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  • Pacific Palisades 7/26/2016

    Photo Jul 26, 11 25 17 AMHappy Tuesday from FBS! It was another hot day today, but we cooled off by playing “cream Em” with the counselors and campers then jumping in the water for the afternoon! We made octopus sock puppets in arts and crafts and had a Uno tournament in the cabanas when it got really warm. Shade is always good too! Remember to sunscreen those campers before camp! See you tomorrow!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/25/2016

    Photo Jul 25, 11 14 55 AMHappy 7th week from FBS! The summer is flying by for us counselors and we hope your children are having as much fun as we are! Today and all week will be very hot so we enjoyed cooling off in the ocean today. We did paddling and got to surf today too! We did lifeguard training with Dani and Nicole and also had a big game of Go Fish Extreme going on in the cabanas! Remember, this weeks theme is Animal Planet: we can’t wait to see what animals show up to camp on Friday! See you tomorrow
  • Pacific Palisades 7/22/2016

    Photo Jul 22, 12 38 24 PMHappy Halloween from FBS in July! Scary costumes, trick or treating and haunted houses filled our amazing Friday today! It was a great way to end the week and beat the heat! Have a great weekend from FBS!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/21/2016

    Today at FBS Pacific PalisadesPhoto Jul 21, 11 17 53 AM (1) Jaden won the spirit stick for his dedication to camp and participation in every single cheer. We also swam in the ocean for the majority of the day because it almost hit triple digits! Tomorrow is Halloween, don’t forget to dress your children  up in their scariest costumes! We have a lot of amazing activities centered around the theme Halloween tomorrow, you don’t want to miss it!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/20/2016

    Photo Jul 19, 11 43 34 AMHappy Wednesday! Today at FBS the sand was hot, the sun was hot, but the water was warm! After spinning the wheel, we all got cookies at the end of the day! In between facepainting the counselors, telling scary stories, and making birdfeeders in arts and crafts, we made sure to stay cool under the cabanas with card games and hair braiding. Two more days till Friday! Wear your scariest costumes!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/19/2016

    Photo Jul 19, 1 32 40 PMTuesday at FBS was another hot one! campers navigated through the science laboratories of the make-shift madhouse made of tents and fabric, very creative! It was all in preparation for our scary theme this week: Halloween! During lunch, we spun the wheel and it landed on “cream em”, which meant that all the campers got to take shaving cream and “cream” the counselors on the beach followed by a party in the ocean! See you tomorrow!
  • Pacific Palisades 7/18/2016

    Photo Jul 18, 10 53 27 AMToday was a hot day at camp! The campers enjoyed the water for the majority of the day, boogie boarding, surfing and swimming! One of our campers, Carlos Garnett, won the spirit stick today because he is always so helpful around camp. The theme this week is Halloween, so don’t forget to dress your campers up in their spookiest costumes on Friday! See you tomorrow!
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