Fun in the Shade Too!

Fun in the sun is great, but shade is important too. We make sure kids have plenty of time in our roomy cabanas to cool down, relax a little, and recharge with an assortment of activities.

We also know kids aren’t always aware when they need a break from the sun. Our counselors are always on the lookout for kids who might need a rest. And, of course, with kids free to choose what they want to do when they want, they can join the fun in the shade anytime. We make sure there are the variety of activities we are known for, led by our wonderful, enthusiastic counselors.

Creating Memories with our Amazing Counselors

Best of all, our cabanas don’t just offer sun protection and cool-down time. They’re a great way for kids and counselors to really get to know each other on a more one-on-one level. Our counselors love this time especially because they never know what to expect from the amazing, creative kids. Every day is different, and every kid adds something unique to the group.

Life is about making memories, making friends, telling stories, and building character. Your child is sure to come home excited and happy, talking about a fantastic counselor they really connected with whether they are soaking up the sun or the shade.

We make time in the shade as fun as in the sun and surf!

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Magic Shows
  • Lanyards & Beading
  • Balloon Animals
  • Story Telling
  • Drawing
  • Puppet Shows
  • Face Painting
  • Theater Games
  • Henna
  • Trivia Games
  • Card Games