Our Staff is the Heart of FBS

Our talented and experienced staff are vital in building and maintaining the fun, encouraging culture of Fitness By The Sea.

These extraordinary people strive to create the spirit of FBS, making it a special place for campers every day.

The People

What makes FBS different from other day camps is the quality of people who pour their lives into making it an exceptional place for kids.

Our owners and directors work year round to prepare for our summer day camps, building a close-knit community where everyone is encouraged and challenged to discover their best (campers and staff alike).

The Fun

Fitness by the Sea is wildly and wonderfully fun!

There are always new activities to try, friendships to make, and memories to create.

We have heaps of spirit and energy, and we spend a lot of time outdoors–playing, exploring, and discovering exciting adventures together!

Our staff gathers every morning before camp to brainstorm and plan new ways to push the limits of fun and adventure for our campers.

We actively participate in all activities to ensure that all our campers are actively engaged in our activities and to keep the fun and energy level high all day.

Making a Difference

Staff members have the opportunity to positively impact kid’s lives in meaningful and lasting ways.

Your energy, spirit, attitude, and character is seen by our campers every day.

Campers look to you for encouragement and direction while you help them discover their spirit and discover their best.

They’ll remember the way you cheered them on the first time they ever stood up on a surfboard, or how you praised their creativity during “fashion runway.”

They’ll go home with stories of adventure, new friends, and stronger feelings of self confidence because of your contribution in their lives.

The Training

We provide extensive training led by day camp veterans and seasoned experts in youth development.

You’ll discover proven methods for building confidence in kids, resolving conflict, and modeling leadership for our campers.

Our training is almost as fun as our camp!

We play games, learn cheers, and dive into activities to build community amongst our staff members and develop a culture of teamwork, encouragement, and spirit.

Many Apply … Few Are Chosen

When you join the Fitness by the Sea team, you become part of a special family of people who are committed to excellence.

We value every member of our team and we show it with fairness and respect to each individual.

Your contribution to FBS is immense.

You are the one shaping the world for our campers and you can permanently impact their lives in a positive way.

Valuable Skills For A Lifetime Of Success

Teamwork, decision-making, leadership, loyalty, strong organizational skills, experience talking to groups, and the ability to lead are among the skills you will realize.

After your summer with us, we’d be glad to provide you with a letter of recommendation detailing those proficiencies.

You’ll gain experience that’s incredibly valuable no matter what road you choose in life.