Fitness by the Sea has been the # 1 Beach Camp for Westwood Families for 25 years.

How has Fitness by the Sea been the #1 Beach Camp for Westwood Families for 25 years?  Because we offer a 100% safety record, week-by-week scheduling with no minimum number of weeks, and over 200 safe and exciting beach activities for kids ages 4.5 to 14 at our camps in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades.

We also give kids the power to choose which activities to participate in—there’s no set schedule of activities and no forcing kids to join activities they find repetitive or not challenging enough.

And no prior beach or ocean experience is required because all the activities are age-appropriate and instructional and our camp counselors are patient, caring, and provide maximum individual attention for your child every step of the way.

Don’t let another summer pass by without providing this wonderful opportunity for your kids! Sign up today!

Transportation from Warner Elementary

One of the questions parents often have is how to get their kids to camp. Nothing to worry about here! Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp is L.A.’s only beach and surf camp that provides convenient and reliable round-trip transportation for Westwood kids every day.

Each bus is equipped with the latest safety equipment, including seat belts, and driven by a professional bus driver from a local bus company. And, because we realize every minute of the summer is precious, at least two of our fantastic counselors is onboard to entertain, care for, and play games with our campers. It’s really an extension of the camp day!

When you hit sign up, you’ll see the registration page with all of our bus stops, make sure to choose Westwood.

Flex Time at Camp! Week-by-Week Enrollment

Many companies offer flex time at work—now you can have flex time at camp too! Why lock yourself and your child into a schedule you might not be able to adhere to? At FBS, we work with your schedule—and your budget.

Can’t make it for a week? No problem! Sign up for a week—then switch it if you run into a conflict. You can even make the change the day before! Absolutely free of charge with no change fee.

Affordable Cost for Camp

We understand camp can be expensive. Because of this, we have kept the price reasonably affordable since we started 25 years ago. We offer Early Bird discounts with weekly rates as low as $455 per week.

After all, we started this business because we remember how camp changed our lives in such a positive way that we dedicated our lives to making sure as many kids as possible have that same opportunity. And we offer a mind-blowing amount of activities to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Westwood Summer Camp Open House

We have tons of info on our website and social media, but nothing can compare to meeting us in person and seeing our camp in action. Come out to Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14 for one of our Open Houses for a day of fun, family, friends, entertainment, and see some of our fantastic activities.

We always anticipate full crowds, so grab your free tickets here!

Safety is a Leading Concern at FBS Summer Camp

Safety for your child is our concern first and foremost and we’re famous throughout Los Angeles County for our safety measures. You never have to worry about your kid’s safety and this is why:

  • Every employee is certified in both First Aid and CPR
  • There is 1 staff member per every 6 campers
  • Water safety – Lifeguards monitor the beach front – counselors stay with the youngsters at all time even in the water. Professional lifeguards are also on the seaside that is alongside our camps.
  • Bathroom visits are meticulously supervised by staff members as well.
  • The staff makes sure each camper is protected by generous use of sun screen lotion consistently.

Camp Activities

When you sign up for Fitness by the Sea , we’ll treat your child to an amazing camp experience with a perfect blend of 200 safe and exciting water and sand activities ranging from surfing, boogie boarding, and swimming which are naturally very popular, but we also offer gymnastics, arts and crafts, martial arts, hip- hop dance, …all in an encouraging, positive environment, making every day at camp unique.

Many kids who attend our program say they never liked camp until they discovered Fitness by the Sea! And even if your child is new to the beach environment, they’ll love our program too because all the camp activities are basic and instructional, meaning no prior beach or ocean experience is required.

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A Camp for Every Child

We understand every child has unique requirements depending on their age, skill level, and interests. That’s why we customize the camp experience for every camper. With this in mind, we also offer camps with different sizes:

  • If you’re looking for a camp that offers an unmatched variety of choices for campers and an unparalleled level of energy and spirit, then our Pacific Palisades camp will be the best choice. Ages range from 4.5 to 14.
  • Our Santa Monica camp is large enough to offer a wide variety of activities and all the spirit and energy of Fitness by the Sea, but still small enough for those campers who prefer a more nurturing environment. Ages range from 4.5 to 14.

And if your child wants to try a larger or smaller camp on for size, we will accommodate that too! You really can’t go wrong!

Best Counselors Anywhere!

Sure we have tons of activities—and to be honest, a day camp on the beach is an easy sell. But we go the extra mile and hire the best possible staff members and counselors, who are enthusiastic, responsible, creative, and engaged at all times. (In fact, many of our counselors were once FBS campers themselves when they were kids!)

They know they are providing lifelong memories, and they seek out the kids on the sidelines and nudge them into participating and trying new things. We want each child’s experience to be the greatest camp day they’ve ever had!

Our Very Flexible Schedule

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp runs for 11 weeks starting June 10 and ending August 23, 2024. Our camp day runs from 9:00am to 3:00 pm, but we offer reasonably priced early care and extended care options, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 pm.

Also, If you need transportation to the beach we have a very convenient bus stop at Warner Elementary, at Loring and Warner Ave.

The great thing about FBS is you can add any of these options for each week of camp right up to the Friday night before (by 12am) the next week of camp, so if you hit a snag, we’ve got you covered! Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

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