Best Los Angeles Summer Camp for 2018

los angeles summer campBest Los Angeles Summer Camp for 2018

Want to get your kids out of the city and onto the beach this summer?

If you are searching for an interactive beachfront summer day camp in the Los Angeles area, Fitness by the Sea is the place for you and your family! We offer a fun and nurturing environment for your children, all on the beautiful coastline of Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades!

Serving the City of Los Angeles for 18 Years

We have been serving families from Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods since 2000. Our unique day camps empower campers by providing them with an environment that fosters growth and encourages making active and productive choices. We offer over 80 activities, and the campers choose what they would like to do!

Convenient Los Angeles Summer Camp Locations

Our convenient locations include a Santa Monica beach camp that is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Los Angeles. We also offer two camps in Pacific Palisades that serve many campers from the Los Angeles area. Both are located just off of the PCH, between one and three miles north of the Santa Monica Pier.

Don’t want to make the drive from Los Angeles? No problem! We now offer transportation services in Westwood, Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, and Hancock Park through the reliable Mission School Transportation bus company. That way, we will get your camper safely to and from the FBS location of your choice﹣eliminating any burden to your already busy mornings and afternoons. It couldn’t get any more convenient!

Safety First

Fitness by the Sea day camps are a wonderful option for Los Angeles children ages 4 to 14 who want to spend their summer vacation on the beach! We place a strong emphasis on providing a safe and nurturing environment for all of our campers, which is why our locations maintain a 6:1 camper to adult ratio (with even smaller ratios for water sports)! Our professional staff is an average age of 26, and all are CPR certified and diligently trained. We take such care that the chief of the Los Angeles lifeguards has stated, “Fitness by the Sea is the safest beach camp I have ever seen.”

Still Not Sure?

In addition to offering beautiful beachfront camp locations that are a convenient drive from Los Angeles neighborhoods, a wide selection of activities, and a well-trained staff, we also offer parents flexible scheduling options. We don’t lock parents into set dates; instead, we let our families choose what works for them﹣whether it is one day a week or once a month. We also allow parents to change their camper’s schedule at any time. We know life can get busy and we want to make the process as easy and flexible as possible!

One five-star Yelp review from a L.A. parent reviewing our summer program, said, “Our now 8-year-old daughter just completed her third summer at FBS, and we love it.  She wants to go to the beach all the time, while mom and dad are less excited about playing in the sun and sand.  It’s great that FBS provides a safe solution.” Another Los Angeles parent stated, “I was initially very skeptical about sending my kids to the beach without my personally supervising him, but I have consistently been happy with the caliber of counselors the camp hires.”

A Variety of Activities

Don’t want to pick just one activity for your camper? You don’t have to at Fitness by the Sea! One of the features that makes our day camps extra special is that campers can choose from a variety of activities, including arts & crafts, dance, team sports, individual sports, and water activities. Our philosophy is that campers have the most fun when they decide which activities they want to participate in, which also cultivates self-confidence and leadership skills!

Some of our diverse activity offerings include:

los angeles summer campWater activities

Thanks to our beautiful beach locations, we offer many water-based activities, which are perfect for boosting confidence and cooling off on hot summer days. Some of our fun and exciting offerings enjoyed by our campers include: surfing, swimming, boogie boarding, and paddling!

Team sports

At Fitness by the Sea, we believe that sports are not only fun and a great source of exercise, but they’re also a great opportunity to learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, and competition! Some of our team sports include traditional options like basketball, soccer, volleyball, and baseball, in addition to many popular schoolyard games including capture the flag, prisoner, and kickball. Campers are guided by a trained and skilled counselor to organize and execute a full game, including team names, team cheers, and self-regulation throughout the match.

Performing and Visual Arts

Building creativity and boosting imagination through artistic activities is another important aspect of Fitness by the Sea’s mission. At our camps we like to create an environment where campers can freely express themselves by trying new creative endeavors. They even put on presentations in front of the entire camp! Some of our popular creative activities include dance, theater games, arts and crafts, face painting, drawing and so much more!

Specialized Activities

We believe that specialized activities are a great opportunity for campers to gain confidence and learn new and exciting skills. Fitness by the Sea provides state-of-the-art equipment and professionally-trained counselors to facilitate these activities. Some of our offerings include gymnastics, yoga, cheerleading, boxing, martial arts, juggling, magic, beading, and fencing. These activities are so unique, and you won’t find them at any other beach camp in Southern California! We believe this gives campers the opportunity to be involved at all times; we cater to their interests and what they’re passionate about.

If you want to get your kid out of the city and onto the beach with our Los Angeles summer camp 2018, contact us for more information today. You can visit our website for more information or to send us any questions you may have! Check out this video of the fun we had in summer 2017! We look forward to providing your camper with hours of unforgettable summer fun!

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