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Jonathan Club 7/3/15

Today was all about mixing things up at JBC. Down at the waters edge camper Mia from the Shark cabana built a giant sand ski ball game for all the other campers to play – the 4 year olds were...

Santa Monica 7/3/15

Today we celebrate our July 4th theme day. Unanimously, our camp decided to dedicate the spirit stick to America, for all of the great things she has done for us! With our celebratory cheers, we began our day with Cabana...

Palisades North 7/3/15

Happy Fourth of July to all our Pali North campers! Patriotism was in full swing today, from games of Lucky American and tug-o-war to a scavenger hunt for red, white, and blue items around the camp. For our cabana competition...

Pacific Palisades 7/3/15

All the fun of 4th of July came a day early for FBS campers. We had a huge Red, White and Blue boys vs girls scavenger hunt, wrote letters to the Troops, made firework styled necklaces and rode explosive waves on...
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  • “I discovered FBS in 2005 and sent my oldest son there from the time he was 7 to the time he was 12. My daughter couldn’t wait to start going to FBS when she turned 5 and she’s been going ever since. FBS offers something for everyone.”

    - Joshua Schulman
  • “It’s clear that the staff at FBS are a special group of people who are committed to helping kids grow into healthy adults. My kids are always impressed with the fun and encouraging staff members they meet at camp and they have an incredible impact on my kids.”

    - Jessica Gaitan
  • “What impresses me most of all about Fitness by the Sea is the way the staff members encourage my kids in everything they do. They will come home after a day at FBS with endless stories of fun and adventure, not realizing that they are building character and courage while their having fun. It’s simply amazing!”

    - Tamara Bland
  • “The staff at FBS make safety a top priority. They are organized, diligent, and committed to make sure that every camper stays safe in the water and on the beach. I always feel confident that I can leave my daughter at FBS in the morning and she’ll be safe, healthy, and happy when I pick her up in the afternoon.”

    - Tara Curtis
  • “One of the things I really love about FBS is that the staff members get right in there with the kids in sports, swimming, arts and crafts, gymnastics, and more. My kids always tell the funniest stories about camp, and inevitably, one of the staff members always leads the kids in some side-splitting adventure!”

    - Ryan Wagner
  • My kids learn a lot at school, but their character growth and social skills skyrocket when they attend FBS.

    - Mike Nacke

Founded in 2000, Fitness by the Sea has become synonymous with excellence in the field of day camps. The FBS formula for success blends an experienced and spirited staff (average age 28) with dynamic and creative activities, offered in an encouraging, nurturing environment. Our emphasis is on friendship, fun, and personal growth. We offer four different camp locations in Southern California.