2018 Pacific Palisades Summer Camp

Pacific Palisades Summer Camp

2018 Pacific Palisades Summer Camp

Looking for a fun and safe Pacific Palisades summer camp for your children to enjoy all summer long?

If you want your kids to spend their summer outside with friends in a safe environment, our Pacific Palisades summer camp is for you! Located just off PCH at Tower 14, this location couldn’t possibly be more convenient for Pacific Palisades residents. We know you want a reliable and trustworthy summer camp for your kids to enjoy, and Fitness by the Sea offers that right in your backyard.

Southern California’s Premiere Beach Camp

Fitness by the Sea was founded in 2000 by Eric and Billie Colton. They have been successfully providing summer camp services to the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica communities for the 18 years since. Open to children ages 4-14, Fitness by the Sea is an exciting place to spend the summer, and it provides the opportunity for campers to grow and explore in a nurturing environment. We offer over 80 different activities, so each day is a completely different experience. At any given time, your child can be playing team sports, participating in camp performances, learning specialized skills, or having fun in the water. The possibilities are truly endless. We structure our camp around giving the campers the opportunity to choose what they want to do because we feel that helps them grow and develop new life skills.

Safety First – Always!

Fitness by the Sea takes pride in being the safest beach camp in Los Angeles county.

We employ only the most mature and professional staff, and our rigorous and thorough training equips them with the tools necessary to keep your children safe. When you pair our diligent hiring process with our in-depth training program, you get a staff that is reliable and consistent with our company’s values. To make sure your child’s safety is the top priority while they are having fun in the sun, we make sure that the staff to camper ratio is always 6:1 (3:1 during water activities). Every staff member is CPR trained and certified, and we have been praised by the Chief of Los Angeles County Lifeguards as the safest beach camp he’s ever seen. You can rest easy knowing your children are taken care of at FBS!

Easy and Flexible Scheduling

We understand that scheduling during the summer time is often unpredictable. So, to help you, we have made it so that we fit around your schedule, not the other way around. We let you pick the days that work for YOU, and we don’t require any monthly or weekly commitments. You can attend FBS when you feel like it, without any pressure or unused days. We even allow you to reschedule dates up to 24 hours beforehand! When things come up, we’re there to make it easy and flexible for you.

There’s Something for Everyone at this summer camp!

Regardless of your child’s preferences, they will always be able to enjoy their time at Fitness by the Sea. We have so many unique and interesting activities available for campers, which makes their daily experiences different and allows for everyone to feel included. There are over 80 activities for campers to choose from, such as team sports, water activities, performing and visual arts, and specialized activities.

As we said earlier, we believe in allowing campers to choose what they want to do. Exploring new passions or honing in on favorite hobbies is something we believe is important, and we are one of the only camps to allow such a wide range of activities for your child. Giving them the chance to choose what they want to do not only fosters leadership skills and promotes self-reliance, but it also gives the campers confidence in their decision making.

Here are a few of the many activities available to our campers:

Water Activities

We’re a beach camp first and foremost; so we love getting in the ocean! Activities in the water include swimming, boogie boarding, knee boarding, and surfing. Younger campers can just jump in the waves as well; we accommodate all levels of swimmers! Our highly trained staff keeps a 3:1 ratio in the water at all times. Your child is never alone, which is why we’re the safest and best beach camp in Southern California. Playing in the water helps build confidence in a fun and safe environment, which is why it’s such a valuable learning experience!

Team Sports

Who doesn’t love soccer, baseball, and flag football? At Fitness by the Sea, we bring those activities to the beach. There is no better way to learn about friendly competition, working as a team, and the value of sportsmanship than by participating in team sports. Campers must work together in groups to organize and execute their games. Counselors help guide them through this process of self-reliance, making it an extremely meaningful experience. Team sports are some of the most popular activities we offer, and the challenges of playing them on the beach adds a whole new layer to the games we know and love.

Performing and Visual Arts

Creativity and imagination are some of the most valuable skills children can foster, and we encourage them to use these skills every day at FBS. We see such a high value in campers performing for their peers, expressing their creativity, and broadening their imagination on a daily basis. This helps them gain confidence and see the world in multiple perspectives. We allow for the campers to perform at specific points of the day so that they can proudly show off their hard work to the rest of the camp. Examples of these activities include face painting, dance, arts and crafts, nature walks, magic, drumming, and theater games.

Specialized Activities

A huge part of life is trying new things and learning new skills. Our specialized activities are a way for campers to learn from talented staff members and experience things they never thought possible. Examples of these activities that are more physically-focused include yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, and fencing. We hire staff with specific talents and skills just for these activities alone, so you can guarantee your child is learning in a productive and safe environment. Other activities include imagination-based games (building forts, playing pretend with friends) and hobbies (juggling, magic, science explorations, etc.). This means your child will always find something they love at our camp. They get the chance to make active choices and get involved, giving them an unforgettable experience!

Pacific Palisades Summer CampLocation is Key!

Wherever you are in Pacific Palisades, we are just a short drive from your house. No more long drives to summer camp; we are conveniently located right by you! We offer two Palisades locations on Will Rogers State Beach: Palisades North and Palisades South. Palisades North is available to campers age 4-11 and is focused for younger campers or those who want a calmer and more intimate experience. Our flagship location, Palisades South, is nearby, and houses our largest amount of campers! You can learn more about our different locations here to see if our beach camp is a good fit for your child.

Any other questions? Request more information today and learn more about our dates and rates here.

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