure your child is safe and also having an amazing summer experience. We lower that ratio for surfing and paddling (3:1) to guarantee added safety in the water.

Protection in the Water

  • Water Safety – We provide many layers of water safety to protect your child. Counselors are placed directly in the water with the children while on-staff life guards watch from the beach. LA County Lifeguards are on constant look-out directly behind and adjacent to our camp. Our directors continually adjust staff ratios as children move about to maintain our 6 to 1 ratio.

Protection from the Sun

  • Sunscreen – Sun damage is a major concern of parents for children who spend time outside. That’s why we require parents to liberally apply sunscreen to their children prior to arriving at camp. We then have mandatory counselor-assisted sunscreen re-application using SPF 45 before campers are allowed to eat their lunch. We also re-apply sunscreen in the afternoon, especially for campers coming out of the water, as this is when they are most susceptible to burns. Sun safety is a top priority.
  • Shade – Shade is another very important aspect for consideration when children are playing outside and there is plenty to be found under our 10′ x 10′ cabanas. To encourage our campers to cool off in the shade during the day, we provide a variety of games and activities that are based under the cabanas.
  • Hydration Stations – Along with sunscreen and shade, hydration is key for a happy camper. We provide coolers filled with drinking water throughout the camp and make repeated announcements encouraging campers to “take a break and take a drink.”

Protection from Others

  • Brightly Colored Camp UniformsAll campers must wear our FBS rash guard for easy identification by both our staff and lifeguards. This is both a requirement from the Lifeguards and from FBS. It is imperative that we be able to quickly spot any campers who are associated with FBS.
  • Camp Boundaries – Our camp boundaries are clearly defined by orange traffic cones and fluorescent tape. This helps both the lifeguards and staff members recognize if either campers are outside the camp or if the public comes into the camp.
  • Chaperoned Bathroom Visits – At no time will your child walk to the restroom without a staff member. We practice the “buddy” system and we also have dedicated “bathroom runners” on staff. This means that when your child needs to use the bathroom, they find a friend (buddy) and together they go to our bathroom attendants (one male, one female) and are chaperoned to the restroom. Our bathroom runner will remain in the restroom with your child. Campers are then escorted back to the campsite by their chaperone.

“The staff at FBS make safety a top priority. They are organized, diligent, and committed to make sure that every camper stays safe in the water and on the beach. I always feel confident that I can leave my daughter at FBS in the morning and she’ll be safe, healthy, and happy when I pick her up in the afternoon.”FBS Parent