Fitness by the Sea has been the #1 Beach Camp for Valley Village Families for 23 Years

Valley Village families have enjoyed Fitness by the Sea for over 23 years. Why? Because we offer best-in-class, counselors countless activities, flexible week-by-week scheduling, and a 100% safety record!

We know kids and we know what they like, so we let them choose their own activities out of dozens—and they can start and move on to another one as their mood or curiosity strikes.

Plus, no beach experience is required. Kids as young as 4 are guaranteed a fun-filled safe beach environment—even if they’ve never so much as set a little toe in the water before! We have best-in-class seasoned counselors who understand kids and all the activities are instructional and guided.

Week-by-Week Scheduling to Meet Parents’ and Campers’ Needs

At Fitness by the Sea, we offer flexible scheduling where you can pick your own days that work with your and your child’s schedule. You can choose a week in June, a week in July, and so on. If you like the continuity of a Monday to Friday schedule, that’s great too. But if something comes up and your child can’t attend that week, you can change to another week!

You only commit to a certain number of weeks—and you can add more if your child comes home loving it (and we think they will!). This foolproof system means you’ll save money; you won’t be paying for days that you later find your child can’t attend.

10% Early Bird Discount!

For even more savings, take advantage of our Early Bird Special. With this option, you can pay as little as $81/day—cheaper than most indoor daycares with limited and repetitive activities!

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Every parent wants their kids to experience new things, make new friends, create wonderful memories, and learn lifelong lessons about teamwork, care for the environment, and self-confidence. But top of mind must always be safety. Fitness by the Sea has a 100% safety record and has been called “the safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 23 years.

Here’s how we accomplish that most important goal:

  • All staff members are certified in First-Aid and CPR.
  • We maintain a 6-to-1 counselor-to-camper ratio at all times.
  • Trips to the bathroom are always chaperoned.
  • Lifeguards are always present during all water activities and sports.
  • Application of sunscreen, hydration, and shade breaks occur regularly.

Check Us Out at our Open House!

The best way for you to see what we’re all about is to experience a bit of our camp and meet us in person! Join us for our next Open House at Will Rogers Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14, in the Pacific Palisades. We’ll have games, contests, prizes, and refreshments—all completely free! It’s like a sneak peek of a camp day! You and your child will get to meet our amazing counselors and staff. Plus, we will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

We’re excited to meet you! Reserve your spot today!

Giving Your Child the Power to Choose from More Than 50 Daily Activities!

At Fitness by the Sea, we understand kids. We know how kids get nervous trying new things, but really want to. That’s why we offer so many activities—over 50 daily !—and why we encourage them to try something out of their comfort zone. If they find something they love, that’s great too!

Every day we offer over 50 different water activities, team sports, individual sportscreative activities and in the shade activities; we are sure to tap into what your child really likes—all in a safe, supportive, instructional atmosphere.


Two Locations to Cater to Every Kids’ and Parents’ Needs

We have two camp locations for your convenience, both offering the same great camp experience and activities but with two slightly different vibes.

Pacific Palisades is our flagship camp for children, ages 4-14. It offers the most variety of activities on any given day. It also skews a little older, so if your 12- to 14-year-old is worried there won’t be kids their age, this is a good choice, as we host a good amount of older kids every day.

Santa Monica offers the same mind-blowing variety of activities but on a slight smaller scale. It’s great for kids who want to stretch themselves and try new things but in a smaller camp environment.

Both camps offer our Clownfish program for 4 year olds with a professional staff who know how to focus on the needs, both physical and emotional, of these young campers. The dedicated counselors carefully select activities that foster creativity and growing independence.

Best-in-Class Counselors

Sure, we can brag about our awesome activities, but at the heart of every camp are the counselors. That’s why we carefully select our counselors from nearly 1,000 applicants. Our counselors have a big sense of fun—but of responsibility too. The average age of our counselors is 26 to 28, and they are level-headed and understand how to work with kids on a one-to-one and group basis.

Your child is sure to come home talking about a certain counselor they really loved. The counselors know the important role they have in the kids’ lives and strive every day to create memories of positivity, encouragement, and accomplishments big and small.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

As parents, we know how busy families are. That’s why we make the registration process as stress-free as possible. Our camps do fill up, so we urge you to sign up today. And because we understand how hard it is these days to lock in dates in advance, remember that you can always change them later at no additional cost. You are only committed to the number of days—not the dates.

If you have any questions, our FAQ page has lots of great information. Have a question you don’t see addressed? Shoot us an email or call us at (310) 459-2425. We’re always available.

We can’t wait to see you!