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  • Jonathan Club 7/25/2016

    Photo Jul 25, 2 30 24 PMWhat a great Monday back at camp!  We had a ton of new campers today who left a little sandy but as happy as clams. It was HOT today so we had a lot of swimming and boogie boarding today. We also had surfing open today as well. If we weren’t in the water we were on the sand playing Tick Tick Boom, creating octopus sock puppets, bocce ball, and even having a water balloon toss! We got to watch two presentations today as our campers showed off their cheerleading and dancing skills. And we even made a full on flash mob dance for the entire camp! We had a classic cabana competition today. Life size Rock Paper Scissors. Shout out to our Sting Rays for their big win today. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow 🙂
  • Jonathan Club 7/22/2016

    Photo Jul 22, 10 33 09 AMFriday was mad chill!  With all of our Sharks and most of our Sting Rays on the field trip, the Sea Lions and the Starfish took over the cabana. With such a chill group we were able to squeeze out some extra time at the water and even got in a nature walk. After filling up on some Mac and Cheese we played Make Me A Picture. Shout out to the Starfish for winning the cabana competition! We had some hilarious moving pictures. The Sharks and Stingrays had a blast at Sky High today. Between the slushies, the prizes, and the epic trampoline park, they were sure to have a blast. Another week of camp in the books! Can’t wait for Monday 🙂
  • Jonathan Club 7/21/2016

    Photo Jul 21, 1 49 00 PMPajama Day was awesome!  We had all sorts of Pajama themed games. Don’t wake the counselor, Dream interpretations, Story book time…the list goes on! Everyone looked amazing in their pajamas. We made pillow cases to match our pjs and a few of us even got ourselves some hair wraps. After we started to heat up a little in our pjs we headed to the beach in our rash guards and swimsuits for some knee boarding on the boogie boards and some volleyball at the beach. The water was perfect today! Shout out to our Sea Lions for winning the cabana competition today! We played reverse musical hula hoops complete with awesome dance moves and even a few water balloons for some special effects. We made it rain in the tent! Between the counselor impressions that the campers performed, the water balloon toss, and the sneaky water gun attacks, we could not stop laughing today. Before we knew it the day had flown by and we were headed home. We’re already wishing it were Friday!
  • Jonathan Club 7/20/2016

    Photo Jul 20, 1 49 32 PMWhat a scorcher it was today!  Luckily we had two epic sessions at the water. Everyone got into the water at least once today whether it was swimming or boogie boarding or my favorite…jumping the waves. And we had some amazing field games today. Bocce Ball was a smash hit and we even did some backyard wrestling and boxing in the sand! We put on a lovely play about the counselors (shout out to the campers who rocked our impressions) and rocked an intense cabana competition game of “Rock Sing Down”. We mixed it up today and created some fun new cabana names so shout out to our Dolphins for the win! We kept the fun going and after spinning the wheel we scored Cream Em! After all the shaving cream was spent we got to cool off in the water and end our day with some silly putty arts and crafts and story telling. Tomorrow is Pajama Day so roll out of bed and head straight to camp. It will be epic!
  • Jonathan Club 7/19/2016

    Photo Jul 19, 3 17 06 PMWhoa! Today was a whirlwind of a day and it was over before we knew it. We started our day off with some shout out chants and dances for each of our zany cabanas leaving room for the day to only get crazier. Splish Splash Splosh Gymnastics is one of our favorites on a hot day. A nice splash of water after rocking  stunt move on the vault does us good.  We made some amazing hats today in arts and crafts with glitter, paint, markers and more. Our campers got to make baseball caps and sun caps. The water was perfect for some boogie boarding and with the sandbar still going strong we  were able to have a dance party out in the water. We even got a visit from some of our Santa Monica camp family and after some high fives and learning secret handshakes we headed in for lunch. Shout out to the Sting Rays for winning our new cabana competition. “Epic Cone Ball” was a hit! And then of course in zany Tuesday fashion, we finished our day with some hula hoop, costume dress up, freeze dancing. Onward to Wednesday!
  • Jonathan Club 7/18/2016

    Photo Jul 18, 1 54 38 PMWe had so many new campers today! Lots of new Starfish friends, Sea Lion friends, and Sting Ray friends! We played a round of one of our favorite games “Guess That Rule” and learned he JBC clap together. We had a perfect sunny day for arts and crafts and swimming. We worked up quite the appetite. We also got to make new friends with our awesome cabana competition “Huggy Bear”! Monday could not have ended more perfectly…because we got Otter Pops! Can’t wait until tomorrow.
  • Jonathan Club 8/21/2015

    JC 8:21 Blog PicThe last day of summer camp at JBC was magical.  MC Chum switched up the morning cheer with campers on the inside and counselors on the outside which sparked loads of laughter in the tent. Counselor Pre had an epic celebration for all the campers who helped her continue the search for the Snuffalafugus, while Counselor Will did an extreme ‘Running with the Bulls’ course. The Luau dance party completed the day with all the campers dancing in their costume!
  • Jonathan Club 8/20/2015

    TJC 8:20 Blog Picoday at the JBC there was an end of the summer wedding between two of the campers favorite counselors Pre and Will. The ceremony was filled with lovely dressed bridesmaids and groomsmen campers that danced and sang throughout.  After the morning engagement the campers enjoyed the warm water while swimming, boogie boarding, and surfing. At the end of the day campers left with their favorite otter pops for the last pop party of the summer – hooray!
  • Jonathan Club 8/19/2015

    JC 8:18 Blog PicToday at JBC the campers were full of energy to enjoy all of the creative and fun activities that counselors had planned. The morning started off with Shark counselor Monica teaching her cheer squad hilarious cheers and also counselor Suz building the most extreme fort, with booby traps and all! During the afternoon down at the water the campers built a hole large enough to hold twenty of them.  Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
  • Jonathan Club 8/18/2015

    JC 8:19 Blog PicIt was a fun and sunshine filled Tuesday at JBC. The day was all about celebrations because there were birthdays galore at camp. Shark camper Mickey even brought rocket popsicles to share with the entire camp! After lunch counselor’s Monica and Alex narrated a play with the Stingray and Sea Lion campers acting as crazy chickens and lions. At arts and crafts there was more animal fun when campers got to decorate stuffed animals of their choice.
  • Jonathan Club 8/17/2015

    JC 8:17 Blog PicThe start to the last week of camp at JBC was awesome! New campers came in with excitement like never before – and returning campers were ready to show them the JBC spirit.  MC Chum led the morning cheer and did her French waiter skit to present the rules. Down at the water the largest sandcastle of the summer was built and the rest of the campers enjoyed some swimming and boogie boarding. The day ended with some sweet treats for camper Aiden’s last day.
  • Jonathan Club 8/14/2015

    JC 8:14 Blog PicThe JBC had a rocking Friday with loads of laughter, games, and sunshine.MC Chum led us in the morning cheer and an impromptu dance party to get the day started off right!Down at the water counselor Max taught Sea lion camper Maxsim how to boogie board and boy did they have fun.After lunch there was an extraordinary talent show with gymnastics, singing, and break dancing.The campers left with a lollipop and stories to tell over the weekend.
  • Jonathan Club 8/13/2015

    JC 8:13 Blog PicToday the JBC campers and counselors strolled into camp for the theme day dressed as beautiful princesses and brave knights – there was even a fire-spitting dragon!During the morning activities there was an epic jousting battle that ended with Stingray camper Henry as the victor that saved Sea Lion princess Lila.After lunch the entire camp cheered like never before during the cabana competition, which boosted campers energy before heading to the water to surf, swim, and boogie board.
  • Jonathan Club 8/12/2015

    JC 8:12 Blog PicWednesday was a great day at JBC!The sun was shining and the campers enjoyed some shade in counselor Monica’s cool hangout fort.At arts and crafts campers painted ceramic animals with a variety of bright, fun colors.Down at the water counselor Pre led a splash battle in the ocean that ended with the Waves Team winning.The beauty salon activity with counselor Caitlin had the campers leaving today with beautiful hair wraps and nails!
  • Jonathan Club 8/11/2015

    JC 8:11 Blog PicThe morning started off with an epic performance of the rules by counselor Tasha and her camper back up singers.The spirit stick winner was long time shark camper Arielle who embodies a positive, fun attitude all day every day at camp.When it came to playing some basketball stingray camper Alex made shot after shot teaching other campers hit technique on the court.The sandcastle competition ended with counselor JJ announcing that the winning team was Shining Day Spa!
  • Jonathan Club 8/10/2015

    JC 8:10 Blog PicThe camp started off with a bang with MC Chum stepping in for the rest of summer. During the morning rally the entire camp sang happy birthday to Stingray Shelby and enjoyed some Krispy Kreme treats to celebrate. The activities were extreme today, including a game of dodge ball between the Shark and Stingray cabana and some sky high jumping on the trampoline. Campers had a blast boogie boarding and swimming at the water while they soaked in the sunshine!
  • Jonathan Club 8/7/2015

    JC 8:7 Blog PicWhat a terrific end to the week it was at JBC today! It was MC Nikki’s last day at the camp so campers and counselors sang her a special farewell song this morning. After lunch counselors JJ and Tasha were the hosts of the most impressive JBC Idol; there were dancers, singers, comedians, and even a talking horse! Down at the water camper Sloan won the sand castle competition because of her creativity and execution.
  • Jonathan Club 8/6/2015

    JC 8:6 Blog PicIt was an awesome Superhero Theme Day at JBC! Campers came in their favorite characters that included Batman, Superman, and even a Policeman. MC Nikki was rescued countless times as she came as a damsel in distress today. Counselors Pre and Chum had an epic superhero vs villain water fight that ended with everyone laughing and wet. In arts and crafts this afternoon campers made ice cream, leaving them with a sweet treat that kept them cool.
  • Jonathan Club 8/5/2015

    JC 8:5 Blog PicWhat a whacky Wednesday it was at JBC! The campers came in full force with their cheering during the morning rally today. The spirit stick winner Lucia did a special dance fro camp when she won. Counselor JJ had a popping club with had campers learning new card games. The sandcastle champs went back to back with an extreme hole! Everyone enjoyed an icy cold otter pop treat as they left camp to cool off! 
  • Jonathan Club 8/4/2015

    JC 8:4 Blog PicTuesday was full of wonderful surprises at JBC! During the morning presentations campers learned that Counselor Tasha was a bronze medalist at the Olympics for the hurdles and that she would be teaching them her skills. The Starfish cabana played a wet and wild game of duck duck goose that camper Vivi was the champ due to her fast running abilities. Campers left today with their new Tie-dyed shirts to show off to all their friends and family! 
  • Jonathan Club 8/3/2015

    JC 8:3 Blog PicWhat a magical Monday it was at JBC! New campers were welcomed by returning campers and counselors while they got their rash guards. MC Nikki broke down the JBC Spirit song so everyone could sing and clap along to ring in the morning.  Counselor Max led an adventurous nature walk that ended with campers discovering a starfish and some crabs. After lunch the sun returned as campers played in the ocean and boogie boarded in style.
  • Jonathan Club 7/31/15

    T11036793_963152203749309_1407007669601343586_ohe Sharks and Stingray campers and counselors enjoyed a nice day trotting around while on the horseback riding field trip.At camp Counselor Pre led an adventurous nature walk to the pier where campers collected some interesting shells and rocks.At the water campers swam like never before in the warm ocean water.The cabana competition ‘ Huggie Bear’ left the Stingray cabana as victors and everyone went home with licorice because the wheel landed on twister.
  • Jonathan Club 7/30/15

    11826000_962616850469511_4668422948540877313_nIt was Halloween in July for the theme day today at JBC. Campers and counselors came in their favorite Halloween costumes that included a Spiderman, Hulk, Princess, and many more!During the morning activities Counselor Will got a group of campers together to capture the wolverine that also goes by Counselor Gabe with the beard.It was an extra special afternoon because campers got to have a screening of the movie Home to end the day.
  • Jonathan Club 7/29/15

    11028361_958572424207287_7613938401508052003_nWhat a wonderful Wednesday at JBC! The Shark cabana opened up the morning with a unique cheer of their own that had them dancing with their air guitars around camp.During arts and crafts the campers got a chance to create their very own colorful stuffed animals and wind chimes to take home.The waves were perfect today for body surfing; Sea Lion camper Devon led his fellow campers to shore each time they caught a wave.
  • Jonathan Club 7/28/15

    11760057_961699860561210_416969604646410876_nIt was a terrific Tuesday at JBC! Shark camper Gabi won the spirit stick because she is a role model to her fellow campers with her positive, helpful attitude.MC Nikki hosted a joke telling contest before lunch that Stingray camper Matthew won with a classic knock-knock joke.After lunch during the talent show Stingray camper Lul performed her last song as it was her last day and she left the stage with a standing ovation from her fellow campers!
  • Jonathan Club 7/27/15

    11811301_960966830634513_8445574947676802227_nToday was a special day at JBC because there was a drone high above camp. The birds eye view captured Stingray counselor Chum teaching stunts to campers on the gymnastics equipment and a lively game of prisoner over the volleyball net.Also there was an extreme boogie slide into the ocean and loads of campers boogie boarding at the waters edge. Today ended with smiling campers waving goodbye to the drone as they left camp.
  • Jonathan Club 7/24/2015

    JC 7:24 Blog PicThe Stingray and Shark campers bounced around on some trampolines at Sky High for the field trip today, while the rest of camp had some fun in the sun!At the waters edge today Sea Lion camper Harper made the big leap from boogie boarding to surfing and she ripped her first waves.The cabana competition left counselors and campers mummified and crazily dressed for a solid laugh for the entire camp.What a great day!
  • Jonathan Club 7/23/2015

    JC 7:23 Blog PicStealthy Ninja and Rowdy Pirate campers and counselors took over JBC today for the theme day.The sneakiest ninja was definitely counselor Monica who snuck around all day putting whoopee cushions under campers.Down at the water the Lifeguard boat gave campers a water shower that was received with extremely happy cheering!Campers went on a treasure hunt to find the golden chest and left camp with a prize since they found it buried under the palm tree.
  • Jonathan Club 7/22/2015

    JC 7:22 Blog PicIt was nothing but good times today at JBC! The campers played in the ocean and even encountered a real life Sea Lion that swam to shore to show off some flips; the Sea Lion cabana burst into a cheer when they saw it go down.After lunch the cabana competition, ‘ Silent Dance Off’ left everyone in amaze at the dancing skills of Sea Lion camper Harper, which led to a Sea Lion cabana victory! The Sea Lions dominated the JBC today that is for sure.
  • Jonathan Club 7/21/2015

    JC 7:21 Blog PicThe JBC spirit came out with the sunshine today! Counselors led an energized morning stretch with the camp to kick off the morning.After lunch it was all about the JBC Fashion Runway where counselors Tasha and Max commentated as campers strolled down the runway in crazy costumes.Counselor Monica’s cheer squad brought the heat with the cheers that Shark camper Annabel created.At the end of the day it was all about counselor JJ’s fantastic fort where campers got to hang and tell funny stories.
  • Jonathan Club 7/20/2015

    JC 7:20 Blog PicWe didn’t let the cloudy whether put a damper on the day at JBC! The biggest group of new campers to date this summer enjoyed a fun filled day of beach activities.MC Nikki introduced the camp spirit song, while Stingray counselor Chum did the rules as her classic french waiter.Long time Stingray camper Sophia won the spirit stick because of her can do attitude and friendliness to other campers.After lunch the cabana competition of ‘ Tiny Hands’ had the campers exploding with laughter that carried on the rest of the day.
  • Jonathan Club 7/17/2015

    JC 7:17 Blog PicThe Sharks and Stingray campers enjoyed a nice day at Hurricane Harbor where they rode the most extreme slides!Counselor Suz taught an epic dance routine to her squad of campers, which they performed after lunch to a standing ovation.Down at the water Sea Lion camper Kate built a sandcastle movie theater to watch the waves crash on the shore in.To end the day MC Nikki picked songs to jam out to during a camp wide freeze dance!
  • Jonathan Club 7/16/15

    11050851_954798337918029_3325076423252102015_nCampers and Counselors celebrated Circus Theme day under the big top of the blue and white JBC tent today. Lions, tigers, and bearded ladies were among those that strolled into the circle ring.Beanbag throws and hoop-jumping activities highlighted the morning and after lunch the pie eating cabana competitions was the cherry on top.The final performance was counselors JJ and Chums Circus Saloon games where campers left with loads of sweet treats and fun stories.
  • Jonathan Club 7/15/15

    11742770_954115601319636_6050590765336975759_nWhat an awesome day it was at JBC. Sea Lion counselor Will was pulled in on a chariot to present his medieval time jousting activity, which set the camp into a laughing frenzy.The campers also went Seagull Tracking today with Sea Lion counselor Max, but unfortunately didn’t catch one in their trap.Down at the water the waves were perfection for boogie boarding, so perfect in fact campers didn’t want to leave for the day!
  • Jonathan Club 7/14/15

    11705096_953379238059939_5354929897153009424_nMC Nikki kicked off the morning with some Harry Potter trivia that had campers clamoring to shout out the correct answers.After lunch was the weekly JBC Talent Show where Stingray camper Lal showed off her dancing skills; other campers amazed us with their gymnastic tricks, speedy hula hooping, and all-star singing.During the sand castle competition a friendly sea crab was discovered so campers built him a home and named him Krusty the Krab.
  • Jonathan Club 7/13/15

    11742897_952861911445005_7151275188589260353_nThe weather was perfection today at the beach – which led to an explosion of fun at camp! MC Nikki broke down the JBC clap for the new campers, with counselor Chum throwing down a beat on the drum.At the water campers enjoyed some extreme boogie boarding in the wildly fun waves. Spirit stick winner Aiden from the Stingray cabana shredded on his surfboard as campers cheered him on. All-around great day today at JBC!
  • Jonathan Club 7/10/15

    11666231_951475231583673_7571924555808841117_nWhat a great Friday it was at JBC! The Sharks has a blast on their field trip at Medieval Times. During the morning the rest of the campers made some jazzy tie dye shirts with counselor Dom at arts and crafts.At the waters edge counselor Chum had campers build her Royal Thrones that were judged on size and comfort.The afternoon was filled with fun competitions including boxing matches and a timed obstacle course. We can’t wait until next week!
  • Jonathan Club 7/9/15

    11041222_951023691628827_5037825431397807034_nAnimal Planet theme day was wild and crazy with campers showing up dressed as their favorite animal. Dogs, Dinosaurs, and Bunnies roamed around, while MC Nikki who was a national geographic photographer took pictures.Counselor Suz and her posse of animals performed a brilliant play for us after lunch about animals escaping from the zoo. Luckily, counselor Payton was able to tame all the animals by the end of the day in the crazy cage campers helped him build.
  • Jonathan Club 7/8/15

    11061943_950628771668319_1981204284434593642_nAt JBC we didn’t let the cloudy day keep us down.The morning consisted of detailed planning and prep for our weekly water balloon battle with the Santa Monica campers; faces were painted and signs were made to march down in style. Sea Lion camper Jones even brought camouflaged helmets for everyone to wear.In celebration of the victory campers made giant sandcastle cakes – each one had details of rocks, seaweed and sea shells – hooray!
  • Jonathan Club 7/7/15

    11701223_950159621715234_62858147640377475_nThe JBC spirit was alive and well at camp today. The search for the Snuffalafugas with counselor Pre continued this morning with campers leading the charge.During the morning activities counselors JJ, Suz, and their Shark camper dancers taught everyone the moves to a flash mob!At the water camper Aiden showed off on the waves as campers watched. Spin the wheel landed on pop party so everyone left with an icy treat in their hand.
  • Jonathan Club 7/6/15

    11220477_949723588425504_8000322637925012616_nNew campers were welcomed with smiles by counselors Chum and Payton as they got their rash guards this morning; also long time returning Stingray counselor Pre got an entire camp hug to start the day.The afternoon kicked off with the Donut Eating cabana competition, which the Starfish won!While at the water luxury sand castle bathtubs and boogie slides were built on the beach, while campers road the waves in on their boogie boards.
  • Jonathan Club 7/3/15

    11705177_948156551915541_5715969557447658186_n-2Today was all about mixing things up at JBC. Down at the waters edge camper Mia from the Shark cabana built a giant sand ski ball game for all the other campers to play – the 4 year olds were even small enough to run down the slide into the holes!After lunch was an extra special puppet show for Sea Lion counselor Max’s fiancé about their upcoming wedding, she even surprised all the campers by showing up!
  • Jonathan Club 7/1/15

    JC 71 Blog PicThe level of fun achieved today at JBC is almost indescribable! Campers and counselors were extremely excited to sneak attack the Santa Monica camp with water balloons. The Sharks and Stingrays planned it all, face paint! balloon prep! route execution!Meanwhile, the Starfish and Sealions were training in an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course for the next attack.The rivalry is heating up and certainly brings out the JBC spirit of having fun, which is what summer camp is all about!
  • Jonathan Club 6/30/15

    JC 630 Blog PicAt JBC today campers battled to win the cabana competition, ‘How well do you know your counselor” by working together to come up with the correct answers. The competition was fun and informative, truly making it a bonding experience for all.After lunch we had quite the performance by JBC Production that included campers doing impressions of counselors. Today was certainly a day that felt like we were all once big happy family at JBC!
  • Jonathan Club 6/29/2015

    JC 6:29 Blog PicMC Nikki kicked off our Monday with a recap for the new campers of all the fun we have had at JBC this summer.Cooper from the Starfish cabana won the Spirit Stick because of his contagious smile and can-do attitude.Counselor Caitlin rapped the camp rules with her Shark and Stingray back up singers, which left the entire camp laughing while learning her lyrics.The Stingrays beat the Sharks at the cabana competition because of their spirited cheering – it pays to support other campers while having fun!
  • Jonathan Club 6/26/2015

    JC 6:26 Blog PicWhite the Sharks and Stingrays spent their day at IFly Indoor Skydiving the rest of JBC campers had an extremely fun Friday!In arts & crafts campers painted ceramic animals and made colorful cards.At the water’s edge sandcastle mansions were built to see which one her royal highness DJ Nikki would pick to live in.The day came to an end with campers leaving with their faces painted as bunnies, kittens, and puppies to kick off the weekend.
  • Jonathan Club 6/25/2015

    JC 6:25 Blog PicIt was a fun filled Cartoon Network themed day at JBC! Campers and Counselors dressed to impress in their favorite cartoon characters. We had some Ninja Turtles, My Little Ponies, and Sponge Bob.The morning rally kicked off with some Cartoon Trivia and continued with Sea Lion camper Josette winning the Spirit Stick dressed as Minnie Mouse.After lunch, Spin the Wheel landed on Pop Party so campers go to enjoy some icy treats to cool off at the end of the day!
  • Jonathan Club 6/24/15

    unnamed-17What a fantastic day it was at JBC. The Shark cabana’s positive, loud cheering elevated camps overall energy to new levels today!At arts and crafts the campers painted like Picasso on their canvases.The afternoon brought a whole bunch of shaving cream our way, with the Shaving Cream Goldfish Toss cabana competition and then the wheel landing on Cream.Thanks to playing in the ocean we were able to get all the shaving cream off before the end of the day.
  • Jonathan Club 6/23/15

    unnamed-13Campers and Counselors kicked off Tuesday with a loud and proud JBC morning cheer! After that Shark counselor Suz led an epic game of Gaga where campers battled with courage and determination to win each round.It wasn’t all extreme sports because Sea Lion counselor Max held a Lip Sync Show with campers dressing up and pretending to sing along to songs of their choice.In arts and crafts campers got a little messy and made ice cream – it sure was a delicious way to end camp!
  • Jonathan Club 6/22/15

    unnamed-9Today the sun was out and we were in high spirits at the JBC.All-star MC Nikki pumped the campers up with her Dino Stomp dancing and Disney Trivia in the morning.The campers couldn’t get enough of the beach games today – from seaweed jump roping to boogie board slides; however, the highlight at the water was definitely new Sea Lion camper Jeaney learning how to boogie board.What a wonderful start to the week!
  • Jonathan Club 6/19/2105

    unnamed-4Fridays at JBC are simply the best!

    The Shark and Stingray campers headed to Rockreation on their weekly field trip. Which left the Sea Lions and Starfish to have fun at the beach.

    DJ Chum led us in a spirited morning cheer as campers and counselors marched down to the water for boogie boarding and wave jumping.

    We ended the day with some magical face paint, which turned the campers into crazy animals ready for the weekend.

  • Jonathan Club 6/18/2015

    JC 6:18 Blog PicWell, the first theme day of the summer was a success! Everyone rolled out of bed in their most fashionable PJ’s for Pajama Day today.

    The campers enjoyed activities like Don’t Wake Daddy, Freeze Dance Sleeper Edition, Dreamland Sand Castles, and the Stuffed Animal Toss cabana competition.

    The Sea Lion Spirit Stick winner, Caitlin, is a shining example of a camper always willing to help others and make new campers feel welcomed.

    The campers and counselors had such a fun Pajama Day that they will for sure be dreaming about it tonight…zzzzz.

  • Jonathan Club 6/17/2015

    JC 6:17 Blog PicIt was endless fun today at JBC!

    Sea Lions counselor Max organized a fashion show where the campers chose wildly creative costumes to show off down the runway after lunch.

    It wasn’t all about fashion though – Stingray counselor Payton had a Sword Fight Challenge with beach noodles, where Sea Lion campers Max and Gryfin squared off in the final round to see who would be crowned the JBC champ!

    In arts and crafts the campers made plenty of goodies to take home including colorfully painted birdhouses and clay sculptures.

    What a wonderful day it was with all the campers able to express their creativity in projects and activities alike

  • Jonathan Club 6/16/2015

    JC 6:16 Blog PicWe didn’t let the June gloom weather bring us down today at JBC. Long time returning camper Ryan from the Sharks cabana was the first Spirit Stick winner of the year and pumped us all up this morning with his animated acceptance speech.

    While at the water we had an Ice Cream Castle themed sand castle competition – team Jae the ice Cream Cake won, which included new campers Jake and Gabe from the Stingray cabana.

    After lunch we were treated to a talent show that included singing, gymnastics, stand-up comedy, and break dancing!

    The highlight of the day was when the four-year-old Starfish cabana won the donut-on-a-stick eating cabana contest, certainly proving that they are tiny, but mighty!

  • Jonathan Club 6/15/2015


    What a grJC 6:15 Blog Piceat first day we had at the Jonathan Club! The morning rally started with high energy from counselors, returning campers, and new campers learning the JBC cheer. Counselors Suz and Payton led the charge in singing the rules to the camp to make sure everyone had a safe and fun day.

    We had a hilarious puppet show about a doctor who traveled around the world helping animals that had the whole camp laughing after lunch.

    Down at the water the campers enjoyed boogie boarding, swimming, and building sand castles.

    The Sea Lions won the cabana competition called Huggie Bear, with returning camper Michael winning the ‘Golden Ticket’.

    We can’t wait for the rest of the summer at JBC

  • Jonathan Club, 7/28/2014

    Jonathan Club started the week off with explosive cheering during the morning rally that led us into a harmonious welcoming of the new campers from all. The friendliness and positive attitude that campers strive to possess is certainly found in the Shark Ali who was our Spirit Stick winner today. After lunch, counselor Pre hosted an exceptional talent show that demonstrated Kingsley, Lexi and Sophia’s amazing abilities to sing and perform interpretive dance moves. Down at the water we had endless amounts of fun swimming, boogie boarding and playing beach games. Can’t wait for the rest of the week full of fun in the sun at JBC!
  • Jonathan Club, 7/25/2014

    What a fantastic Friday it was at the Jonathan Club! The day began with our Sharks and Stingray counselors and campers packing up and heading to Hurricane Harbor for their weekly field trip. Then Kate from the Starfish was announced as the Spirit Stick winner because of her positivity and friendliness toward her fellow campers throughout the entire week of camp. Down at the water we had some extraordinary sandcastles built by James and his Sealion friends. The greatest part about this Friday was hearing the camper’s eagerness to come back next week, especially Emily’s impromptu cheer as she left camp! Can’t wait for the final week of July to start!
  • Jonathan Club, 7/24/2014

    JBC sure had an amazing Ninja and Pirate themed day; counselors and campers arrived in their finest attire to represent their favorite of the two. Aden, a vibrant Stingray camper, even wore his karate outfit! Counselors Rico and Melro started our day off with creative and energetic cheers by both the Pirates and Ninjas. After lunch we had a full-on Ninja vs Pirate dodgeball game for cabana competitions. The Ninja’s won with their stealth and speed, even though Kylie the last Pirate standing battled until the very end. Ashley, the Ninja golden ticket winner, spun the wheel and landed on cream ’em, which is an all time favorite of the JBC campers. Shaving cream fun ensued at the waters edge to end our theme day at the beach!
  • Jonathan Club, 7/17/2014

    Thursday was circus day at JBC!!!! The staff sold the day all week and their effort and costumes were complimented by the energy and dress of the campers! We had tight roping lead by Rico. A carnival tent, which is a JBC annual tradition, was led by Pre Chum and Jack! There was a’ best show on earth’ contest that was won by the Stingrays. Everyone at JBC had yet another fun filled day at the beach!
  • Jonathan Club, 7/16/2014

    Jonathan Beach Club had a great day! Despite early morning clouds, staff and campers played circus themed games in preparation for circus day on Thursday. Chandler turned all of the girls into mermaids at the beach. In the meanwhile, Andrew worked with Rohan and the boys to build a hot tub on the beach. Catlin won the spirit stick for her always positive attitude and ability to have fun! We are continuously amazed at the dedication, care and fun that the staff and campers bring to camp everyday.
  • Jonathan Club, 7/15/2014

    Today at Jonathan beach camp campers loved and supported each other. Starting with cabana cheers highlighting the things they love about the other cabana. The sharks sea lions stingrays and starfish flooded the beach creating sand animals representing their cabana. The sharks who ate the oldest spent the afternoon with the starfish, the youngest, team building making up secret handshakes and spending time with their buddies. Maria Terroba was our spirit stick winner. It was a day full of support at JBC!
  • Jonathan Club, 7/14/14

    We didn’t let the drizzly weather today keep our spirits down at the Jonathon Beach Club. Campers embarked on building a circus themed sand castle city and others caught some amazing waves while boogie boarding with their counselors. You could also find campers at arts and crafts where they were designing hats to wear as stylish protection from the sun at camp. Most importantly, we all had FUN, which is the number one rule to follow for kids and counselors at JBC! 
  • Jonathan Club, 7/9/2014

    We don’t know how you start your Tuesday mornings, but we start ours with a game of capture the flag.  We did today anyway.  Campers are getting excited for Animal Planet day this Thursday and we were sure to give them a few animal themed activities to get them ready.  In the morning campers spent time and an animal round up with counselor Chum where they worked to get a hula hoop around different animals in the sand.  Rohan came the closest to getting them all.  Later that morning a group of campers went with Pre to search fro the elusive Santa Monica Snufalupogus.  Though there was no official siting, campers found many clues that told them the Snufalupogus had been there.  Now every camper wants to find this mysterious creature!  After our water bucket relay cabana competition, the wheel landed on cookie monster so every camper, and a few parents, went home happy with cookies.
  • Jonathan Club, 7/8/204

    We had a great Monday and fantastic kick off to our third week of camp at the Jonathan Club!  We had our highest enrollment yet coming close 90 campers for the week.  We started the day in arts and crafts making sculptures out of modeling clay.  I saw everything from a hamburger to a puppy dog.  So creative!  The emotionless dance off cabana competition had campers doing the most outrageous dance moves in front of each other while trying to keep a straight face.  It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  It came down to Arielle in the sharks and Trista in the Stingrays, but in the end, the Stingrays came out on top.  The day ended with paddle and volleyball lessons for the older campers and a huge game of “One Fish, Two Fish” for the younger ones.
  • Jonathan Club, 7/06/2014

    Today was another great one!  The sun was out early today and we got some incredible activities going early on.  The highlight was the introduction of Wave Ball down at the water.  All the campers got into this super fun game made popular by camper Hunter.  Camper Shelby brought so much spirit that she won the spirit stick and we had an american flag sand castle contest to get ready for our theme day on the third.
  • Jonathan Club, 7/03/2014

    There was no stopping the American spirit at JBC today!  All the staff came dressed to the nines in their most patriotic attire.  Campers followed suit with some really creative outfits!  Brothers Teddy and Benji came dressed as Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin!  Campers had a blast with activities like red, white, and blue tag, uncle Sam beards, and a revolutionary scavenger hunt.  In keeping with fourth of July tradition, the cabana competition was a watermelon eating contest that camper Noah won for the sea lions!
  • JBC We Can’t Be Beat!

    Today was a great at JBC!  We started the morning with an amazing rules presentation from our own Rudae, a.k.a. Commander Rulz.  All the kids left chanting, “JBC rules and these rules are for me!” Once we got the morning going we had a tremendous game of staff vs. camper dodge ball that the campers took the win in.  Our cabana competition was cream head and the starfish took the win with 23 goldfish in the shaving cream!  Camper Sammy was so pumped he could not take it.  The day wrapped with popcicles for all campers in red white and blue.  See you all tomorrow!
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