Culver City Summer Camp

Our program may not be based in Culver City, but we refer to it as a Culver City camp since so many kids from your area attend our program!

We are located at L.A.’s best beaches in Santa Monica and the Pacific Palisades where kids learn to surf, go boogie boarding, swim, and become water safe. We offer over 50 activities a day including some that might be surprise you, like gymnastics, martial arts, fencing, arts and crafts, and classic team sports like soccer and basketball.

We even lead nature walks with local experts so kids can learn about the amazing ocean environment. It’s a great place for kids to experience all that living near the most beautiful beach locations can offer!

Due to Covid and the LA County Health Department guidelines this summer, we will offer flexible week-by-week enrollment format, best-in-class counselors, over 200 safe and exciting water and sand activities, great transportation options, and a 100 percent safety record.

All in the most beautiful beach environment anywhere! Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

Bus stops in Mar Vista and Cheviot Hills

Parents are often surprised to learn that we offer transportation. In fact, we started offering transportation options in 2016.

Here are some of the great features of our transportation service:

  • Convenient stops in Mar Vista and Cheviot Hills
  • Round-trip and one-way options available.
  • Activities and games provided by counselors on the bus.
  • Well-trained drivers from a professional bus company to ensure safe, reliable transport of our campers.

Offer Flexible “Week-by-Week” Registration

If your family’s summer plans don’t fit neatly into a camp’s predetermined session dates, too bad for you! We think that’s silly and doesn’t reflect real life. You’ve got enough on your plate, let alone the headache of trying to plan your summer around rigid camp sessions. Wouldn’t it be easier to set your child’s own camp schedule instead?

That’s exactly what you can do at Fitness by the Sea. You can completely customize your child’s camp schedule on an as-needed or as-wanted basis by choosing your own camp start date, ending date, and any weeks you want in between.

Affordable Cost for Camp

We understand camp can be expensive. Because of this, we have kept the price reasonably affordable since we started 24 years ago. We offer Early Bird discounts with weekly rates as low as $432 per week.

After all, we started this business because we remember how camp changed our lives in such a positive way that we dedicated our lives to making sure as many kids as possible have that same opportunity. And we offer a mind-blowing amount of activities to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Join us at our Open House this Spring

We’ve done our best to tell you how much fun your child will have at Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp this summer, but we can only show so much on the website. Why not learn more at our next Open House at Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard, Tower 14 in the Pacific Palisades. Spend a little time with us at the beach to meet our staff, play games, and see how a typical day at camp operates during the summer.

We’ll be doing tons of camp activities at the open house, too, so it’ll almost seem like a real day of camp. Grab a ticket here. Hope to see you there!

Safety Is Every Parent’s Main Concern—and Ours Too

Parents ask us questions about safety more than any other subject and we believe that’s how it should be. Your children are your most prized possessions and we take it very seriously that you are entrusting them to our care for the day.

That’s why we spend countless hours reviewing and strategizing our safety measures both internally and in meetings with the LA County Lifeguards.

We are very proud of the fact that Fitness by the Sea is recognized as the safest beach camp in the Los Angeles area for the past 24 years. We want your kids to have the greatest experience possible and you to have peace of mind knowing your child is in good hands.

Over 200 Safe and Exciting Activities

When you sign up for Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp, we’ll treat your child to an amazing seaside day camp experience with a perfect blend of 200 safe and exciting water and sand activities ranging from surfing, arts and crafts, team sports, gymnastics, martial arts, dance, and everything in between.

Many kids who attend our program say they never liked camp until they discovered FBS! And even if your child is new to the beach environment, they’ll love our program too because all the camp activities are basic and instructional, meaning no prior beach or ocean experience is required.

Our best-in class camp counselors will teach your child how to do all the available activities step-by-step from the beginning. Your camper will be surfing and boogie boarding like a pro in no time flat!

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A Camp for Every Child

We know kids have different needs depending on age, personality, and interests. At Fitness by the Sea, we customize the experience for each kid at both of our camp locations.

Our Santa Monica camp welcomes campers ages 4 to 14. Located in just a little north of the Santa Monica Pier, this camp is for kids who want a larger choice of activities on any given day but might want a smaller group size. It is conveniently located for Culver City families.

Our Pacific Palisades camp also serves children ages 4 to 14. Our most established location, at Lifeguard Tower 14 in the Pacific Palisades, offers the largest variety of activities to choose from on any given day and an unmatched level of energy and spirit.

No matter which camp you choose, we maintain a 6-to-1 camper-to-counselor ratio for campers 5 and older. Both camp locations also offer our Clownfish program specifically designed for our youngest, 4-year old, campers.

Our Extended Family- Leadership Team

We are assisted in everything we do by a core of dedicated, passionate camp professionals–our Leadership Team. Hand-picked for their caring, creativity, and ability to work with youth. These parents, educators, and coaches collectively and individually set the bar for the staff they supervise.

We work together year-round to create the best possible summer experience for every camper. And many were once FBS campers themselves! They loved the experience and wanted to give back to a program that made such an enormous positive impact on their own lives! We truly are one big, silly, fun-loving family—and when you join, you will be too!

Add-Ons to Take the Stress out of Camp

Parents love our very reasonably priced add-ons, including transportation from Mar Vista and Cheviot Hills, lunch and extended care hours. Why? Because they can add them on as needed.

If you realize you can’t pick up your child by the 3:00pm – 3:30pm pickup time, you can opt for our one hour or two hour time blocks of extended care (3:30pm- 4:30pm or 3:30pm-5:30pm)

We want your experience to be as worry-free as possible and for your kids to have a blast. After all, isn’t that what summer is all about?

Don’t miss out! Sign up today!