Westlake Village Summer Camp

Beverly Hills Summer CampFitness by the Sea Offers the Adventure of a Lifetime for Kids

Fitness by the Sea allows you to enroll your camper for the individual days you prefer, instead of requiring enrollment on a weekly basis. Choose the days that work best for your family with our flexible schedule!

Fitness by the Sea gives kids a first-rate day summer camp experience they will remember for a lifetime. At FBS, kids discover an incredible wonderland of fun where they can explore, create, learn, and just be silly. Each day is filled with exciting activities and more importantly, our kids feel safe and know that they can just relax and be themselves.

Fitness by the Sea was established in the year 2000 and has grown at a rapid pace ever since. Our staff enjoys working with your children and helping them to discover their hidden creative talents. Our team is comprised of energetic, experienced staffers with an average age of 28 years old. They actively participate with the children in many of the activities and serve as positive role models.

Endless Fun Summer Camp Activities

From the moment a child comes through the door, they experience the FBS spirit and one of our camp’s favorite rituals is when we come together as a group to raise spirited cheers throughout the camp. With a background of happy music and children’s laughter, even the shyest child will get immersed in the singing and cheering. Campers become instantly involved in our hilarious skits, singing and cheering.

At Fitness by the Sea, we encourage kids to investigate the fun side with over 80 fun-filled activities at each of our summer camps. Your child will discover exciting activities like juggling, dancing and magic shows. They can learn to knee board or surf. There are a number of arts & crafts to love, plus many team sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, or volleyball. There’s always something fun to do at FSB.

Parents always tell us that their kids come home completed renewed and transformed. At the same time, they experience personal growth on a new level, and we love to hear that Fitness by the Sea is making a difference.

FBS provides four amazing day camps located in Southern California: two in Santa Monica and two in Pacific Palisades. If you live in West Lake Village, you have several convenient locations to choose from. Just click here for directions to any of these four awesome beach summer camps.

Summer Camp Safety Regulations

Fitness by the Sea is proud to have been named the, “safest beach camp ever seen” by the LA County Lifeguards Chief. We make safety a top priority and appreciate the confidence and trust you place in us. Check out a few of the safety precautions we take:

  • All staff members have CPR & First Aid certification & training
  • Supervised restroom visits
  • 6 to 1 Camper to Staff Ratio with a 3 to 1 ratio when surfing
  • Ample water provided at all times for proper hydration
  • On-staff lifeguards located at the seashore and in the water. Professional lifeguards in adjacent beach front areas
  • Staff will liberally apply sunscreen lotion throughout the day
  • Camp uniforms are bright and easy to identify

For additional information on all safety policies, please check out either our Safety or Frequently Asked Questions page. We welcome your inquiries.

Mature Staff Members

Fitness by the Sea employs more mature staff members who have been thoroughly trained. We believe that more experienced, older staffers can be counted on to provide a better quality of care for our kids. This additional life-experience is what sets our staff apart. We also strictly maintain a 6:1 ratio of staff members to kids so that we can ensure your child’s safety. When surfing, the ratio will be 3:1 so kids can relax and have fun.

You can Sign up Today with our Flexible Web Scheduling. This is Scheduling Made Easy with our handy online registration for a carefree summer!  Simply click this link or visit our summer camp locations page for driving directions from West Lake Village.

If you choose to use transportation, there is a five day minimum enrollment. If not, you can register your child for any days you wish, with no minimum days or weeks. Though you do need to schedule your dates ahead of time, it’s easy to change dates as long as you provide us with 24 hours’ notice.

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