Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp, the Popular Beach and Surf Camp for Mar Vista Kids ages 4 to 14

Looking for an Awesome Mar Vista Summer Camp with Transportation Too?

If you live in Mar Vista and are looking for an exciting and unique summer day camp experience for your children, then we look forward to seeing your child at camp this summer! We have been around since 2000 and recognized as the “Safest Beach Camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 23 years.

Where are the Camps located? 

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp is located in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades, and the entire program takes place at the beach; there is no need to leave the beach and go on a field trip because we provide over 200 amazing safe and enriching activities every day. Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

Transportation from Mar Vista

Don’t want the hassle of driving your kids to camp yourself? We offer both round-trip and one-way bus options from right in your area.

The bus stop is conveniently located in the Vons/Rite Aid parking lot at 4030 S. Centenela Ave. Our counselors, many of whom live in the surrounding area, ride the bus with the campers, ensuring extra supervision and fun.

We work with YOUR schedule!

These days who can commit to an entire week, Monday to Friday, at camp, weeks in advance? If you can, that’s great, but if you want to pick and choose whichever weeks you want, you have 11 separate weeks to choose from!

Hit a conflict as camp day approaches? No problem. You can switch to another week in our months long program. Plus, there is no minimum, so if you sign up for a week to try it out, and your child comes home begging for more—as they no doubt will—you can add weeks on the fly.

Affordable Cost for Camp

We understand camp can be expensive. Because of this, we have kept the price reasonably affordable since we started 23 years ago. We offer Early Bird discounts with weekly rates as low as $405 per week.

After all, we started this business because we remember how camp changed our lives in such a positive way that we dedicated our lives to making sure as many kids as possible have that same opportunity. And we offer a mind-blowing amount of activities to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Open House – Camp Preview for the Whole Family!

We have lots of great information on our website and social media, but to get a real sense of what we offer, there’s nothing like having your kids there to experience a day at camp themselves. Come see us in action to meet our awesome staff. We are available to answer any questions you might have.

Join us at Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14 in the Pacific Palisades for our next Open House. It’s like a free day at camp! We expect a large attendance, so be sure to grab your ticket today!

Day Camp at the Beach Sounds Fun…But is it Safe?

Great question and, as you might imagine, one we get often. Rest assured we have been operating Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp since 2000 (summer 2022 will be our 23rd year!) and during that time we have had a 100% safety record with every intention of keeping it that w ay!

Our staff is experienced and well-trained, our equipment is top-of-the line, and we have a sophisticated risk-management program that virtually eliminates risk where it can be eliminated.

We assure you of this: Your child will be as safe with us as they will be attending any other camp. You’re always welcome to visit us at camp to observe our camp safety program in person.

What are some of the camp activities?

Glad you asked! We say Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp offers the most comprehensive aquatic summer camp in the LA area because we’ve got over 200 exciting activities campers can choose from. From aquatic activities, team sports, creative activities, and individual sports, our activities are safe, fun, and presented in a pressure-free environment according to your child’s most comfortable pace.

Nobody’s required to do anything they’re uncomfortable with, and everyone can do as much as they want! A partial list of our activities includes surfing, boogie boarding, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, soccer, crafts…and so much more. View our daily activity schedules.

Fool-Proof Camp Selection

At Fitness by the Sea, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child. That’s why we tailor our programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of ages and personalities—and that’s why we offer two camp sizes:

  • Santa Monica (North of the Santa Monica Pier, 810 Pacific Coast Highway, Parking Lot #8 North) is the perfect camp for Mar Vista families. This camp is large enough to offer a wide variety of activities and all the spirit and energy of FBS but still small enough for those campers who prefer a more nurturing environment.. Ages range from 4 to 14.
  • Pacific Palisades (Will Rogers State Beach, Tower 14). Our most established location, this camp offers the largest variety of activities on any given day and hosts the most campers on a daily basis. Ages range from 4 to 14.
  • Our youngest campers are welcome at both camp locations into our Clownfish program which is specifically designed with 4-year old children in mind. This program is offered in an intimate setting directly adjacent to our main camp locations and offers a low, 5 to 1 campers to staff ratio and age-appropriate programming.
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Our Amazing Staff

Our counselors are carefully selected men and women—college students, teachers, and professionals with education and camp experience. We are highly selective, identifying people who will be positive role models and who love working with children.

We strive to hire staff members who have previously worked with kids and have a passion for teaching and mentoring. With an older staff, the average age is 26 years old, which includes many teachers and parents just like you, we can truly focus on your child’s development and well-being.

Low Commitment Signup

We strive to make the signup process easy, and we like to stay as flexible as possible, so we offer day-to-day signup and great add-ons like lunch and early care (8:30-9am) and extended care hours (3:30pm-5:30pm) that you can add as needed. We have great transportation options with bus stops in the Mar Vista and Cheviot Hills area. Camps do fill up, so be sure to sign up today!