2018 Culver City Summer Camp

culver city summer camp2018 Culver City Summer Camp

Trying to find a day camp for this summer?

Located just west of Culver City, our Santa Monica summer camp is conveniently located for area parents who want their children to enjoy beach front fun all summer long. Whether your child loves team sports, arts & crafts, water fun, or individual activities, our centrally-located Santa Monica summer camp will provide campers with endless entertainment, as well as plenty of opportunities to develop self-confidence, creativity, and leadership skills.

Convenient location for Culver City families

We often hear parents from Culver City and nearby areas say that they want their children to enjoy outdoor beach time without the hassle of planning a family day trip. If this sounds familiar to you, we have you covered! Our nearby beachfront location will give your camper hours of fun in the sun without you ever having to set foot on the sand.

Serving many Culver City families children ages 5-14, our closest location is situated on Santa Monica State Beach, off PCH, just north of the pier at tower 10. Best of all, it’s no more than a 20-minute drive from most Culver City neighborhoods.

A strong emphasis on safety

As parents, we understand that safety is a top concern when your send your children off to camp﹣especially a camp where water activities are involved! That is why all of our camps are staffed with mature counselors with an average age of 26. All of our staff members are also CPR trained and certified. At Fitness by the Sea, we adhere to a camper to staff ratio of 6:1 at all times, with an even smaller ratio when any water activities are involved!

Flexible scheduling

Another quality that makes Fitness by the Sea unique is our flexible scheduling options. Unlike many camps that lock families in for full weeks and fixed dates, we allow parents to enroll their campers for whatever days or weeks that work for them. We also have a lenient cancellation and rescheduling policy.

Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to this five-star Yelp review from an area family, who said, “The great thing about Fitness by the Sea is you’re not locked into a certain number of weeks or days even. You can book one day and if you like it continue or, if you prefer just a few days a week you can do that as well. The only problem is that once your kids start going they aren’t going to want to miss a day.”

A wide variety of activities for campers to choose from

If you don’t want your children to be limited to just one type of activity, you will love the wide range of options that Fitness by the Sea has to offer. Unlike other camps in the Culver City area, our camps emphasize choice, giving campers the opportunity to choose between tons of activities, including a wide offering of team sports, individual sports, creative endeavors, and water fun!

We find that letting children choose what they want to do helps them to develop strong leadership skills and a sense of self-confidence. As campers continue to attend our camps, many parents report the development of these qualities in their children. Fitness by the Sea campers can choose from many activities from four main categories, including:

Water Sports:

With our beautiful beachfront location, water sports are a given! Campers can choose to cool off with some swimming, surfing, and boogie boarding (just to name a few). We are attentive and cautious with everything that goes on in the water, so your child is sure to be taken care of while they learn about the workings of the ocean. Some campers just want to splash around in the waves, and we love that! We encourage everyone to get involved with the water and develop the confidence it takes to have fun in the ocean.

Team Sports:

We believe that team sports are a wonderful chance for campers to learn about teamwork and sportsmanship﹣all while having a blast! Our team sports include classic sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball, as well as games like volleyball, capture the flag, and kickball. Team sports are a great way for kids of different ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, to come together and work as a unit. Some of the most lasting friendships happen on our sports fields, and they are some of our most popular activities at Fitness by the Sea. Counselors guide campers through the experience so that they can be self-regulating and have an unforgettable experience.

Specialized Activities:culver city summer camp

The reason why Fitness by the Sea is so successful is because we offer a large and unique range of activities for our campers which changes every single day. Specialized activities are an excellent opportunity for campers to learn a new skill while cultivating courage and confidence. Some of our specialized sports include yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, fencing, and boxing. We bring that equipment down to the beach and have specific counselors trained to help teach these skills. Other specialized activities include magic, juggling, beading, and so much more!

Performing and Visual Arts:

Our staff loves encouraging campers to develop imagination and creativity through our many artistic offerings: dancing, theater, drumming, face painting, crafts, and more. We think exercising your mind and imagination is just as important as exercising your body. Performance-based activities give the campers the chance to show their work in front of the entire camp, which builds confidence and allows them to show the results of their hard work. These are incredibly popular activities at our camp, and we think they are just as valuable as any other game on the beach!

Come check out our summer camp for yourself!

Our nearby Santa Monica day camp is here to provide a fun and convenient beachfront experience for your child. If you want to learn more about everything that Fitness by the Sea has to offer, you can request more information or stop by to experience our one-of-a-kind day camp firsthand!

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