Fitness by the Sea – The Best Summer Beach Camp for 23 Years

Girl on yellow wake board

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp, located in the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica, has been around for 23 years because families love our environment of fun, caring, and safety; and our flexible week-by-week scheduling.

With our best-in-class, role-model counselors, we offer an amazing array of over 50 activities each day! We like to say that Fitness by the Sea has “something for everyone.”

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Flexible Week-by-Week Scheduling

We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling. When you register your child at FBS, you can choose a schedule that works for you. You may choose any number of weeks (there’s no minimum enrollment) according to YOUR schedule needs, not ours. And while you must choose dates at the time of your registration, you can change your scheduled dates later—at no additional cost.

How Much Does Fitness by the Sea Cost?

The current weekly rate to attend Fitness by the Sea is $405/week. This is includes all camp equipment, instruction, activities, equipment, special days and events, and of course the freedom to create your own camp schedule sending your child to camp week-by-week whenever you want.

Open House – A Free Camp Day for the Whole Family!

You’ve heard all about our camp from our website, friends, and social media. Here’s a chance to see us up close and in action! Join us for Open House at our Pacific Palisades location Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14.

Plus you can meet other families already enrolled and make new friends. Even if you’re already enrolled, it’s a great way to acclimate your child to the camp experience ahead of our opening day of camp. Sign up here to get you free ticket.

Safety Is Every Parent’s Main Concern—and Ours Too

Sure, a beach camp sounds fantastic, but you wonder, “Is it safe?” After all, the ocean brings in a whole other element of potential concern. We can answer unequivocally YES! We add several layers of additional safety measures by placing our counselors directly in the water with the children, professional hired  lifeguards observe from the shore and LA County lifeguards in the towers.

In fact, for the past 23 years we are the only Los Angeles area beach camp recognized as the “safest beach camp”.

Over 50 Activities- Making the Most of Every Day!

At Fitness by the Sea, because we offer over 50 activities each day, kids can try something out and see for themselves what they like. We have experts that specialize in tapping into each child’s potential to find what motivates them, whether it is a loud, boisterous activity in the sun or a quieter one in the shade. Or both! From surfing to martial arts to gymnastics to baseball to cheerleading to arts and crafts we’ve got it covered.

A Camp Experience for Every Kid

All our camps offer the same great positive energy and fantastic choices for activities. But because we tailor the camp experience to meet the needs of every child, we offer two different camp sizes:

  • Our medium-size camp is our Santa Monica location (North of the Santa Monica Pier, Parking Lot #8 North) for children ages 4-14.
  • Our largest camp is our Pacific Palisades location (Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14) for children ages 4-14.

Check out more on our locations page. No matter which you pick, we’ve got it covered—and remember, you can change which camp location you enroll in and add days on the fly.

Counselors Are Kids at Heart

Our counselors have not forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. They understand play is a vital part of the development of every child. But they also remember that being a kid is not always lighthearted fun. Trying new things can be scary. So our staff and counselors are trained to focus in on the kids on the sidelines and gently encourage them to join in. Because they know once a child has overcome fears, the sense of accomplishment is enormous. Our counselors want every kid to come home with a big smile and say, “Guess what I did today!”

Guaranteed Fun!

We love our camp. And we’re sure your child will too. That’s why we guarantee that if your child doesn’t have a great experience at one camp, he or she can enroll in another camp at any time, for any day. We feel confident that we will hit that sweet spot where your child comes home excited and full of stories about a certain activity, an awesome counselor, or a new friend made.

Sign Up Today

As a family-owned business with three kids of our own, we know how stressful enrolling for camp is. With factors such as budget, time, and commitment in the mix, we want to make the process as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

So we offer a low-commitment enrollment process with week-by-week signup, and healthy lunch choices,

If you’re ready for your kids to have the best summer camp experience available, here’s our 2022 summer camp Enrollment Form. Camps do fill up, so sign up today!