2017 Santa Monica Summer Camp

santa monica summer camp2017 Santa Monica Summer Camp

Looking for a Santa Monica summer camp to keep your kids busy all summer?

If you’re looking for the perfect Santa Monica summer camp that is also centrally located, look no further than Fitness by the Sea. Located just off PCH at Tower 10, this convenient camp is just 1 mile north of the Santa Monica Pier. We know you want a close, safe, and fun place for your children to enjoy themselves this summer, which is exactly what we offer.

Serving Santa Monica for 17 years

Founded in 2000 by Eric and Billie Colton, Fitness by the Sea has been serving families in the Santa Monica area for 17 years. FBS provides an exciting and nurturing environment for campers age 5-14. We do this by offering a variety of activities such as team sports, performing and visual arts, specialized games, and fun in the water. It is our belief that by providing our campers with the ability to choose new and interesting passions, they gain the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop new skills that will last a lifetime.

Safety is our top priority

At Fitness by the Sea, having a well-trained and professional staff is very important to us. We are highly diligent with our hiring and training process, and the average staff member is 28 years old. To ensure your child’s safety while they are having fun in the sun, we maintain a 6:1 camper to staff ratio, and a 3:1 ratio during any water activities! All of our employees CPR trained and certified, and we take such precaution that the Chief of Los Angeles County Lifeguards has said we are the safest beach camp that he’s ever seen.

We make scheduling easy

We know how important it is for you to have flexible and easy scheduling. That’s why we let you pick the days that work best for your family, with no weekly or monthly commitments required. We also allow you to reschedule up to 24 hours ahead of time so that you are never locked into days that don’t work with your busy and changing schedule.

We offer over 80 activities!

No matter what your child enjoys, they are certain to find something to love at Fitness by the Sea. Our camp provides over 80 activities for campers to choose from, such as team sports, water activities, recreation classes, performing and visual arts, and creative games.

We were the first camp in the Santa Monica area to emphasize what we call “The Power of Choice,” which focuses on allowing our campers choose the activities they want to participate in at any given point. This approach fosters leadership skills, promotes self-reliance, and gives campers confidence in their decision making.

Here are a few of the many activities available to our campers:

Water Activities

With our amazing beachfront location, our focus revolves around the ocean! Water activities include swimming, boogie boarding, skim boarding, and knee boarding, as well as jumping around in the waves. This is a great way for the kids to get familiar with the environment they live in and gets them used to finding ways to play in the water. All of our staff is highly trained, and we maintain at 6:1 staff to camper ratio in the water at all times. The counselors play in the water with the kids, which is why we’re the safest and most attentive beach camp in Southern California. In addition to providing hours of fun, these activities are also a wonderful way for our campers to boost their confidence both in and out of the water.

Team Sports

Team sports are an excellent opportunity for children to learn about competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship. This includes activities like baseball, soccer, volleyball, kickball, and capture the flag. Campers work in teams, lead by trained counselors, to organize and execute their own games. We believe healthy competition is a key part of growing up, and what better way to learn these values than by having a blast with new friends on the beach? Team sports are some of our most popular activities, and it is a unique and challenging experience to play games you know and love on the beach.

Performing and Visual Arts

We encourage creativity and imagination by offering a wide selection of artistic and creative options for campers to engage in. We value experiences where campers get up and express themselves in front of their peers, as it encourages taking risks and gaining confidence. We organize specific times in the day where campers can put on their performance in front of the entire camp, to help them feel accomplished and have the opportunity to put on what they’ve been practicing. Examples include face painting, dance, arts and crafts, nature walks, magic, drumming, and theater games.

Specialized Activities

We are always encouraging our campers to try new things, and our specialized activities are a great chance for them to learn new skills while developing confidence and courage. Some of these activities are physically-focused, such as gymnastics, yoga, fencing, martial arts, and boxing. Counselors who are trained and skilled in these areas will lead these activities. Other specialized games include imagination-based games (playing pretend, building forts) and hobbies (magic, beading, juggling, etc.). These are a great way to ensure that every camper is involved at all points of the day! There are so many opportunities for kids to make active choices and get involved at Fitness by the Sea!

Location, Location, Location!santa monica summer camp

No matter where you live in Santa Monica, this fun and safe camp is close and convenient. It is accessible from both directions on the PCH. Don’t live in Santa Monica? We’ve got you covered! We offer transportation from Hancock Park, Westwood, and Cheviot Hills via bus. You can learn more about our Santa Monica location here to see if our day camp is a good fit for your child.
Any other questions? Request more information today and learn more about our dates and rates here.


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