FBS Campers Are “Rolling” With The Waves

Whether they are learning to hold their breath underwater, hopping on a boogie board, or feeling the rush of standing on a surf board for the first time, Fitness by the Sea offers water activities for campers of all ages to learn and enjoy, surrounded by five levels of safety.

Kids always have a blast in the water and their confidence soars as they progress from swimming, to boogie boarding, to paddling, to surfing.

Campers of all ages learn to progress in their abilities from professional swimming and surfing instructors.

The Safest Way To Spend A Day At The Beach

A camper to staff ratio in the water is six to one.

This ratio is always monitored and maintained by our seasoned staff members and directors.

Having an older staff averaging 24 years old is a vital component of our impeccable safety record.

It’s no wonder FBS has been called “the safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 24 years.

In addition to the staff members who watch the children in the water, a certified lifeguard closely monitor all water activities.

And staff members are always teaching and participating with campers in every water activity.

Campers who can’t swim feel at home at FBS, playing in the shallow waters with their friends and staff members.

For parents who are concerned about their children who can’t swim, please read our FAQ for preparation advice.

Even if your child has never been swimming in the ocean, we can help them feel comfortable and confident navigating the waves safely.

For kids who love to surf, or would like to learn, we have professional instructors available.

Campers are grouped by skill level from beginner, intermediate, to advanced, and keep our staff members close to children while surfing in a three to one ratio.

Water activities include …

  • Surfing
  • Boogie Boarding
  • Swimming
  • Paddling
  • Skim Boarding
  • Knee Boarding