Customizing the Perfect Beach Camp Experience for Kids Ages 4 to 14 for 24 Years!

We started Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp 24 years ago in Santa Monica and the Pacific Palisades because of the positive effect camp had on us. We wanted to share this with as many other families as possible.

But we have three kids of our own, so we also know some of the things we and our kids didn’t like at other camps. So we got rid of them, and came up with a program kids and parents love! Here’s a rundown:

We didn’t like camps forcing a required minimum of days . . .

. . . so we offer no minimum signups. Sign up for just one week! Then, if your

child begs for another (and we think they will), sign up for more!

We didn’t like worrying whether our kids were safe . . .

. . . so we offer a 100 percent safety record and the seal of approval as the “safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 24 years.

We didn’t like kids concentrating on just one activity. (If they don’t like it, they’re out of luck and you’re going to have a bored, complaining child at the end of the day who doesn’t want to go back.)

. . . so we offer up to 200 fun and exciting activities!

If your child has tried other local day camps but you haven’t found the right fit, Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp is the answer. Try us for just 1 day this summer and see what you’ve been missing! Sign up today!

You Pick the Weeks!

We were the first beach camp in the LA area to offer week-to-week scheduling. Why? Because as parents with campers of our own, we recognized early on that set-in-stone sessions determined weeks in advance is just not in keeping with today’s lifestyles.

We want YOUR experience to be positive and we don’t want everything to hinge on committing to multiple weeks of camp. Pick as many weeks as you want from the 11 weeks available, and if your schedule hits a road bump, you can switch the week whenever you want. We work with your schedule, not the other way around.

Early Bird Discount, Save 10%

Sign up to get our Early Bird Discount Rate as low as $432 per week. If you need to switch or add weeks, add campers, or change to another camp of our two locations, we’ll work with you to ensure you and your child gets as much out of our camp as you can.

Come Meet Us at one of our Open Houses

At Fitness by the Sea, we emphasize that kids learn by doing. So let your kids join in the action and try us out! We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Come out to Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14 in the Pacific Palisades to one of our Open Houses for a day of fun, family, friends, entertainment, and participate some of our fantastic water and sand activities.

We anticipate a full crowd, so grab your tickets in advance here. It’s totally free of charge.

Safety is our Top Priority

Fitness by the Sea believes in taking every precaution to protect your kids. We have been called “the safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 24 years.

We take extra measures to ensure the safety of each child. Employees are CPR and first-aid certified and we always maintain a 6 to 1 camper to staff ratio. When kids are in the water, there are professional lifeguards standing at the shoreline watching the children.

Bathroom trips are supervised and we apply sunscreen on a regular basis to protect from sun burn.

2nd picture

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun, 50 Daily Activities!

At Fitness by the Sea, we believe that fun and personal growth go hand in hand. That’s why we offer so many activities for children to pick and choose from throughout the day. Here is just a sample of activities and the benefits of each:

  • Baseball, volleyball, kickball, and capture the flag develop interdependenceconfidence, and sportsmanship.
  • Arts and crafts, dance, face painting, and music foster creativityimagination, and self-expression.
  • Surfing, swimming, and boogie boarding promote an active lifestyleself-esteem, and perseverance.
  • Gymnastics, boxing, cheerleading, and martial arts cultivates self-disciplinedetermination, and courage.

With a variety of over 50 daily activities it opens the mind to endless possibilities and interests And you’ll see your child coming home healthy, happy, and full of stories of their fantastic day.

Two Camp Sizes

All our camps offer the same amazing camp experience and mind-blowing array of entertainment and activities. But each camp, like each kid, has its own special qualities:

Pacific Palisades, Will Rogers State Beach, Tower 14 is our flagship camp. It offers the widest array of activities, up to 50 per day, and tends to attract campers, ages 4 to 14, with an unrivaled level of energy and spirit.

Santa Monica, North of the Pier, Tower 8   is large enough to offer a wide variety of activities and all the spirit and energy of Fitness by the Sea, but still small enough for those campers, ages 4-14, who prefer more hands-on direction.

The Clownfish program is perfect for our 4 year old’s at the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica camps. The activities are specially designed for the 4-year-old mind, a camper-to-counselor ratio of 6-to-1, and counselors trained in early childhood development.

Counselors Who Are Kids at Heart

We are not a drop-in daycare. We want your kids to have a great experience. That’s why we handpick our counselors from nearly a thousand applicants for creativity, dedication, commitment, dependability, and enthusiasm.

The role of our staff is to give each child the best camp experience imaginable; a summer filled with fun, laughter, and friendship. Our staff understands kids of all ages and provides campers with the foundation for building skills, character, and self-esteem by gently nudging them out of their comfort zone to try new things and make new friends.

Sign Up Today, Change as Needed

We are confident that your child will have the best beach camp experience available anywhere, but we know how hard it is to lock in dates ahead of time. We don’t want you to miss out, so we urge you to sign up today because camp days do fill up. But keep in mind that while you must choose dates at the time of your registration, you can change your scheduled dates later – at no additional cost.

Sign up today!