Santa Monica 7/25/2016

Today was a great Monday at FBS! In the morning we played Pokemon Dodgeball, where the kids dressed as different Pokemon and tried to avoid getting caught! We also painted bird houses in arts and crafts and played Dare or

Santa Monica 7/22/2016

Pirates and Ninjas Day was a blast! We spent the morning rallying between the two camps. Activities such as Walking the Plank, Pirate Glitter Tattoo Parlor, Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, and a full Treasure Hunt filled our day! For the

Santa Monica 7/21/2016

We are in full swing preparing for Pirates v Ninjas day tomorrow! We spent the morning practicing our canons with dodgeball and creating treasure maps in our cabanas. Our cabana competition was a giant game of categories, and the Dolphins

Santa Monica 7/20/2016

Today was a hot one! We spent the whole day doing activities to prepare for our Pirates vs Ninjas day on Friday, like walking the plank and doing a pirate themed puppet show. The water was calm and perfect for

Santa Monica 7/19/2016

What a nice day! We did a Pirate Duel to prepare for Pirates v Ninjas day, along with ninja dodgeball! Lisa won the spirit stick for being such a wonderful role model for our younger campers. So many of our kids