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  • Jonathan Club 7/25/2016

    Photo Jul 25, 2 30 24 PMWhat a great Monday back at camp!  We had a ton of new campers today who left a little sandy but as happy as clams. It was HOT today so we had a lot of swimming and boogie boarding today. We also had surfing open today as well. If we weren’t in the water we were on the sand playing Tick Tick Boom, creating octopus sock puppets, bocce ball, and even having a water balloon toss! We got to watch two presentations today as our campers showed off their cheerleading and dancing skills. And we even made a full on flash mob dance for the entire camp! We had a classic cabana competition today. Life size Rock Paper Scissors. Shout out to our Sting Rays for their big win today. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow 🙂
  • Jonathan Club 7/22/2016

    Photo Jul 22, 10 33 09 AMFriday was mad chill!  With all of our Sharks and most of our Sting Rays on the field trip, the Sea Lions and the Starfish took over the cabana. With such a chill group we were able to squeeze out some extra time at the water and even got in a nature walk. After filling up on some Mac and Cheese we played Make Me A Picture. Shout out to the Starfish for winning the cabana competition! We had some hilarious moving pictures. The Sharks and Stingrays had a blast at Sky High today. Between the slushies, the prizes, and the epic trampoline park, they were sure to have a blast. Another week of camp in the books! Can’t wait for Monday 🙂
  • Jonathan Club 7/21/2016

    Photo Jul 21, 1 49 00 PMPajama Day was awesome!  We had all sorts of Pajama themed games. Don’t wake the counselor, Dream interpretations, Story book time…the list goes on! Everyone looked amazing in their pajamas. We made pillow cases to match our pjs and a few of us even got ourselves some hair wraps. After we started to heat up a little in our pjs we headed to the beach in our rash guards and swimsuits for some knee boarding on the boogie boards and some volleyball at the beach. The water was perfect today! Shout out to our Sea Lions for winning the cabana competition today! We played reverse musical hula hoops complete with awesome dance moves and even a few water balloons for some special effects. We made it rain in the tent! Between the counselor impressions that the campers performed, the water balloon toss, and the sneaky water gun attacks, we could not stop laughing today. Before we knew it the day had flown by and we were headed home. We’re already wishing it were Friday!
  • Jonathan Club 7/20/2016

    Photo Jul 20, 1 49 32 PMWhat a scorcher it was today!  Luckily we had two epic sessions at the water. Everyone got into the water at least once today whether it was swimming or boogie boarding or my favorite…jumping the waves. And we had some amazing field games today. Bocce Ball was a smash hit and we even did some backyard wrestling and boxing in the sand! We put on a lovely play about the counselors (shout out to the campers who rocked our impressions) and rocked an intense cabana competition game of “Rock Sing Down”. We mixed it up today and created some fun new cabana names so shout out to our Dolphins for the win! We kept the fun going and after spinning the wheel we scored Cream Em! After all the shaving cream was spent we got to cool off in the water and end our day with some silly putty arts and crafts and story telling. Tomorrow is Pajama Day so roll out of bed and head straight to camp. It will be epic!
  • Jonathan Club 7/19/2016

    Photo Jul 19, 3 17 06 PMWhoa! Today was a whirlwind of a day and it was over before we knew it. We started our day off with some shout out chants and dances for each of our zany cabanas leaving room for the day to only get crazier. Splish Splash Splosh Gymnastics is one of our favorites on a hot day. A nice splash of water after rocking  stunt move on the vault does us good.  We made some amazing hats today in arts and crafts with glitter, paint, markers and more. Our campers got to make baseball caps and sun caps. The water was perfect for some boogie boarding and with the sandbar still going strong we  were able to have a dance party out in the water. We even got a visit from some of our Santa Monica camp family and after some high fives and learning secret handshakes we headed in for lunch. Shout out to the Sting Rays for winning our new cabana competition. “Epic Cone Ball” was a hit! And then of course in zany Tuesday fashion, we finished our day with some hula hoop, costume dress up, freeze dancing. Onward to Wednesday!
  • Jonathan Club 7/18/2016

    Photo Jul 18, 1 54 38 PMWe had so many new campers today! Lots of new Starfish friends, Sea Lion friends, and Sting Ray friends! We played a round of one of our favorite games “Guess That Rule” and learned he JBC clap together. We had a perfect sunny day for arts and crafts and swimming. We worked up quite the appetite. We also got to make new friends with our awesome cabana competition “Huggy Bear”! Monday could not have ended more perfectly…because we got Otter Pops! Can’t wait until tomorrow.
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