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  • Palisades North 7/26/2016

    IMG_20160726_133034854So much fun was had at Pali North today! We mixed up the rules presentation and learned a cool new dance! The next generation of stars were shining bright in our very own FBS got talent, while others were battling it out in dodge ball or creating master pieces in arts and crafts! Today the crabs look the cabana comp as Harrison was able to blow the biggest bubble! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!
  • Palisades North 7/25/2016

    IMG_20160725_110459726The sun was out and the beach was rocky at Pali North today! This meant we got to have an epic sea glass hunt! Campers found sea glass of all colors, shapes and sizes! The clownfish cabana was the biggest and welcomed many new campers! They cooled off by playing various games near the waters edge. The Seals took both the golden broom and the cabana competition, but the crabs were a close second! Tomorrow could be the day!
  • Palisades North 7/22/2016

    IMG_20160722_104600498_HDRIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Pali North! Super hero day was nothing short of super! Campers had the chance to take flight and soar through sand city! We had a classic duel of heroes vs. villains and campers were able to create their very own secret hideout. The littlest camper won the cabana competition in a feat of strength! We’re looking forward to another super week.
  • Palisades North 7/21/2016

    IMG_20160721_105311904_HDRPali North was in full swing today! Arts and Crafts made magical musical windchimes and the best button bracelets around! The Crabs took the cabana competition with thunderous burps for and the Seals took the golden broom with the most squeaky clean cabana. Most of the campers spent the afternoon at the water where we built a boogie slide, played a game of catch with the waves and of course swimming!
  • Palisades North 7/20/2016

    IMG_20160720_133034082_HDRWhat a whacky Wednesday at Pali North!! Campers are gearing up for our super hero theme day and we’re so excited we started a flying course today! Campers learned how to jump, flip and fly like their favorite super hero! Lulu’s lounge was back with plenty of hair wraps, henna tattoos, and nail painting to go around. The crab cabana conquered all in Crow, Cowboy and Conquistador, which landed a lucky spin of Pop Party on the wheel, which was a great relief on this warm sunny day!
  • Palisades North 7/19/2016

    20160719_105637With the sun out and the ocean spray just steps away, Pali North celebrated yet another hot summer day! Our wild and wacky counselors built forts with our campers, painted sun catchers, and raced through a bucket-foot obstacle course.  After having spun our FBS wheel, the campers and counselors enjoyed a round of CREAM ‘EM!!!! But we have to give it up to our spirit stick winner, Jade for showing the entire camp what sportsmanship and the FBS spirit is all about.
  • Palisades North 7/18/2016

    20160718_133028It was an absolutely gorgeous and fun-filled day at FBS Pali North!  Our spirit stick winner Kyra Hofinger kick started our day with a victory lap around camp.  There was just so much spirit throughout the day that during our daily Cabana Competition (which happened to be ‘Donutty Buddy’,) cheer points made it so difficult to award a definitive winner.  We had to do round 2 with our wacky counselors.  After heaps of chocolaty mess, the Seals took it home and savored the sweet victory of spirit bars.  As the day finally came to an end, the counaelers and campers took one last dip in Big Blue (the ocean) which concluded our sun-filled, fun-filled day.
  • Palisades North 8/21/2015

    PN 8:21 Blog PicPali North’s last-day luau was a smashing success that involved pizza and ended with a ritual volcano eruption! In fact, the volcano was the crowning achievement for counselors and campers–they all worked on it for nearly the entire day! The eruption itself was just the icing on the cake. In addition, the Clownfish created an awesome slide out of boogie boards. Everyone in the camp had a try on it! We ended the day with popsicles and many, many hugs. This has been an incredible summer at Pali North, and we counselors will miss our campers dearly. Thank yo
  • Palisades North 8/20/2015

    PN 8:20 Blog Pic
    What an eventful day at Pali North! First our older campers trooped on down to visit our neighbors down at the Palisades FBS location. It was such an adventure with Bart, Ben, and Tomer! Meanwhile, the Clownfish made a batch of beautiful tie-dye shirts. One of the most exciting moments came during our Spin-the-Wheel activity–the wheel landed on “spin again” no fewer than four times, which has never happened before! To celebrate this momentous occasion, Pali North had a shaving cream fight and each camper later got to choose their very own end-of-day treat.
  • Palisades North 8/19/2015

    PN 8:19 Blog Pic
    Today’s campers worked together to build awesome forts, to catch party waves while boogie boarding and body-surfing, and to dig giant projects in the sand. They also participated in a doozy of a cabana competition (lava-chugging), and wished camper Camila a happy birthday. What a busy day! We would like to let our FBS families know that, during this Friday’s lunchtime, Pali North will be serving pizza to our campers. So what toppings does your camper enjoy?
  • Palisades North 8/18/2015

    PN 8:18 Blog PicToday’s campers worked together to build awesome forts, to catch party waves while boogie boarding and body-surfing, and to dig giant projects in the sand. They also participated in a doozy of a cabana competition (lava-chugging), and wished camper Camila a happy birthday. What a busy day! We would like to let our FBS families know that, during this Friday’s lunchtime, Pali North will be serving pizza to our campers. So what toppings does your camper enjoy
  • Palisades North 8/17/2015

    PN 8:17 Blog PicHappy Monday, campers! As we roll into our last week of camp at Pali North, campers and counselors alike are committed to making their remaining time together outstandingly fun. Today featured a hunt for the Oogly Boogly Blue Bug, legendary water battles, and a Mission Impossible-style obstacle course. The Oogly Boogly Blue Bug also infiltrated the cabanas until Clownfish camper Max trapped the creature as part of the cabana competition!
  • Palisades North 8/14/2015

    PN 8:14 Blog PicPali North was in for a treat like no other this past Friday! Counselors and campers stampeded down to camp in their pj’s ready for Pajama Party and a party it was! This unique pajama beach party included activities such as Don’t wake Daddy, Dodgeball Nightmare and The Kitty Kat Slumber Party Clubhouse, where campers (girls and boys) were able to receive mani/pedi’s, make friendship bracelets and lanyards, and get facials from their favorite counselor!It definitely was a party for one camper named Skylar, who celebrated her birthday with the rest of camp and treated all of us to rice crispy treats. It was a fun-filled dream come true day for Pali North!
  • Palisades North 8/13/2015

    PN 8:13 Blog PicThursday at Pali North featured a whole slew of special activities that showcased our campers’ varied skills. Some kids built unique and avant garde sandcastles for the morning’s competition, while others practiced their hula-hooping, flipping, and comic routines for their afternoon talent show. No matter what the skill or activity, our campers pursued it with gusto!
  • Palisades North 8/12/2015

    YeehPN 8:12 Blog Picaw, campers! Pali North’s Wild West Wednesday was, in a word, EPIC.Various troupes of bandits roamed around engaging in shenanigans and pranks, the defenders of Ft.FBS stood off against scheming no-gooders Bart and Tomer, and the Clownfish waged their own surprise attacks on everyone alike.Even some of our most dedicated boogie-boarders and swimmers left the water in the afternoon to test their strength against bucking bronco “Bessie.”
  • Palisades North 8/11/2015

    PN 8:11 Blog PicIt was another exciting day at Pali North!Campers sand-boarded down the dune slopes, frolicked in the waves, primped Barto for a “big date,” and cheered on their cabana representatives in a pie-eating contest.In what might be an FBS first, camper Riley not only won the pie-eating contest, but lost her loose tooth in the process! She’s in for a visit from the tooth fairy tonight!
  • Palisades North 8/10/2015

    PN 8:10 Blog PicMonday at Pali North found us welcoming a whole new crop of excited campers as they joined our regular cast of characters! The day featured a catwalk presentation of the upcoming season’s most fashion-forward looks, as worn by Zoey, Karim, Welles, Max, Leila, Riley, and other campers. We also had an opportunity to see which of our kids is most adept at bobbing for apples–turns out they are impressively good at it!
  • Palisades North 8/7/2015

    PN 8:7 Blog PicHappy Halloween! What a motley crew we saw today: princesses, zombies, chickens, superheroes, mummies, fairy godmothers, wolves, and so many more! Campers explored a haunted house (complete with a terrifying zom-Barto) and, blindfolded, placed their hands amongst eyeballs, innards, and other slimy things. Each cabana also created a movie trailer for their very own Halloween-themed movie. Naturally, the campers left at the day with pieces of candy.
  • Palisades North 8/6/2015

    PN 8:6 Blog PicToday began with some calming yoga moves (which also serve to summon the spirit stick), segued into a conga dance line, and culminated with popsicles. In between, campers worked together on all manner of projects, including constructing spooky sand castles for the cabana competition and fashioning a pirate ship out of various materials. The Clownfish even went on a nature walk and brought back two full buckets of litter to throw away appropriately. Way to look out for our beaches, Clownfish!
  • Palisades North 8/5/2015

    PN 8:5 Blog PicTell you what: this passel of of Pali North campers sure know how to have a good time! On a hot, hot Wednesday, they built a storytelling tent to escape the sun, showcased their art in the FBS gallery, and retrieved balls thrown into the surf for the cabana competition. They even made ice cream! Halloween costumes for Friday’s theme day were also all the rage–what are YOU going to dress up as??
  • Palisades North 8/4/2015

    PN 8:4 Blog PicWhat a fun and silly day at camp! Our campers rocked a wide variety of activities today–sandcrab hunting, decorating books and piggy banks, painting nails, story-telling in a majestic fort, and a burping contest, to name just a few. The Crabs ruled as the reigning champions of belching at Pali North, but we’ll see if their position is threatened at the next burping contest…
  • Palisades North 8/3/2015

    PN 8:3 Blog PicWelcome back to Pali North, FBS family! We hope you all enjoyed your weekends.
    Camp today featured a hula-hoop Nascar race, fort building in the cabanas, clay work in the arts and crafts tent, games of capture the flag and prisoner, and–of course–plenty of time in the water and sand.
  • Palisades North 7/31/15

    11053318_963151690416027_8570206515832529481_nAhoy there! Our campers had a fantastic time at Pali North’s Pirate vs. Ninja Day.They hunted treasure, fought with swords, practiced their martial arts, and perfected their walk-the-plank techniques. Others complemented their costumes with additional accoutrements from the arts and crafts cabana: tattoos, swords, and treasure chests!Many campers were able to take home gold from the day’s treasure hunts as souvenirs.
  • Palisades North 7/30/15

    20150730_101039Pali North had a marvelous Thursday between a visit by dolphins, a mini golf course created by campers Luca and Jack, and a beanbag competition for today’s cabana competition.In fact, our youngest campers, the Clownfish, seized the cabana competition victory. Campers Jack and Chase were essential to this win, garnering nearly 30 points between them!To top it off, we are all so looking forward to tomorrow’s theme day: Pirates vs. Ninja!
  • Palisades North 7/29/15

    11811494_962149797182883_1569550354167765288_nA wonderfully Wacky Wednesday to you all! Today might have even be titled Wacky, Watermelon-y, Wipeout Wednesday–we had all those glorious things at Pali North!The waves made for some epic boogie-boarding. Our watermelon-eating cabana competition resulted in some of the loudest cheering we’ve heard all summer!Extra kudos to camper Matilda for inspiring such incredible cheering among the Crabs, who ultimately captured the victory for their cabana.
  • Palisades North 7/28/15

    10982277_962149723849557_806891573382918380_nPali North started off warm this morning and only got hotter! As a result, our campers and counselors conspired to cool themselves–as well as one another–down.We had a dunk tank, counselors recruiting campers into their devious schemes to upend buckets on water on other counselors, and of course the ocean.Our campers also excelled at the FBS-themed Pictionary we played for today’s cabana competition.Finally, we bid farewell to our counselor buddy Chris on his last day at camp for this summer. We’ll miss you, Chris! Our campers are appreciative of the many rides on your shoulders.
  • Palisades North 7/27/15

    11693972_961682130562983_9086736345782883394_nWelcome back to Pali North, campers! We started our week off with Mustache Monday, for which campers and counselors alike drew magnificent mustaches on their faces.Counselor Ben even shaved his beard so that he only had a mustache! Pali North also had neighbors today in the form of a film crew, so Ben and Tomer led a team of campers to do some recon on the new arrivals. All in all, it was a lovely return to the beach.
  • Palisades North 7/24/2015

    PN 7:24 Blog PicThe circus is in town!! It was at Pali North, certainly.Campers this morning were greeted by clowns, lions, the world’s strongest man, mimes, and a bearded lady. The day only revved up from there.Campers had the opportunity to play ring toss and spin the wheel in order to win tickets, which were later turned in for a variety of exciting prizes.Campers lined up en masse when it came time to throw “pies” at the counselors whose heads were sticking out of the target. Needless to say, some of the participants got very adept at aiming for their targets!
  • Palisades North 7/23/2015

    PN 7:23 Blog PicYet another gorgeous day at Pali North! The morning started off chilly, but by the afternoon nearly all campers were in the water.It got even more exciting when Matteo found a large piece of kelp floating among the waves.Other campers, including Sofia, Londin, Liam, Sadie, and Bodhi, dragged it onto the shore. Led by Bart, the team found all sorts of interesting ocean creatures in its roots! After showing their discoveries to the rest of camp, these explorers returned the kelp and its residents to the sea.
  • Palisades North 7/22/2015

    PN 7:22 Blog PicHappy Wednesday, FBS clan! Today was, simply put, epic. Our campers swam in some of the seaweediest water of the summer. They duked it out during a shaving cream fight. They even faced off to see who could hold the most marshmallows in their mouth and still successfully enunciate “chubby bunny.” Through it all, they looked out for another and had a great time. We are all looking forward to this Friday’s theme day: Circus! Come as a circus animal, a circus performer, or even the ringmaster! There’s something to please everyone at Pali North’s circus day.
  • Palisades North 7/21/2015

    PN 7:21 Blog PicAnd we’re back in the water, folks! Kids and counselors alike were thrilled to play in the water today after a Monday hiatus.
    The cabana competition, a water bucket relay race, challenged each group of campers to work together like never before. Such sprinting! Such precision when passing the brimming cup of water to one another! Everyone did splendidly but ultimately the Crabs, helped by their epic cheering, took the victory
  • Palisades North 7/20/2015

    PN 7:20 Blog PicWe may not have been able to get into the water today because of the weekend storms, but that didn’t slow our campers down.They built a giant hole for spelunking, went on spy missions to scare counselors, and even fought off a surprise horde of zombies from FBS’ Pali site!As the afternoon humidity continued, campers got their faces painted by Isabella, played Uno with Barto, and shared stories in the storytelling fort with Tomer.
  • Palisades North 7/17/2015

     PN 7:17 Blog PicLions and tigers and bears, oh my! Welcome to Animal Planet Day at Pali North.Our campers came costumed as a wide variety of creatures: zebras, cats, dogs, sharks, gorillas, elephants, cheetahs, and even a mermaid.We spent the day growling and stalking the beach.Later, campers worked together to create their very own zoos for the cabana competition.
  • Palisades North 7/16/15

    11402697_940176906046839_7896184051398818407_nA number of exciting things happened at Pali North today!Camper Jade recovered an odd item from the water that looked like soft coral–and then a crab crawled out it! A whole gaggle of sandcrabs were also collected over the course of the day.Campers cheered on representatives from their cabanas in a pie-eating contest and then, in the afternoon, there was a big prisoner game between the girls and guys.All the sea creatures today seem perfectly aligned with tomorrow’s theme day: Animal Planet!
  • Palisades North 7/15/15

    20105_954221004642429_8993683211782718079_nUsually Wednesdays at Pali North are wacky…but today began with such a chill, we renamed it “Winter Wednesday”!Campers created sand-men/-women on the shore (rather than “snowmen”) and built an igloo in the morning. We even had a winter wonderland, of sorts, due to this afternoon’s shaving cream fight! Thankfully the weather warmed up as the day went on, so there was still plenty of time to play in the waves and boogie board.
  • Palisades North 7/14/15

    11745742_953471424717387_7893124483842794880_nIce cream! Tiger traps! Trampolines! These were just a few of the exciting activities at Pali North today.Campers banded together to capture counselors on numerous occasions. First, Tomer was the target of an obstacle course-turned-tiger trap; later, campers snagged Kareasia with hula hoops! Epic moves on the trampoline for cabana competition were followed by ice-cream-making in the afternoon. (Don’t forget! This Friday is animal-themed. Campers are already starting to brainstorm their costumes, so don’t miss out!)
  • Palisades North 7/13/15

    1618680_952885854775944_194916586321406817_nA busy Monday at Pali North! Campers played capture the flag and soccer, boogie boarded the excellent waves, and built many interesting sandcastles over the course of the day.After lunch, the campers who participated in “FBS Has Talent” demonstrated their array of skills: dance, magic, and gymnastics were all represented! The Seals cabana proved victorious during the cabana competition (wheelbarrow races through an obstacle course). In fact, although they may have tied for the finish, it was their superior cheering power that earned them the win!
  • Palisades North 7/10/15

    11143518_951493248248538_994334424835967747_n-2“I challenge you to a duel!” At Pali North’s Knights and Princesses Day, we participated in jousting tournaments, mallet throws, and swordplay! Campers even created their own crowns, swords, and wands in the arts and crafts cabana in order to more fully round out their costumes.The excellent array of costumes included jesters, princesses, queens, kings, and knights. A number of medieval architects, led by Luca and Sadie, also constructed an aqueduct and bridge system out of sand near the water. Happy Friday from the FBS family!
  • Palisades North 7/9/15

    11692581_951075141623682_1803593813117045675_nThe sun appeared around 10am, and our campers barely left the water after that! When they did, they did so to create a seaweed store (“Find all yer seaweed here!”), royal sand thrones for the King of the Beach, an entire day spa, slow-motion scenes for the cabana competition, and their own personal skits. It was a banner day for the Clownfish, our youngest campers, as they won both the Golden Broom and cabana competitions!
  • Palisades North 7/8/15

    11692718_950652834999246_4471407363337128064_nAnother Wacky Wednesday at Pali North! Today was all about campers versus counselors. We had an epic dodgeball game in the morning, and capture the flag for the day’s cabana competition.The cabana competition was ultimately won (just barely) by the campers at 3 to 2, so they all earned Spirit Bars! Campers collaborated like never before to put forward a huge challenge to the counselors.Later, campers and counselors alike banded together to pour water on unsuspecting counselors.
  • Palisades North 7/7/15

    10981819_950187718379091_3265126550827207092_nToday’s campers were budding naturalists! No fewer than twenty sandcrabs were caught and released, several brittle starfish were identified, and there was even a mysterious shrimp-like creature.For the cabana competition, campers covered their counselors’ faces with shaving cream and tossed goldfish crackers at them. The counselor with the most goldfish stuck to their face won!Don’t forget, campers: this Friday we’ll be dressing up in all kinds of medieval costumes for theme day! So wear your shiniest armor, most bejeweled crown, or best dragon attire for the day!
  • Palisades North 7/6/15

    11222181_949735665090963_6208313024103829777_nIt was the start of another great week at Pali North today. The moderately-sized waves barely even fazed our campers–Matilda even caught some excellent body-surfing waves all the way back to shore!Campers and counselors worked together to make Castle Narnia, the biggest sandcastle we’ve built this summer, and camper Isabella demolished her doughnut during the doughnut-eating contest, earning a victory for the Seals. Happy Monday!
  • Palisades North 7/3/15

    11224811_948368371894359_5779548577826700061_n-3Happy Fourth of July to all our Pali North campers! Patriotism was in full swing today, from games of Lucky American and tug-o-war to a scavenger hunt for red, white, and blue items around the camp.For our cabana competition the campers cooperated in a relay race in which they transferred coins from one location to another in a spoon–because we were using pennies, it was the Lincoln Spoon Challenge!Emma and Kareasia rounded out the day with a dance performance to the song “Firework”–an appropriate homage to the holiday!
  • Palisades North 7/2/15

    PN 72 Blog PicJuly has officially come to North Pali! The June Gloom burned off quickly today, and we were treated to incredibly warm water and perfect waves.The Clownfish secured a suspenseful cabana competition victory when their representative downed an entire cup of “hot lava” before the other contestants.Then we headed back to the shore to engage in an epic “Cream ‘Em” battle–no one was safe from the shaving cream! We’re looking forward to celebrating our Independence Day early at tomorrow’s camp day!
  • Palisades North 7/1/15

    PN 71 Blog PicHappy Wacky Wednesday!North Pali was treated to a performance by its cheerleading team (Cate, Leah, and Frances), in which they led us in an FBS cheer.The cabana competition turned campers into turtles as they traversed an obstacle course with “shells” on their backs! The teams all did an amazing job, but the win ultimately went to Parsa, Lincoln, Luca, and the rest of the Crabs! Congratulations to all on a wonderful Wednesday!
  • Palisades North 6/30/15

    PN 630 Blog Pic-2Bart led a team of kids in building a fort that might break the record for holding the most campers–the structure ended up housing eighteen campers as they listened to Tomer tell stories!Pali North was also treated to a dance show by four of our fabulous campers this afternoon. Isabella and A.B. danced to “Shake It Off,” while Landon rocked out to Maroon 5, and Cooper used LMFAO to display his stellar moves. What a talented bunch of FBS kids!
  • Palisades North 6/29/2015

    PN 6:29 Blog PicMonday Funday at Pali North started off with much fun and excitement as campers were greeted by our new counselor, Monica, with the cool curly hair!As the day went on campers had the change to excel in Arts, join an Army Navy and tell cool stories.Tomer lead a camper water hunt where the campers hid in various places of camp to surprise sneak attach counselors!As the end of the day crept upon us, campers sensed there was love in the air. The campers planned a wedding for two counselors, Tomer and Monica! Pali North was full of love and happiness by the end of the day.Great Monday Funday at Pali North!
  • Palisades North 6/26/2015

    PN 6:26 Blog PicFolks, Pali North outdid itself today. Not only did we get wild and crazy for Superhero Day, but we celebrated our buddy Parsa’s 7th Birthday!As the excitement of birthdays and cabana competitions settled, the Rd Bandits suddenly ran through camp and kidnapped Kareasia! Our campers had to rescue her by dousing the bandits with water balloons. Thankfully Kareasia was returned intact and the bandits received a good dousing.Happy Friday Pali North!
  • Palisades North 6/25/2015

    PN 6:25 Blog PicNo fewer than 15 of today’s campers honored us with a rendition of “Party in the USA!” They had a drum corps, dancers, hula-hoopists, guitarists, and lead singers. Tomer even had a featured role in the production, with Kareasia keeping things organized as its stage manager. What a great demonstration of FBS Teamwork!Campers also employed teamwork in order to find the secret Oogly Boogly Blue Bug for today’s cabana competition. The Clownfish discovered him in the sand and won!All in all, yet another excellent day at the beach 
  • Palisades North 6/24/15

    unnamed-15Wacky Wednesday! Pali North likes to shake things up by making general silliness the theme of Wednesday, and boy did our campers deliver.From ridiculous faces to outrageous cabana cheers, these kids and counselors know how to have fun.In fact, the commitment reached a whole new level during the cabana competition, when campers teamed up with their cabanas to air-perform and lip-sync renditions of “Don’t Stop Believin’.”And now we’re even more amped about Friday’s theme: Superhero Day! Come dressed as your favorite hero! 
  • Palisades North 6/23/15

    unnamed-11Yet another gorgeous day with the Pali North gang!Campers harnessed their inner zombies in order to stalk and capture a counselor (poor Tomer–he may never be the same), searched for sand crabs, and tried a variety of physical challenges like limbo, long jump, and leaping over pool noodles to land in a hula hoop! This is an agile bunch.The highlight of the day might be tied between three of the counselors getting dumped with buckets of water and the post-lunch shaving cream fight!
  • Palisades North 6/22/15

    unnamed-7Pali North was beautiful today. The weather was supreme, with campers and counselors alike reveling in the warm water and hot sunshine.When campers looked like prunes they scampered ashore to enjoy manicures, arts and crafts activities with Sassy, lightsaber duels with Tomer, or cheerleading with Holland before returning back to the water a little while later.By cheering loudly for their representatives in the watermelon-eating contest, campers also brought great joy to the spirit gods (who will the spirit gods pick next as Spirit Stick winner??)
  • Palisades North 6/19/2015

    unnamed-2Cartoon Day regalia ranged from Spiderman, Captain America, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Spongebob, Minions, Simba, and many more!

    A team of campers led by Ben honed their scaring skills à la Monsters, Inc. and succeeded in terrifying every single counselor.

    An Ice Age Challenge required campers to complete tasks while holding ice cubes in their hands. But far and away the best part of the challenge came when counselors Nichole, Bart, and Ben had to race one another with their shorts full of ice

  • Palisades North 6/18/2015

    PN 6:18 Blog PicCounselors Bart and Chris kicked our day at Pali North off with an adventure! A crew was filming at a nearby lifeguard tower, so they led a team of campers to investigate the crew’s progress. During the recon mission, a sea lion swam through the shallows and paid a visit to our campers on shore! Luckily, our campers are already fluent in a dialect of Sea Lion (especially those in the Seal cabana), so they arf’ed their morning greetings to our buddy as she made her way by.

    Later, our cabanas faced off in a tog-o-war for the ages – it even came down to Anna and Jackson, two finalists from the same cabana! This was a areal nail biter, folks. Ultimately, Anna prevailed, and she was our tug-o-war champion!

    Between these gangbuster activities, painting ceramics with Isabella, and splashing in the water with the rest of the counselors, it was another lovely day at Pali North.

  • Palisades North 6/17/2015

    PN 6:17 Blog PicSomehow our entire day incorporated dinosaurs! We learned the camp rules through a tour that featured the Bart-asaurus, went hunting for fossils with Tomer, and all three cabanas dug for dinosaur “eggs” in their very own tents!

    The Clownfish, our youngest campers, were the only ones to find their egg, and they thusly won the cabana competition. Hooray Clownfish!!! Way to work together as a team!

    Yesterday we honored one of our youngest campers, Rachel, as the Spirit Stick winner – and today, we awarded the Stick to Jayden, a camper who has been attending Pali North for many years! These two exemplify the engagement in activities, supportive interactions, teamwork, and commitment to fun that we at Pali North are all about. Congratulations to both of you!

  • Palisades North 6/16/2015

    PN 6:16 Blog PicWe spent much of the day down the beach from camp, playing in the water and sand closer to the lifeguard towers. These campers are serious about their digging, sand building, and burying of one another!

    The water saw a fair bit of attention too, with our smaller campers chasing waves and practicing their boogie boarding in the shallows while other engaged the counselors in a water battle.

    Counselors Ben, Chris, and Tomer might have been outnumbered by all the campers, but they put up a good fight (although Chris was no match for a sneak attack later in the afternoon)!

    We also cheered uproariously for campers Gia, Zoey, and Emma as they strove for the title of champion eater of donut-on-a-stick. Gia revealed her triumphant win!

    We are enjoying our time with the Pali North campers – and we can’t wait for our first Theme Day this Friday, June 16. Start getting your costumes together to portray your favorite ANIMATED CHARACTERS! Movies, cartoons, it doesn’t matter – we want to see you dressed up as your #1 character for Cartoon Day.

    See you at the beach!

  • Palisades North 6/15/2015

    HPN 6:15 Blog Picere we go!! We embarked on another fabulous summer at Pali North this morning as we welcomed a whole cadre of campers to our corner of the beach.

    Campers made wind chimes and decorated stuffed animals at the arts & crafts cabana with Kareasia, built forts with Ben, covered Tomer in seaweed and mud, and so much more!

    A special highlight came during today’s cabana competition – volunteers from each of the three cabanas took turns making baskets in our very own “FBS/NBA Finals” competition! A tie between the Seals and Crabs was broken by one of the Seals campers.

    Way to go everyone and here’s to the beginning of a great summer!

  • Palisades North, 7/29/2014

    Learning from the heat on Monday, campers created a cool calm space where campers and counselors could get seaweed facials and foot treatments while making lanyards. The boys kept busy with counselor Ryan creating a hot tub by the ocean. It was a great day for waves, and campers held hands to support each other while surfing. Staying strong at approximately 50 campers, North Pali had a ton of fun while still keeping our family feel!
  • Palisades North, 7/28/2014

    N Pali welcomed over 50 campers this Monday! As campers geared up for the week they hosted ‘N Pali News’ where campers acted as news anchors, interviewers, makeup artists and production assistants. They planned all components both on and off screen and were proud to perform in front of their peers! It was a fun way to get to know the new faces at camp and keep everyone involved! In the afternoon, even though the sand was hot, campers kept cool swimming the waves and creating small spas at the water’s edge.
  • Palisades North, 7/24/2014

    Sunny Thursday brought warm weather and little critters to camp. Campers transformed into life-sized crabs to compete in crab races against other campers! To beat the heat campers joined Talia in Arts and Crafts to paint jewelry, bird houses and chalk boards of their choice. Tomer and Payton took the kids on a spy mission down to the jetty to find what crabs were staying cool in the ocean. Campers dove under waves, caught waves on boogie boards and made giant pools down by the water! Sunny Thursday left campers smiling as bright as the sun as the day came to an end!
  • Palisades North, 7/23/2014

    Campers came to FBS today with wacky energy and high spirits for Wacky Wednesday! Campers designed nails with wacky fashions, and added hair wraps with zany , colorful yarn. Some high spirited, energetic cheerleaders joined Kali for a bright performance after lunch! Campers cheered on sand crabs as they raced to the finish line. The competitive energy continued as Bart lead both cabanas down by the water to compete in an assembly line race to fill their buckets to the top first! Dolphins were victorious as they filled their bucket in the speed of light. All campers ended the day on the same team as they won the best prize of all, another exciting day at FBS!
  • Palisades North, 7/22/2014

    Today campers decided to bring fashion, shopping and style to the camp with Victoria’s Thrift Shop! The thrift shop included sale racks, clearance and more expensive styles. Campers could buy accessories, purses and shoes as long as they had their FBS dollars. Just outside of the store, campers were faced with a massive wipe out course that swept them off their feet. Only campers with super balance powers could make it to the end of this wipe out course! Campers also played a very epic game of capture the flag with counselors, Bart and Tomer. They were fast like lighting as they raced to bring back the opposing teams flag! Big waves carried campers back to the shore for a last, “see you later!” to end a great day at the beach!
  • Palisades North, 7/21/2014

    Pali North started the week off with a blast of spirit! The noise could be heard over the mountaintops as campers cheered to be the winner of the spirit stick. As campers began an adventurous day at FBS, they were led to the water’s edge with Payton to find the biggest sand crabs of all! Some campers stayed to play with Kali, as they showcased their many talents on the trampoline, jumping through hoops and leaping over noodles. An endless amount of fun was had as the day wrapped up for the campers at Pali North!
  • Palisades North, 7/18/2014

    Animal-tastic day! Our theme day was animal planet and sure did it bring our the animal spirit in all the campers today. The only quiet time was during our pigeon hunt expedition in which we almost netted several birdies. KJ and Catherine our alligator and gorilla performed an awesome animal dance that lead to a huge dance party. The campers had to work in teams to round up the counselors after they broke out of the zoo after lunch, lucky the were all captured and as a reward the campers got to Creme ’em!
  • Palisades North, 7/17/2014

    The sun greeted the campers with a warm welcome this morning and brought with it monster waves. Stella was thrilled to win the spirit stick after doing a stellar job as our wedding planner. The kids got soaked during a back and forth match of “bucket ball” and the Landyard ladies were back in action too. The Seals and Crabs had to work as a team to carry a counselor they wrapped up like a baby for a wild cabana competition. We all cooled off in the mud pool Aiden, Ryan and Lincoln help create with everyone’s help. The roaring cheers are surely leading up to tomorrow’s Animal Planet theme day.
  • Palisades Noth, 7/16/2014

    Wedding Wednesday. The day started very gloomy and the campers were quickly building several different forts and bunkers in preparation for doomsday rain but instead the sky broke open and brought not only sunshine but a WEDDING. Counselor Ryan and Counselor Polly were decked out in a wetsuit tuxedo and toilet paper dress, accompanied by bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, puppies and even a world class DJ. Emma, Cate, Isabella and Sophie conducted the ceremony and we all enjoyed a dance party and watermelon eating contest to end the big day.
  • Palisades North, 7/15/2014

    We had an array for new games happening at camp today from “Bulls-eye” where campers had to make there way through an obstacle course as they tried to fire off dodge balls at the winning bulls-eye. Everyone was racing around during “Yoshi” trying to make it across the sand pond to their swamp base. “Running with the Bulls” got the campers excited about our upcoming Animal Planet theme week. All the new activities along with the warm sunshine had everyone racing to the water to cool off and ride some waves.
  • Palisades North, 7/14/14

    The sun was trying to hide, but it couldn’t keep the campers from shining during our FBS North Pali Talent Show. In anticipation for the big show, campers built sand couches to get a good view and cheer their fellow campers from. Emma kicked things off with a singing/rapping remix that was followed by dance routines, gymnastic tricks, duets and even the counselors got in on the mix. There was so much talent that the sun finally came out and we all celebrated by taking a swim in the Pacific blue!
  • Palisades North, 7/2/2014

    This morning brought the premiere of the camp favorite game “Gaga” along with a rocking drum circle, massive rock collecting hunt and some beautiful arts and craft dolls. The cabana competition was a big hit as both the Crabs and Seals worked super well together to turn their counselors into “Two Headed Sand Monsters” complete with full on costumes of course.
  • Fashion Show

    Ms. Cuckoo Luu-Luu flew all the way in from Paris to have the campers help model her new line of camp costumes, it was so fetch. We had a Boys vs. Girls fort building contest which all the campers enjoyed taking tours in. The waves were raging and Ayden was showing off his skills on his boogie board.

    The Fashionista Sista's Sara & Natalie.

  • Super Hero Day


    Spider Woman Brigid Saves the Day.

    woman Brigid was our spirit stick winner after having a stellar week at camp.  We had a ton of campers try and make it through our “Lazer Beam” and “Villain Attacks” Courses, while also making new super hero characters with capes to match at arts and crafts. A thrilling camper vs. counselor dodge ball matched was followed by the always favorite cream ’em before everyone flew off into the ocean together.

  • Boogie Board Jenga?

    A new day brought us not just more awesome new memories but an awesome new game… Boogie Board Jenga! Campers competed atop a high stack of boards, jumping sky high while a board was pulled from beneath them before having to land and balance on the remaining stack, it was an all day event.

    Sammy was the Boogie Board Jenga Queen.

  • North Pali World Record!

    No one knew that today when they arrived at camp they would end up leaving having been apart of history. What started as a pre-camp hole digging challenge, turned into what the lifeguard called “the biggest hole he had ever seen on the beach… ever!” Every camper worked together in creating camp history and we ended the day taking a picture in our epic creation before having to fill it back in so no one walking by would get hurt.

    The whole camp fit inside.

  • Tuesday. June 26th “Totally Crazy Tuesday”

    What better way to start the day then to great the campers with some wacky outfits for Totally Crazy Tuesday. Ms. Natalie was super thrilled to win the spirit stick after a terrific Monday at camp. Nana Beatrice took Counselor Kay-Jay to the campers art show and the day ended with everyone pitching in to make a massive water slide made from boogie boards that went right into the ocean!

    Totally Crazy Tuesday Welcome Crew!

  • Flying High to start Week 2!!!

    There might be some June gloom but you wouldn’t know it if you happened to be at our camp Monday. Everyone was in high spirits for a awesome start to a new week, so excited was Sara that she broke the camp record during our long jump competition. The campers covered their counselors from head to toe in toilet paper during our “Mummy” cabana games and there wasn’t a single camper who didn’t enjoy the radical waves!

    Sara's winning long jump!

  • Cartoon Day!

    What better way to wrap up our first week at FBS than with Cartoon Theme Day!  The staff went all out with director Hayden dressing as Sponge Bob, Carissa dressing as Doc McStuffins, Jwow as Elsa from Frozen, and Bart as various characters from Adventure Time.  The campers came with some great costumes as well.  There was a little Elsa who stayed by Kwow’s side all day and was adorable.  Camper Connor came as an awesome dragon and showed great spirit all day. The cabana competition was a Sponge Bob sponge relay that got everyone pumped.  This carried to the wheel ceremony and wouldn’t you know it, it landed on cream’em!  On the way out, campers picked up their t-shirts that they made in arts and crafts with Talia leaving with a smile and ready for a good rest.
  • First Time Spirit Stick Winner

    It was a special day Thursday as second year camper Bianca won the spirit stick for the first time!  It was great to see her so excited!  Rock Star Rob who usually delivers the rules in the morning was out so we instead got a visit from his cousin, Rock Star Robbin.  The campers were very welcoming and sang along to every line of the FBS rules as Robbin presented them.  At lunch Nana Robinson showed up looking for her lost sea shells and the campers happily helped her look for them.  Once they were all collected, camp launched into a boogie board tug-o-war cabana competition that really brought out the spirit in all the campers.
  • We Love Wednesday

    Campers had world cup fever today!  The only cure was a soccer game and luckily for campers we had just the thing.  Counselors split campers into team USA and team Brazil for a super fun world cup soccer match FBS style.  Camper Sean played his heart out and scored more than a few goals.  We started the afternoon with some chalk graffiti down on the jetty walls.  Campers took artistic license and came up with some cool drawings.  We wrapped up the afternoon with camper Alice, who has become quite the ocean explorer, giving the camp a tutorial on sand crabs.  Maybe one of the cutest things ever seen.
  • Tie Dye Tuesday!

    That’s right folks!  Tuesday was tie dye Tuesday and our campers let their creative juices fly.  These campers cranked out some of the coolest shirts we have ever seen.  Camper Madeline won the spirit stick and we could not think of a better recipient.  She is one of the older campers in the camp and her helpfulness and generosity makes her a great role model for all the younger campers.  The cheer of the day was “Happy”  and it turned into an amazing impromptu dance party at lunch.  The day closed with just about every camper trying to beat director Hayden in a marathon game of “One Fish, Two Fish”.
  • What A Way To Start The Week!

    Monday was opening day at our Pali North location and we had a blast!  It was great to reconnect with some old friends and welcome some new friends.  Counselor Tomer got everyone excited with a lead off morning cheer that launched right into a great morning of activities.  Counselor Carissa started the morning off with a great gymnastics activity that led to some amazing acrobatics by our campers.  Once we got down to the water, an epic sand crab hunt began with camper Sawyer finding the biggest crab and being dubbed the sand crab king.  At lunch time the whole camp was treated to a cheer presentation put on by counselor Kwow and campers Sara and Cate.  They were so good!  We were all having so much fun that we didn’t want the day to end.
  • Palisades North 8/14/2013

    Cole won the spirit and it was also his birthday!!

    Frankie learned how to do a split with JK in gymnastics.

    Angelique was part of beach Blanket Theatre as Petrucio in Shakespeare taming of the shrew. All the kids had a laugh at their performance.

  • Palisades North 8/13/2013

    Cole won the spirit and it was also his birthday!!

    Frankie learned how to do a split with JK in gymnastics.

    Angelique was part of beach Blanket Theatre as Petrucio in Shakespeare taming of the shrew. All the kids had a laugh at their performance.

  • Palisades North 8/12/2013

    Today’s spirit stick winner was River. She won for having great spirit and a positive attitude.

    The Rock Banders put on a stellar air guitar performance where Henry got to rock on drums!

    Hoola-Olympics also out on a great gymnastics Hoola show.

  • Palisades North 8/9/2013

    Today at SAMO we had a great water balloon fight!

    The ninjas swam out deep in the ocean for their morning paddling activity.

    Levi and EJ learned stage combat with Nathaniel. They performed an awesome pirate battle at lunch!

  • Palisades North 8/8/2013

    Today we had FBS wrestling! Anthony took on Collin in an epic battle. The ocean was so calm Alex and Maxine were out past the breakers with GMo and Zues!

    Little Mack won the spirit stick for the being the cutest camper! We had an amazing cheer leading performance in the pm.

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