Pacific Palisades Blog

  • Pacific Palisades 7/26/2016

    Photo Jul 26, 11 25 17 AMHappy Tuesday from FBS! It was another hot day today, but we cooled off by playing “cream Em” with the counselors and campers then jumping in the water for the afternoon! We made octopus sock puppets in arts and crafts and had a Uno tournament in the cabanas when it got really warm. Shade is always good too! Remember to sunscreen those campers before camp! See you tomorrow!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/25/2016

    Photo Jul 25, 11 14 55 AMHappy 7th week from FBS! The summer is flying by for us counselors and we hope your children are having as much fun as we are! Today and all week will be very hot so we enjoyed cooling off in the ocean today. We did paddling and got to surf today too! We did lifeguard training with Dani and Nicole and also had a big game of Go Fish Extreme going on in the cabanas! Remember, this weeks theme is Animal Planet: we can’t wait to see what animals show up to camp on Friday! See you tomorrow
  • Pacific Palisades 7/22/2016

    Photo Jul 22, 12 38 24 PMHappy Halloween from FBS in July! Scary costumes, trick or treating and haunted houses filled our amazing Friday today! It was a great way to end the week and beat the heat! Have a great weekend from FBS!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/21/2016

    Today at FBS Pacific PalisadesPhoto Jul 21, 11 17 53 AM (1) Jaden won the spirit stick for his dedication to camp and participation in every single cheer. We also swam in the ocean for the majority of the day because it almost hit triple digits! Tomorrow is Halloween, don’t forget to dress your children  up in their scariest costumes! We have a lot of amazing activities centered around the theme Halloween tomorrow, you don’t want to miss it!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/20/2016

    Photo Jul 19, 11 43 34 AMHappy Wednesday! Today at FBS the sand was hot, the sun was hot, but the water was warm! After spinning the wheel, we all got cookies at the end of the day! In between facepainting the counselors, telling scary stories, and making birdfeeders in arts and crafts, we made sure to stay cool under the cabanas with card games and hair braiding. Two more days till Friday! Wear your scariest costumes!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/19/2016

    Photo Jul 19, 1 32 40 PMTuesday at FBS was another hot one! campers navigated through the science laboratories of the make-shift madhouse made of tents and fabric, very creative! It was all in preparation for our scary theme this week: Halloween! During lunch, we spun the wheel and it landed on “cream em”, which meant that all the campers got to take shaving cream and “cream” the counselors on the beach followed by a party in the ocean! See you tomorrow!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/18/2016

    Photo Jul 18, 10 53 27 AMToday was a hot day at camp! The campers enjoyed the water for the majority of the day, boogie boarding, surfing and swimming! One of our campers, Carlos Garnett, won the spirit stick today because he is always so helpful around camp. The theme this week is Halloween, so don’t forget to dress your campers up in their spookiest costumes on Friday! See you tomorrow!
  • Pacific Palisades 8/27/2015

    PP 8:27 Blog PicFun in the Sun!!! We moved the music closer to the ocean today and boy did it keep us moving. Campers were dancing in the waves and on boogie boards all day. A drip sand castle cabana competition brought out great creative teamwork from all the campers. The camp favorite shaving creme battle was followed with another camp favorite, ice cream parlor.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/26/2015

    PP 8:26 Blog PicThe sun was out all day and so were the smiles on everyone at FBS. We played Human Bowling, World Cup Soccer, tried our best to complete the Gauntlet and entered the Crazy Circle that features new games every half hour all day!!! The water was so perfect we had 15 campers catch the same wave boogie boarding at one time and went on not one but two paddles
  • Pacific Palisades 8/25/2015

    PP 8:25 Blog PicCome rain or shine we always have a blast at FBS. We started the day with a big camper vs counselor water ballon tag game that went from one end to the other of camp and was a blast. A bunch of campers rode waves for the first time on surf and boogie boards which was awesome. An after lunch rain shower brought out FBS rain monster and an all camp rain dance party.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/24/2015

    PP 8:24 Blog Pic
    What an incredible start to our last week of camp. The FBS Super Bowl took place with each team running through the tunnel before entering the field for a battle that was one for the record books. Campers were rocking it in the water today be it surfing or boogie boarding on almost every wave that came to shore. A spirited camper inspired dance was put on by the FBS dance crew and ended with the whole camp joining in for a dance party.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/21/2015

    PP 8:21 Blog PicCartoon Day at FBS brought about a lotta laughs and lotta fun!
    Campers could jump on the mic to make announcements or give shout outs all day in their favorite cartoon voices and even put together a hilarious cartoon show at lunch. We played a real life version of Pacman and had a our own Minnie MouseHouse Club.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/20/2015

    PP 8:20 Blog Pic
    PARTY on the beach at FBS today!!!!
    Campers were in awe on their arrival to see the great bin wall of China already built in preparation for our time honored game in which campers have to try and knock it down. Everyone showed their creative spirit by tie-dying shirts today and during our FBS talent show. For the first time this summer we brought the music closer to the water which lead to a ton of dancing in the ocean and an all camp Congo line!
  • Pacific Palisades 8/19/2015

    PP 8:19 Blog Pic
    We laughed, we swam, we made home made ice cream and as always we had lots of fun!!!
    The campers were full of spirit this morning bursting into a dance party to get the day started. A sea glass hunt turned up many beautiful treasures and a heated game of capture the flag got us all warmed up before hitting the waves. A jubilant game of “finish that tune” for our cabana competition had everyone singing and was topped off with a camp favorite homemade ice cream shop.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/18/2015

    PP 8:18 Blog PicWhole lotta fun on a Tuesday.
    Spy training was a real hit with campers as after learning the ropes they ran spy missions all day. FBS cheer crew was back and flying high with so much spirit it made the waves even higher! Campers put together a really wonderful play about our counselor turned baby sand crab who finally finds his momma. An all camp shaving creme party had everyone covered from head to toe before diving into the ocean blue
  • Pacific Palisades 8/17/2015

    PP 8:17 Blog PicManic Monday at FBS Palisades.
    With many campers on the verge of starting school everyone was in a maniac mode and it sure made for a wild, fun day of camp. We started off dancing and kept on going even into our cartoon theme week inspired dance crew performance after lunch. Campers battled the waves and each other while staying afloat counselor, Quinn crafted a jousting raft. A huge game of flag football had everyone cheering and a camper even created their very own live action “Danger Board” game!!!
  • Pacific Palisades 8/14/2015

    PP 8:14 Blog PicIt was Career Day at FBS and campers were dressing up what they wanted to be when they grow up. There were some doctors, veterinarians, athletes, police officers, and even a marine biologist on the beach.
    Campers had an opportunity to join the police academy and see what it was like to be a detective for the day, go on a wilderness walk with our Australian guide learning more about nature, or play elite basketball and experience the life of a professional basketball player.
    Other campers decided to hone their skills in the ocean catching waves on a boogie board or body surfing. It was lots of fun with many choices of activities to pick and choose from throughout the beautiful, sunny day on the beach in the Pacific Palisades.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/13/2015

    PP 8:13 Blog PicFun in the sun at FBS Palisades today.The sun was shining from the start to the end of camp which made for a real blast in the water paddling ad diving for sand dollars, getting huge air while kneeboarding, and diving over the waives with all our friends.Kids practiced being doctors in our Sand Surgery activity while others enjoyed an Australian outback adventure.An FBS talent show showcased some funny camper comedians, awesome duets, and even a camper-counselor dance performance.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/12/2015

    PP 8:12 Blog PicNo such thing as hump day at FBS!We had sooooo much fun you would have guessed it was a Friday.We really fun new activity was ‘Jumping Mexican Bean’ in which campers tried to make their way through an obstacle course with popping their water balloon “bean.”A basketball tournament brought out some spectacular team work and awesome court skills.Camper learned a lesson about different careers in our all camper puppet show.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/11/2015

    PP 8:11 Blog PicOh did we have fun at camp today!Campers had a bunch of new activities to choose from today, from ‘Dracula’s Castle’ to ‘Sand Hand Ball’ and ‘Water Zumba’!We hosted our very first lip synch rock show and a ton of campers put together some amazing performances that were a lot of fun for everyone to watch.A head to head pie eating contest took place after lunch and seeing how our faces were already covered in chocolate, it seemed like a great idea to add on some more toppings in an all camp shaving creme battle.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/10/2015

    PP 8:10 Blog PicWhat an amazing start to another beautiful day at FBS. In preparation for our “What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up” day, campers were able to ‘train’ as EMT’s with our real life EMT counselor and others tried their hand at motherhood by taking care of their camp babies throughout the day. We also had fun newactivtiies like “Earthquake” and “Battle Dual.” A spy mission was sent out to track Big Foot after our first ever baton dance show was performed by a group of super talented campers.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/7/2015

    PP 8:7 Blog PicCome one, come all to ye’ Knights and Princess day at FBS Palisades. The King held court at the beach today and the Knights and Princess cheered all day for the right to be crowned the beach royalty. We had graduates of Princess School showcase their talents and wizards battling knights all over the sand.
    Campers built and designed their own swords, shields and princess crowns too. To everyone’s delight we had a medieval jousting competition with the added twist of shaving creme of course for that FBS flare
  • Pacific Palisades 8/6/2015

    PP 8:6 Blog PicWhat better way to start off an awesome day at camp than a huge dance party!!! Every single camper was jamming out in our all camp dance-a-thon this morning and it made for an amazing day.Campers continued in search for “Big Foot,” showcased their wide array of talents in our talent show, cheered on their top picks in sand crab races, and played an epic game of flag football.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/5/2015

    PP 8:5 Blog PicWhat a blast we had at FBS today! Campers started the day with some paddling and surfing on the perfect morning waves. a crew went in search of spotting Dolphins and their Dolphin Dance worked because right after lunch a whole pod swam by close enough for a few counselors to swim along with them. A fun filled camper puppet show had everyone in high spirits and the creativity was flowing as seen on the canvas of the campers paint portraits. 
  • Pacific Palisades 8/4/2015

    PP 8:4 Blog PicNew day, new activities and lots of fun. Campers worked together in teams trying to conquer a giant beach Battleship game. Another new game was being able to play out the movie Guardians of the Galaxy along side our very own super hero counselors. We also created our very own camper-run two lane bowling alley. With the sun out bright we had our biggest Fetch t game ever in the water.
  • Pacific Palisades 8/3/2015

    PP 8:3 Blog PicAn awesome start to another week of fun in the sun at FBS. In preparation for Knights & Princesses day on Friday, campers begin their royal training by building a banquet hall fit for an FBS Queen and protected by soon-to-be knights.The waves were perfect for some royally awesome kneeboarding and surfing.Campers had a blast learning big time wrestling moves and practicing in our very own wrestling stage.The artists were once again creating beautiful bird houses and storybooks fit for a Knight or Princess.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/31/15

    11695808_962154527182410_9074266847220937047_nPajama Day at FBS! Everyone was in their pjs but definitely not sleepy for an amazing day of fun. The boys and girls split up camp to throw separate pajama parties and after a fun blind fold pillow fight campers joined into any party they wanted to.We had games like Monsters Inc, Dream Ball, Sumo Wrestling and Sleeping Beauty Fun Run.After lunch a makeover and man cave cabana opened where campers could hop into have all sorts of fun between running around in the ocean.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/30/15

    11781635_961008217297041_1894429197049927809_nA day of outstanding camper talents at FBS. The artist were in full effect painting magnificent wooden eggs and boxes to hide the treasures they might find on the beach.We had comedians, funny opera singers and a camper led ukulele song during our FBS Idol Show.Many tried but only a few made it all the way through our very own “Wipeout” course and after a huge shaving creme fight the water was full of talented campers swimming, boogie boarding and most importantly smiling.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/29/15

    11822791_961720003892529_4173477794659041516_nWhat a blast we had at camp today. Obstacle courses, Capture the Flag, Jetty races, Break the Bank and so much more!Campers put together one of the funniest puppets show we’ve ever had and the accompanying sing-a-longs had the entire camp joining in the show.We had an all-girl makeover party while the boys built their very own casino fort.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/28/15

    PP 728 Blog PicBig waves leads to BIG FUN at FBS.We were Skimboarding all the way across the beach today on the big surf.Campers had fun working together to stop the BIG monsters during a new game called “Monster Mash.”We had a boys vs girls sand volcano competition with really BIG eruptions and a BIG fashion show with camper made costumes and makeup.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/27/15

    11796247_961007327297130_7048966288613251207_nThe sun was out early and so was the fun. Campers enjoyed a sweet paddle session, made their way through the “Cabana Vents” and crafted some really unique medallion necklaces.FBS dance crew was back and was quite a special show as it was a combination of camper inspired dance moves.Campers also were treated and many participated in “A whole new world” synchronized swimming routine that was quite special.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/24/2015

    PP 7:24 Blog PicSuper, super, super day at FBS Super Hero Day!!We had The Hulk, Batman, The Flash and tons of campers in great costumes.Campers helped DJ Josh race around the beach helping him find his super powers to start the day.We had a massive Spider-man’s web campers had to get through or else get sprayed with silly string and a cityscape they could really fly over!The Heros and Villains squared off in a tug-o-war battle to rule camp that ended in a draw once they decided to join forces during a shaving cream battle. 
  • Pacific Palisades 7/23/2015

    PP 7:23 Blog PicFun in the sun at FBS today!Campers were treated to new activities like “Mad Max,” “Crazy Camper Train,” and “Shark Catchers.”Everyone got to enjoy the various talents of several campers who performed during our FBS Talent Show which was followed by an all camp ice cream making extravaganza complemented by the always fun “Shake Shack.” 
  • Pacific Palisades 7/22/2015

    PP 7:22 Blog PicWacky, wild fun times at camp today.Campers hunted for seagulls and also the “Lost Sea Mermaid” as the life guards reported to us all of her being sighted nearby early this morning.Everyone enjoyed a Super Hero vs. Villains puppet show where the two groups learned to work together to be one good team.Two campers created a super fun new game called “Robot Rock” that had campers running in and out and jumping into the water and the waves.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/21/2015

    PP 7:21 Blog PicWaves of joy swept over camp as everyone was thrilled to get back in the water and jump or ride the awesome waves we had all day. A group of campers went out looking for the “Lost Sea Mermaid” hunting up and down the beach whilst planning way to bring her back if found. The arts & crafts tent was filled with amazing and really cool ceramic arts pieces painted by the campers. 
  • Pacific Palisades 7/20/2015

    PP 7:20 Blog PicWhat a super way to start Super Hero week!Campers trekked their way down the beach to hunt through massive piles of seaweed to find tons of crazy looking sea creatures that were presented after lunch before being taken back home to the ocean.We had our very own version of “Inside Out where campers had to locate all five emotions from the movie inside a twist filled cabana maze.Also, for the very first time at camp, we set up our own version of sand handball which became an instant hit and everyone had a ball.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/17/2015

    PP 7:17 Blog PicHalloween Day at FBS was full of tricks, treats, and lots of FUN!!!Campers loved going trick or treat with friends at our own cabana haunted mansion, running through the zombie hoops maze, digging around in the rock cemetery, finger printing counselors, and looking for clues to see which one was the camp zombie.The cabana competition was a counselor and camper mummy wrap and the mummy dance battle that ensued made for an entertaining time. 
  • Pacific Palisades 7/16/15

    11143478_954794737918389_4465695887353671213_nThe day of the board as we sand and paddle boarded in the morning, then skim boarded in search of the perfect wave and finally headed into the deep to boogie board even two people on the same board the waves were so rad.Campers made some of the coolest sand candles ever seen at arts and crafts and had blast playing a new hybrid game of soccer and hockey dub “Sockey.”
  • Pacific Palisades 7/15/15

    11751459_954146637983199_4239224846216565715_nWedding Wednesday!!!That’s right it was finally that time of the summer for our annual FBS counselor wedding that the entire camp has been asking for. With all wedding themed activities in the morning and a few new ones like Pacman and the Bouncy Ball Obstacle course, everyone was in high spirits for the afternoon wedding and it didn’t fail our expectations.The wedding designers setup a beautiful hula hoop lined aisle and beach blanket stage, where our groomsmen joined the largest assembled team of bridesmaids in history. There was tears from the mother of the bride, lots of laughter from the guest and of course much cheering after the final “I do’s.”The happy couple was given a wonderful wedding gift that they were able to share with the camp to cap off a great day… shaving creme!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/14/15

    11705144_953440441387152_6609895538118311953_nA wonderful day at FBS Palisades.In preparation for our upcoming Halloween theme day the campers had to test their balance skills across elevators surf boards without getting caught by the “monster” counselors crawling below and save the world before zombies took over in the game “Hit the Orb.”The FBS ice cream parlor was back open and everyone joined in the fun of making then enjoying home made ice cream on the beach.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/13/15

    11143226_952867664777763_354785742408451369_nThe sunshine was out and so were the smiles all day at camp today. We had funny fortune teller, ceramic painting, FBS superbowl, a haunted cabin, sandcastles contest and some awesome surfing.After lunch we all were entertained with a super cool and scary “Thriller” dance a group of campers put together in anticipation of Halloween day Friday.There wasn’t a dry boogie board anywhere on the beach today as the waves were absolutely perfect and many campers enjoyed riding waves on their own for the very first time!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/10/15

    11247805_951556674908862_7423628827702802760_n-2Ninja and Pirates ran wild on the sand at FBS today.We separated the camp into the two sides and as soon as the day started the cheering began and didn’t stop until we all had to head home.Campers tried to make their way out of Davey Jones Locker, had a blast playing Hunger Games, tried to earn different color level belts while battling during Ninja Plank War. We had Swashbucklers and Karate Fighters pranking each other throughout the day all in good fun.After a roaring cheer battle and speedy water bucket filling race the Ninja’s came out as top of the cabana competition. Afterwards they invited the Pirates into their winning dance party so they earned the whole camp popsicles.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/9/15

    11695875_951042304960299_612593404734188665_n-2The sun was shining which meant we were rocking and rolling from start to finish at FBS today!!!Camper tried their luck at making it through a gigantic maze, battled the dark force leader in a Star Wars battle, scorched up the sand during an epic boys vs girls soccer game and worked together to unravel all the clues in a camp wide scavenger hunt… all before lunch!We had some super talented campers blow us away with their singing during our FBS Idol show and then enjoyed a hilarious old classic game of Chubby Bunny.A fun filled shaving creme fight ensued leading everyone to jump into the water where we played games and caught huge air while kneeboarding.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/8/15

    11705108_950687588329104_5235484363069105545_nCampers hit home runs during baseball and jumped super high trying to conquer boogie board Jenga.Lots of campers took part in the biggest and funniest puppet show yet this summer.The newly formed FBS Cheer Crew put on great routine that had everyone joining in. Camp got crazy loud as cabanas cheered each other on during Hightower Tug-o-War.We had a Pirate and Henna parlor too!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/7/15

    10404111_950227941708402_1039955153637584767_nAnother wonderful and fun filled day at FBS. Campers loved the morning paddle session in the beautiful calm ocean to start the day.We had a scarily fun “Werewolf Chase” activity where campers had to make it through a huge maze before getting eaten by the crazy counselor werewolf’s.After lunch we had an all camp dance party where everyone learned some new moves before we chowed down in a donut eating cabana contest.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/6/15

    10393925_949741228423740_8245586574681556161_nThe start of the week always kicks off with our Monday FBS SuperBowl which continues to be a huge camp hit.Campers had lots of fun playing a brand new game called “Despicable Me Hideout” and getting crazy creative making their very own tie-dye t-shirts.The whole camp went wild during our extreme crab soccer cabana competition which the Turtles took home the spirit bars for winning.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/3/15

    11667348_948351001896096_3348651143105208237_n-2All the fun of 4th of July came a day early for FBS campers. We had a huge Red, White and Blue boys vs girls scavenger hunt, wrote letters to the Troops, made firework styled necklaces and rode explosive waves on boogie boards.A group of campers performed a super creative skit based on the little know story about Captain America’s first day at FBS.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/1/15

    PP 71 Blog PicA wild and wacky day at FBS. Campers enjoyed an awesome paddle session to start off the day while also rounding the bases in our very own outdoor FBS baseball stadium.Our puppet crew returned to perform a wonderful 4th of July parade show that everyone enjoyed before our messy double stacked watermelon eating cabana contest.To top of the day we made some of our home made vanilla ice cream at arts before dancing away in the ocean or at Club Dolphina.
  • Pacific Palisades 6/30/15

    PP 630 Blog PicA day full of laughs at camp today. We had a hysterical Ninja Skit in which campers learned the history of SPF 50 and fought to rescue it from the sunburn dragons.The Kitty Cat Club had their first pow wow today and it’s was filled with lots of fun meows.Campers also got to try two new super awesome activities “Ghostbusters” and “Lava” that became instant camp favorites.
  • Pacific Palisades 6/29/2015

    PP 6:29 Blog PicA new day brought about a lot of new memories at FBS!A super cool flash mob happened all throughout the day and everyone jointed in on the dancing.An epic football game was played with the highest score in FBS history!Tsunami Board Extreme kept campers laughing while staying wet between running into the perfect waves for boogie boarding.
  • Pacific Palisades 6/26/2015

    PP 6:26 Blog PicCircus Day at FBS was absolutely amazing!!! We had our very own and super colorful pop top circus tent filled with clowns, strong men, lions, magicians, a fortune teller, and lots of campers dressed up for circus fun.Campers enjoyed playing several different carnival games, performed a hilarious synchronized swimming clown show, and hosted the very first ever Cirque de FBS Show.Everyone was thrilled to have the circus come to FBS today.
  • Pacific Palisades 6/25/2015

    PP 6:25 Blog PicDance, dance, dance, all day at FBS today! Campers started the morning dancing away in our Disco Club, learning cheerleading holds, and playing an epic game of boys vs. girls soccer.The Disco Club turned into a massive dance party for our cabana competition with the Eels dancing away with the top prize.FBS Idol had amazing performances, “American Gladiator” was a slamming hit, and campers finally defeated Godzilla in “Gaga.
  • Pacific Palisades 6/24/15

    unnamed-14We hit the waves first thing this morning with a stellar surf session.A huge game of baseball was filled with gigantic home runs and FBS “Hunger Games” returned.Everyone enjoyed the laugh filled puppet show “Puppets Wanna Join the Zoo” several campers put on for us before a shaving creme battle ensued finishing with the entire camp racing to the water to celebrate.
  • Pacific Palisades 6/23/15

    unnamed-10Another Sunny and Swimming filled day at FBS. Campers were treated to a special body surfing clinic and were riding waves like dolphins.Another flash dance mob came to camp along with our very own version of “Jurassic World.”Balls of all sizes were finding their way into the water by way of the various sand ball chutes campers made all throughout the day.
  • Pacific Palisades 6/22/15

    unnamed-6Today the sun was out shining and the campers made a mad dash to the water enjoying their time swimming , boogie boarding and paddling in the ocean.For those who decided to play on the sand there was a wide variety of chooses available with a slam dunk contest in basketball, making a bucket or baseball hat in arts and crafts, practice some of their tricks on the gymnastic bars, or participating in a yoga session.Through out the day we are always providing activities in the shade for children who desire to have a henna tattoo, getting ready for Circus Day by making some balloon animals or play our famous Zombie tag game.Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring 
  • Pacific Palisades 6/19/2015

    unnamed-3On Animal Planet Day the animals escaped the locale zoo and joined the campers for a fun day.

    Campers worked their way through the Spiders Den, then had to make their way past the alligators watering hole, onward to saving Sand crabs before stopping to watch a beautiful Swan Ballet and visit our very own FBS zoo!

  • Pacific Palisades 6/18/2015

    PP 6:18 Blog PicA day jam packed full of fun at FBS Palisades today. We had our version of “The Hunger Games” and “Wipeout” along with juggling, ceramic painting, softball, and a new hit game called Lava Ball.

    We had a double show after lunch with FBS Idol that including our very own sketch comedy commercials. One camper took home the top award with an original song she wrote with her sister!

    The day ended with everyone full of smiles and covered in shaving cream after the camp favorite Cream ’em Battle.

  • Pacific Palisades 6/17/2015

    PP 6:17 Blog PicWe had campers flying high as they knee boarded big waves and rode the boogie luge into the water.

    Everyone enjoyed the hilarious “Old Lady Zoo Escape” puppet show followed by a pyramid cheerleading routine.

    The Big Time Rooster Fighting championship was a big hit and tons of fun
  • Pacific Palisades 6/16/2015

    PP 6:16 Blog PicThe animals were set loose from the zoo and performed a fashion show today.

    Campers conquered ultimate prisoner and rocked out karaoke.

    After an all camp afternoon dance party we had a zombie attack before the campers enjoyed some stellar waves boogie boarding.

  • Pacific Palisades 6/15/2015

    PP 6:15 Blog PicWe had our first ever FBS Flash Mob crew take over the camp and got us all dancing.

    Aliens from Mars tried to invade but campers kept them away with dodge balls and secret hideouts.

    Club Dolphina had its grand re-opening featuring a full spa and comedy/magic show.

  • Pacific Palisades 6/12/2015

    PP 6:12 Blog PicWild Wild West Day started with the Cowboys and Native Americans representing a good old fashioned friendly cheer showdown.

    Afterwards campers participated in a Cowboy/Native American play, recreated the Alamo Last Stand in a friendly fire of dodgeball, choreographed a Wild West Line Dance and went searching for gold scattered along the shoreline.

    In the afternoon campers were treated to some live entertainment in the saloon or tried their luck taking on the bull at the rodeo.

    Campers came dressed to play in their favorite costumes and were treated to a full day of excitement.

    We can’t wait for Animal Planet Day next Friday!

  • Pacific Palisades 6/11/2015


    PP 6:10 Blog PicWe had our first FBS Football game that came down to a last second field goal for the win!

    Campers performed surgery on their ‘sand patients’ and its obvious we have a lot of future doctors in blue rash guards.

    Everyone enjoyed working together making homemade ice cream after a wild and crazy creme war.

  • Pacific Palisades 6/10/2015

    The PP 6:10 Blog Picday got off to a roaring start with our Wild Wild West Dinosaur themed Cabana Morning Cheers.

    We had amazing paddle and surf boarding sessions in the water while campers also had a fun time playing a new hybrid game of Fooseball-Soccer.

    The campers put on a laugh-filled puppet show after lunch that taught us all the importance of friendship.

    The Turtle Cabana was rocking with enthusiastic cheers that helped them win the bucket feet cabana competition.

  • Pacific Palisades 6/9/2015


    The day mPP 6:9 Blog Picay have started off with rain but it surely ended with lots of sunny smiles from all the campers by the end of the day.

    We had tons of new camp activities like Surf the Sand Mountain, Water Balloon Capture, and our very own FBS DUNK TANK!!!

    The Sharks captured the cabana competition prize with their amazing Sharknado sand castle and super enthusiastic spirit.

    And, everyone enjoyed the all camp water bucket splash session down at the water’s edge

  • Pacific Palisades 6/8/2015


    The big day finally arrived . . . the 1st Day of FBS Camp 2015!!!

    The campers learned the FBS Clap and Cheer, stormed the Alamo with dodge balls, caught hundreds of waves on the boogie boards, built forts, wrote love letters, made wax statues, played an epic soccer game, and so much more.

    The Seals cabana won the lip synch competition and to top it all off, several showed off their amazing moves in the FBS ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ show!!!!

    Through all the wonderful activities the campers only had one thing left to say – ‘See you tomorrow for Day 2!’

  • Pacific Palisades, 7/31/2014

    Today was breathtakingly gorgeous; we are so fortunate to be having such incredible weather this summer! We are also very lucky that a dolphin pod visited camp again today; campers were thrilled to see the dolphins so close to shore! FBS Idol showcased the vocal skills of several of our campers, with first time contestant Emily, winning the competition. Congratulations, Emily! Arts & Crafts became Art & Chefs, as Rockin’ Robyn helped campers decorate their very own aprons, place-mats and potholders. Quinn’s activity, “The Dungeon,” proved to be extremely popular throughout the day, as were the multiple water activities on offer. We can’t wait for our Pajama Party tomorrow!!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/30/2014

    We had a great treat today as Surfer Jay, our water director and head surf instructor, gave camp a surfing demonstration at lunchtime. Storytelling with Scooter continued its popularity, and the Puppet Show featuring, Widget’s Grandma was such fun! Campers flocked to Arts & Crafts to tie dye their own t-shirts with Robyn and Heather. The water was a huge draw today, especially boogie boarding and paddling. Being such a hot day, we made sure to remind campers to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and offered many activity choices in the shade of the cabanas. Our talented staff kept campers engaged all day, even in the hot sun. We are getting very excited about the Pajama Party on Friday!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/29/2014

    Today was spectacular! Our water Director, Surfer Jay, and his team gave campers instructions on how to get up on their surfboards. For some campers it was their very first time to experience the excitement of learning how to surf a wave! We are so fortunate to have been able to offer one on one surf lessons today. Surfing isn’t the only thing we do on any given day at FBS; we are always offering new activities, and today, Marek came up with yet another one of his creative obstacle courses! Today’s course had campers navigating a challenge of labyrinths to keep them interested all morning long. Color Me Mine with Robyn and the Arts & Crafts crew was also a winner! The afternoon brought much delight with swimming, boogie boarding and skim boarding all on offer. For those who chose not to go into the water, there were multiple activities available on the sand. Many campers chose to relax in the shade of the cabanas at the end of the day, drinking water to rehydrate themselves, and listening to the very engrossing stories of Scooter’s visit to Japan! 
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/28/2014

    We are still recovering from Super Hero day last week, but are thankful that our Pajama Party is just around the corner. We are looking forward to kicking back, and to coming to camp in our PJs on Friday! Today we awarded the Spirit Stick to one of our longtime campers, Chloe. Congratulations, Chloe, you are a wonderful example of the enthusiasm, spirit and helpfulness that the Spirit Stick represents! After the Spirit Stick presentation, we started the day off with an energetic morning cheer, then Wild Bill sang the rules of the camp to us. Next up, DJ Josh gave campers a choice of twelve activities to pick and chose from including: sand candle making with Robyn, and The Underworld with Marek. As always before lunch, there was the mandatory counselor applied sunscreen reapplication, then campers and staff enjoyed catching up with each other over their meals. Lunch erupted into a huge dance party that led into our Karaoke Competition where Will stole the show with his rendition of “Roar.” Many campers spent most of the afternoon in the water, and Quinn kept the campers on land quite entertained with an “indoor” soccer activity that proved to be a blast!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/25/2014

    Today campers were offered the opportunity to attend Super Hero School to learn how to utilize their super powers to avenge villains in a combat zone, as well as attend the Batwing Aviation Flight School where campers got to learn how to fly! We certainly had a full Super Hero day today! During our Cabana Competition, campers worked together to build their super hero in the sand, then tell us about their triumphs. The day ended with a Super Hero Fashion Show with contestants not only modeling their outfits, but also displaying their extraordinary super powers! The water continued as a popular choice throughout the day with campers showcasing their skills in the ocean with boogie boarding, swimming and paddling. We also saw a pod of dolphins and baby dolphins today! 
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/24/2014

    Today was all about the water! The tide was very low and conditions were great, so the ocean was enjoyed by most of the camp. As counselors we want to make sure that we are always urging the campers to get into the ocean, and today was a perfect day to offer that opportunity! For those campers who decided not to go in the water, we still had an array of sand activities to chose from including FBS Idol, where campers are able to perform a song of their choice in front of the camp. Today’s FBS Idol champion was Bianca, who is visiting us from London. We also offered several activities to get us ready for Super Hero Day. Josh, Quinn and Marek gave campers the opportunity to experience the Dark Side by offering an activity where campers got to experience the life of the villains that super heroes get to catch each day-only at FBS! We are so proud that we offer new activities each day for our campers, and we are excited about all the fun things we have in store for Super Hero day tomorrow! 
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/23/2014

    Our puppet show introduced today’s activities including the wildly popular Super Hero Training Course which showcased Batman’s amazing powers, led by DJ Josh. The water was a huge hit too; campers were able to paddle, knee board and boogie board throughout the day! Campers also spent time in the shade with their favorite counselors- telling stories, playing games, answering trivia, and getting ready for Super Hero Day! The entire camp also had the opportunity to karaoke to one of our favorites of this summer- the theme from Frozen! Speaking of singing, we all got to sing along to the donut song during our cabana competition with the Eels taking the win, led by camper Carolyn! Arts & Crafts decorate your own stuffed animal was so much fun too. Zip Zap Zoom- Super Hero Day is coming soon!!!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/22/2014

    We are so grateful that we have many counselors who come back and join us at FBS year after year even though they have their own personal careers. We are fortunate that Ariella surprised us today with a Super Hero Scavenger Hunt! Having an older staff, with an average age of 28, means we are able to truly develop camper/counselor relationships, which continue to grow from summer to summer. Campers thoroughly enjoyed Pass the Stack today. It came down to the Seals and the Eels with an almost too close to call competition, with the Eels eventually being awarded the Spirit Bars. At FBS we always maintain a six camper to one staff ratio in the water, but on this given day our campers had one on one personal surfing instruction to encourage them to try surfing and to gain confidence! The countdown has begun for Super Hero theme day on Friday…
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/21/2014

    Fitness by the Sea is all about campers choosing their own activities. At FBS we pride ourselves on offering new activities each day, as we know that campers thrive on making their own choices. One of today’s top choices was the recreation of Frankenstein’s Crazy Castle with DJ Josh, Cheese and Scooter. It was quite the hit! Campers also enjoyed The Hunger Games Trilogy Bonanza starring Z-Dub and Lizzie. Cheering bicyclist along the bike path brought a smile to all who passed by! Caleb from the Seals was awarded the Spirit Stick today, as he is always so helpful to Widget and the entire Seal cabana, and is truly representative of what the FBS Spirit Stick means. Water activities are popular every day, and today was no exception with several campers getting up on their surfboards for the very first time with the help of Surfer J, Morgan, and Vinnie! This afternoon campers had the opportunity to develop their own cabana competition ideas. Danny was the contest judge, and he awarded points to each cabana based on originality, group participation, cheering and overall fun concept/design. The Seals were successful with their super-creative and interactive idea of “Pass and Stack,” which we are excited to bring to the beach tomorrow as our cabana competition! We are looking forward to an awesome and exciting Tuesday!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/18/2014

    Boo! It’s Halloween” theme day was SPOOKTACULAR! What a way to round out the week! The morning started out with our campers and counselors arriving in the most amazing costumes ever seen on the Ghost Coast (aka Will Rogers State Beach). Camper Katie was magnificent as Maleficent, camper Ethan was a Power Ranger, counselor Heather came as a groovy 60’s gal, counselor Morgan was an astronaut, and camper Safi came dressed head to toe in neon orange! DJ Josh, Quinn, Scooter and Marek did an incredible job with their extremely popular Trick or Treat activity which had campers squealing with delight each time they were tricked by surprise squirts of water or shaving cream. Halloween themed activities delighted campers throughout the day, including Tombstone Building with Dr. Dracula. For our cabana competition, each cabana chose a contestant that was then wrapped in toilet paper and turned into a mummy! Each cabana presented their mummy to the camp accompanied by a two minute background story on how the mummy came to be a mummy. The stories were so creative and so hysterically funny, that the entire camp was in stitches! The competition was very close, but it was the Ghost’s boo-tiful mummy who took the win! The afternoon saw plenty of water activities, Arts & Crafts with Robyn, Saturn Rings with Morgan, and the Bobbing for Apples Tournament with Heather where camper Pele was crowned the camp champ!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/17/2014

    Today brought bright blue skies, great water conditions and much sunshine. After the morning rally, Widget and Lizzie led the FBS Idol auditions in preparation for the wonderful presentation by all our contestants in the afternoon prior to the cabana competition. Today’s FBS Idol contestants were so good that it was hard to determine the winner as everyone was so talented! Mielle, Rachel, Bennett, Sam, Oliver, and Stella were among those participating, and Widget and Lizzie did a spectacular job with their presentation.

    Our campers had the chance to test their football skills with Wild Bill and Max this afternoon, which turned out to be a big hit. Mosaic making with Robyn in Arts & Crafts also proved to be very popular.

    The ocean was very clear today allowing our campers the opportunity to paddle out and enjoy viewing the sea life while hanging out with Morgan, Tabitha and Z Dub. We are looking forward to seeing the campers tomorrow in their Halloween Costumes!

  • Pacific Palisades, 7/16/2014

    Before our morning rally, our campers were settling in and hanging out with their favorite counselors, giving both campers and counselors the chance to really get to know each other.  Our morning rally was very cheerful with campers showing great enthusiasm and lots of energy! We were honored to hand the Spirit Stick to Gabe this morning. Fitness by the Sea is aways about campers picking and choosing there own activities; FBS keeps it fresh by offering new activities each day. One of these new activities was the very popular Air Strike where campers developed their arm strength by fighting off the opposing team.  Whether they are playing Air Strike or challenging their counselors in a volleyball tournament, trying out new moves on the trampoline, or searching for the biggest sand crab on the beach, campers always have so much to chose from each day… Boo! It’s Halloween! is only two days away, so start thinking of what you want to be for this theme day favorite!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/15/2014

    The day started out with each cabana creating their own personal cheer in anticipation of Boo! It’s Halloween, our upcoming theme day on Friday. We awarded the Spirit Stick to our longtime camper, Melani.  It’s always great to see our longterm campers progressing throughout the years and really understanding what the Spirit Stick stands for!  Zombie Land was a huge hit, where campers captured Zombies or turned into a Zombie themselves by walking through a maze of turns in our covered cabana.  Our seasoned female staff led a highly successful paddle that encouraged new campers to come out and try paddling, some for the very first time.  We celebrated the 8th birthday of two campers today- Vivien and Ibrahim, and Vivien was kind enough to bring the entire camp popsicles for the celebration!  Our Cabana competition was a Minute to Win It event of easing an Oreo from one’s forehead without hands into one’s mouth- much harder than it sounds, but oh, so much fun!  There were so many choices of activities in the afternoon.  Some campers chose boogie boarding, while others engaged in gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, arts & crafts, etc.  At the end of the day we were totally exhausted after having so much fun!  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/14/2014

    We started off week six of Fitness by the Sea at our Pacific Palisades location with an amazing recreation of Quittich, known from the popular Harry Potter series.  Charlie from the Seals was awarded the Spirit Stick today for helping clean up his cabana and for his always great attitude.  The end of lunchtime erupted into a massive dance party!  After lunch, we brought Nascar to the beach with a camper fueled drag race competition that will be talked about for weeks to come!  Today we saw many water activities including surfing and boogie boarding, as well as multiple sand activities including fencing and tie dying your own shirt.  The entire camp is is excited for one of favorite theme days- Boo! It’s Halloween- coming up on Friday.
  • Pacific Palisades 7/11/2014

    Ridley won the spirit stick today following in her brother’s footsteps. World Cup soccer continued it’s popularity with a rematch between Germany and Brazil. Color Me mine was just as strong, with campers painting their own cupcake and sea animals ceramics. After mandatory counselor applied sunscreen, we ate lunch then enjoyed some great laughs during the puppet show. The water was a popular choice today with boogie boarding and swimming continuing into the afternoon. The day ended with campers doing a variety of camp favorite in the shade of the cabanas.
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/10/2014

    The ocean was amazing today; we were able to paddle, boogie board, and really enjoy the lovely conditions! The campers spent most of the day in the water, and also enjoyed some great activities on the sand including basketball, an awesome game of Gaga, arts & crafts, and gymnastics. We were able to bring Candyland to the beach by creating a life-size version of the board game on the sand. The entire camp is gearing up for the epic battle between the Pirates and Ninjas tomorrow!
  • A Great Day At The Palisades!

    Even though it was a overcast day the campers still participated in a variety of activities. As always FBS Idol turned out some spectacular singers. Gaga held it’s own with lots of non-competitive handball play.  Lilac returned to us today as the Spirit Stick winner with a beautiful addition to the stick. We saluted America’s Flag with a rendition of Star Spangled Banner getting prepped for our Fourth of July Celebration on Thursday.  The day ended with a heart-warming camp spirit cheer.  We can’t wait for this Thursday!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/02/2014

    The morning started us off right by Ella representing a true Spirit Stick winner with her great enthusiasm, spirit and willingness to help others. As the day continued on, arts and crafts was a happening place where campers could chose 5 different colors to tie-dye their shirts while others campers were out surfing in the ocean with dolphins. The afternoon featured our ever popular puppet show getting us ready for our Fourth of July theme day. Come join us for our Independence Day celebration tomorrow!
  • Pacific Palisades, 7/01/2014

    Even though it was a overcast day the campers still participated in a variety of activities. As always FBS Idol turned out some spectacular singers. Gaga held it’s own with lots of non-competitive handball play.  Lilac praised us as the Spirit Stick winner today. We saluted America’s Flag with a rendition of Star Spangled getting prepped for our Fourth of July Celebration on Thursday.  The day ended with a hard-warming camp spirit cheer.
  • Palisades 8/12/2013

    Today’s spirit stick winner was River. She won for having great spirit and a positive attitude.

    The Rock Banders put on a stellar air guitar performance where Henry got to rock on drums!

    Hoola-Olympics also out on a great gymnastics Hoola show.

  • Palisades 8/9/2013

    Today at SAMO we had a great water balloon fight!

    The ninjas swam out deep in the ocean for their morning paddling activity.

    Levi and EJ learned stage combat with Nathaniel. They performed an awesome pirate battle at lunch!

  • Palisades 8/8/2013

    Today we had FBS wrestling! Anthony took on Collin in an epic battle. The ocean was so calm Alex and Maxine were out past the breakers with GMo and Zues!

    Little Mack won the spirit stick for the being the cutest camper! We had an amazing cheer leading performance in the pm.

  • Palisades 8/13/2013

    Cole won the spirit and it was also his birthday!!

    Frankie learned how to do a split with JK in gymnastics.

    Angelique was part of beach Blanket Theatre as Petrucio in Shakespeare taming of the shrew. All the kids had a laugh at their performance.

  • Palisades 8/14/2013

    Cole won the spirit and it was also his birthday!!

    Frankie learned how to do a split with JK in gymnastics.

    Angelique was part of beach Blanket Theatre as Petrucio in Shakespeare taming of the shrew. All the kids had a laugh at their performance.

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