Enjoy the Oak Park Day Camp Experience with Fitness by the Sea

Fitness by the Sea allows you to enroll your camper for the individual days you prefer, instead of requiring enrollment on a weekly basis. Choose the days that work best for your family with our flexible schedule!

Fitness by the Sea offers a first-rate summer day camp experience to families in the Oak Park area. This beautiful community is just a few miles away from our Santa Monica locations of Fitness by the Sea. Oak Park residents will love the convenience of having an outstanding day camp where children can explore the beauty of nature and make new friends while having the time of their lives.

FBS was founded in 2000 and has grown rapidly since then providing a rare blend of creative, fun activities, skilled staff members (average age 26), and a positive, encouraging environment.  We believe in helping our kids to develop new skill sets, form great relationships and cultivate their creativity. Our kids say that the FBS experience is unforgettable.

You have two convenient FBS locations to choose from in the Southern California area:  one in Santa Monica and one in Pacific Palisades. Just click here for directions to any of these incredible summer beach camp areas. You’ll find several in close proximity to the Oak Park area.

Our camps offer over 80 truly exciting activities at each of our summer camps, and kids never run out of sensational things to do.  Your child could choose from a number of team sports such as volleyball, baseball, or soccer. There’s also a list of thrilling water sports like knee boarding, swimming or surfing. If you feel like staying indoors for part of the day then how about some face painting or theater games? Arts and crafts are a real favorite among campers, as well as gymnastics, fencing and yoga.

Summer Camp Safety Comes First

Fitness by the Sea believes in safety first and is proud of its excellent safety record. We have been named the, “safest beach camp ever seen” by the LA County Lifeguards Chief.  We provide a number of solid safety measures to ensure the well-being of your child:

  • 6 to 1 Camper to Staff Ratio with a 3 to 1 ratio when surfing
  • On-staff lifeguards located at the seashore and in the water. Professional lifeguards in adjacent beach front areas
  • Supervised restroom visits every time
  • Staff will liberally apply sunscreen lotion throughout the day
  • Camp uniforms are brightly colored and easy to identify
  • All staff members have CPR & First Aid certification
  • Ample water provided at all times for proper hydration

We welcome your questions concerning our safety policies, and you can visit either our Safety or Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

Experienced Staff Members

Fitness by the Sea employs a group of highly trained staff members who average 28 years old, which is older than the average camp staffer. We believe our staff has more experience and thoroughly understands the importance of safety first.  We also strictly maintain a 6:1 ratio of staff members to kids so that we can ensure your child’s safety. When surfing, the ratio is 3:1 as an additional precaution.

Easy On-Line Registration

You can Sign up Today using our Flexible Web Scheduling. It’s fast and easy to sign your child up for this unforgettable experience.  Simply click this link or visit our camp locations page for driving directions from Oak Park.

Choose any dates you like for your child to come to summer camp. If you choose to use transportation then there is a five day minimum enrollment, if not then you can register your child for any days you wish, with no minimum days or weeks. Though you will need to schedule your dates beforehand, it’s simple to change your dates as long as you provide us with a 24 hour notice. Fitness by the Sea brings back all the fun and excitement of the old-fashioned day camp experience.