Where Children Soar!

At Fitness By The Sea, children are immersed in an environment that allows them to soar!

Every day is filled with incredible “stuff” – creative stuff, fun stuff, silly stuff, exciting stuff, memorable stuff.

And we do all this because we know that when these activities are wrapped in a culture of fun and acceptance it lays a foundation for building extraordinary kids.

Most importantly, kids feel safe to be themselves without fear of discrimination or scrutiny.

We encourage campers to take safe risks, push their own limits, and discover their unique abilities.

Our staff actively participates in every activity to serve as positive role models in teamwork, leadership, creativity, sportsmanship, and fun!

The FBS Spirit is Contagious!

From the moment a child enters the camp, the FBS Spirit is all around.

Music springs from every corner as the staff and campers come together for the FBS cheer.

As spirit rises throughout the camp, the most spirited camper is awarded the FBS spirit stick.

The staff drives the energy level higher while presenting the camp rules with a hilarious skit, building momentum for the presentation of activities.

Campers are instantly absorbed in an atmosphere of fun and laughter.

Roamers actively encourage everyone to get involved and help younger kids decide what they’d like to do.

The FBS Spirit continues to grow throughout the day as campers embrace new adventures, experiences, and build friendships while the staff encourages them and nurtures their curiosity.

Campers who have participated in group activities in the morning have an opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the entire camp after lunch.

Cheers, songs, and laughter fill the air as another coveted spirited award – the spirit bar – is awarded to the most spirited group of campers in a cabana.

Immersed in the FBS Spirit, children become more caring, confident, and expressive.

The FBS Spirit is the heart of our camp.

And there are no limits to what can happen once you’ve caught it.

“One of the things I really love about FBS is that the staff members get right in there with the kids in sports, swimming, arts and crafts, gymnastics, and more. My kids always tell the funniest stories about camp, and inevitably, one of the staff members always leads the kids in some side-splitting adventure!”FBS Parent