Fitness For Kids Who Don’t Like Sports

Is your child not crazy about sports? Maybe they would rather play video games than soccer or maybe they prefer to paint than join a pickup basketball team. It’s actually a lot more common than you may think for kids to not enjoy the most well-known sports. But as a parent, if your child seems to gravitate towards activities outside of team sports, you might be wondering how to get your kids the exercise they need. Fun and fitness for kids can be so much more than organized sports! At Fitness By The Sea, we lean into individual interests and create fun exercises for kids of all types. 


The Power Of Choice


Every child has a unique personality that should be attuned to. And when it comes to sports, some kids aren’t ready to take a swing at a ball or run for a touchdown at the early age of five or six. It’s important to pay close attention to the developmental stage of your child. While other kids may be ready to dive deep into close-contact sports, your child may get easily frustrated or anxious in those outlets. And that’s more than okay! Listen to your kid’s emotions. If your child is feeling overwhelmed, they should be placed in a more supportive and attentive environment. 

Fitness By The Sea offers activities that each child can personally choose, upholding our stance on the Power of Choice. Your child can pick fitness outside of team sports that still stimulates their mind and body, but allows them to comfortably develop their strengths without the outside unnecessary pressure. 


Discover Our Activities


In fact, Fitness By The Sea will challenge your child to see that they actually do love activity, it just might so happen to fall under a category they didn’t know about or that should be encouraged more often. These categories and activities could include:

  • Water Activities: Surfing, Boogie Boarding, Swimming
  • Individual Activities: Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Yoga
  • Creative Activities: Nature Walks, Dance, Magic Shows
  • In-The-Shade Activities: Drawing, Card Games, Face Painting

All these activities and more will give your child the exercise they need for a healthy life. We want to foster success in what your kid is ready for. They should see that the interests they enjoy are in fact, active. 

Boy boogie boarding at Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp

We’re Here For Every Kid

The more your child is exposed to activity, the more they will see the benefits such as improved sleep patterns, strong bones, and muscles, along with high self-esteem. Regardless of the specific exercise, they are involved with, kids should be getting 60 minutes of activity most every day. And what better way to push fitness than with beach games for kids with the help of our wonderful team! Campers will be immersed in fun summer activities for kids where they’ll find acceptance that builds foundations. Enroll now! 

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