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  • Palisades North 7/26/2016

    IMG_20160726_133034854So much fun was had at Pali North today! We mixed up the rules presentation and learned a cool new dance! The next generation of stars were shining bright in our very own FBS got talent, while others were battling it out in dodge ball or creating master pieces in arts and crafts! Today the crabs look the cabana comp as Harrison was able to blow the biggest bubble! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!
  • Palisades North 7/25/2016

    IMG_20160725_110459726The sun was out and the beach was rocky at Pali North today! This meant we got to have an epic sea glass hunt! Campers found sea glass of all colors, shapes and sizes! The clownfish cabana was the biggest and welcomed many new campers! They cooled off by playing various games near the waters edge. The Seals took both the golden broom and the cabana competition, but the crabs were a close second! Tomorrow could be the day!
  • Palisades North 7/22/2016

    IMG_20160722_104600498_HDRIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Pali North! Super hero day was nothing short of super! Campers had the chance to take flight and soar through sand city! We had a classic duel of heroes vs. villains and campers were able to create their very own secret hideout. The littlest camper won the cabana competition in a feat of strength! We’re looking forward to another super week.
  • Palisades North 7/21/2016

    IMG_20160721_105311904_HDRPali North was in full swing today! Arts and Crafts made magical musical windchimes and the best button bracelets around! The Crabs took the cabana competition with thunderous burps for and the Seals took the golden broom with the most squeaky clean cabana. Most of the campers spent the afternoon at the water where we built a boogie slide, played a game of catch with the waves and of course swimming!
  • Palisades North 7/20/2016

    IMG_20160720_133034082_HDRWhat a whacky Wednesday at Pali North!! Campers are gearing up for our super hero theme day and we’re so excited we started a flying course today! Campers learned how to jump, flip and fly like their favorite super hero! Lulu’s lounge was back with plenty of hair wraps, henna tattoos, and nail painting to go around. The crab cabana conquered all in Crow, Cowboy and Conquistador, which landed a lucky spin of Pop Party on the wheel, which was a great relief on this warm sunny day!
  • Palisades North 7/19/2016

    20160719_105637With the sun out and the ocean spray just steps away, Pali North celebrated yet another hot summer day! Our wild and wacky counselors built forts with our campers, painted sun catchers, and raced through a bucket-foot obstacle course.  After having spun our FBS wheel, the campers and counselors enjoyed a round of CREAM ‘EM!!!! But we have to give it up to our spirit stick winner, Jade for showing the entire camp what sportsmanship and the FBS spirit is all about.
  • Palisades North 7/18/2016

    20160718_133028It was an absolutely gorgeous and fun-filled day at FBS Pali North!  Our spirit stick winner Kyra Hofinger kick started our day with a victory lap around camp.  There was just so much spirit throughout the day that during our daily Cabana Competition (which happened to be ‘Donutty Buddy’,) cheer points made it so difficult to award a definitive winner.  We had to do round 2 with our wacky counselors.  After heaps of chocolaty mess, the Seals took it home and savored the sweet victory of spirit bars.  As the day finally came to an end, the counaelers and campers took one last dip in Big Blue (the ocean) which concluded our sun-filled, fun-filled day.
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