Beach Fun for West Hollywood Kids, Ages 4-14

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TRANSPORTATION available in Cheviot Hills and Westwood

If you’re like other West Hollywood families who’ve discovered Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp, located in Santa Monica and the Pacific Palisades, it won’t be long before you notice your child loves the freedom of going to camp at the beach rather than being contained to a site-based facility all day.

In fact, many kids who’ve attended other West Hollywood summer camps and made the switch to Fitness by the Sea say one of the things they appreciate most is the ability to go to a camp and pick and choose the activities they want to participate in throughout the day.

We offer lots of activities (over 50 a day!) including, naturally, surfing, boogie boarding, and swimming, but also some that might be surprising to you, like gymnastics, martial arts, fencing, arts and crafts, yoga, and classic team sports like baseball and basketball, all on the beach!

And if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of traffic, we offer convenient transportation options in Cheviot Hills, and Westwood bus stops.

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We’ll Do the Driving to the Beach so You Don’t Have to!

We offer transportation service for West Hollywood families with bus stops in the Cheviot Hills and Westwood area. So you don’t need to worry about getting out to the coast and then getting to and from work, here are some of the great features of our service:

  • Convenient stops in Cheviot Hills and Westwood area
  • Short bus rides with few stops. Your child won’t be spending precious time getting to and from camp.
  • Entertainment, activities, and games provided by counselors on the bus.
  • Well-trained drivers from a professional bus company to ensure safe, reliable transport equipped with seat belts and all safety equipment

Convenient Week-by-Week Enrollment … Sign up for Camp Whenever You Want

Kids love Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp’s activities—who wouldn’t? But parents love our camp too. Why? Because you can pick and choose the weeks you send your child to camp. Since we don’t have pre-arranged sessions, you can create your own schedule that fits your family’s busy lifestyle.

Want to come to camp one week, then skip a week, then come back again for a week later? You can do that! It’s what we call week-by-week enrollment and it means you tell us when you’re coming to camp, NOT the other way around.

How much does it Cost?

Our weekly rate is $405 per child (price varies depending on the number of days purchased). This price includes all camp activities, supervision, instruction, and program equipment provided by the camp.

Join Us for Our Open House!

Come meet our Fitness by the Sea family at one of our Open Houses at our Pacific Palisades location. You’ll get a chance to ask questions, talk to other families, and try us out! It’s like a free camp day!

You’re sure to see other families you know here too! We expect a full crowd, so snag your free tickets today here. We can’t wait to see you!

Safest Beach Camp in LA Area!

Camp is a place where kids grow emotionally and socially and try new things. But as a parent, you might be concerned about the safety of a beach camp. In fact, safety is always the number one question we get.

We can assure parents that Fitness by the Sea boasts a 100 percent safety record. That means that in our 23 years in operation, and more than 36,000 campers, we have had no more than a bruise or scrape. In fact, we are the camp that has been deemed, the “safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area

Over 200 Exciting Activities with No Prior Ocean Experience Required!

Campers enjoy a wide variety of more than 200 safe and fun summer camp aquatic and sand activities like surfing, dance, flag football, gymnastics, arts and crafts, and more.

Whether your child is 4 or 14, prior aquatic experience is unnecessary because our counselors and staff will show your child how to swim in the ocean or ride their boogie board or surfboard all the way to the shore the very first time they try!

How to Choose the Best Camp for Your Child

Both of the camps offer the same level of fun, energy, and diverse activities associated with FBS. But, if the size of the camp is also a consideration for you, here’s a breakdown:

Pacific Palisades (Will Rogers Beach, Tower 14) offers the largest choice of activities on any given day and an unrivaled level of energy and spirit. Campers range in age from 4 – 14

Santa Monica (North of Pier, Parking Lot #8 North) is the perfect size – just big enough to offer lots of activities each day, but small enough to provide a quieter, more intimate experience. Campers range in age from 4 – 14.

Clownfish program (available at both camps) is specifically geared for our 4 year old campers, with pre-school teachers who understand young children, and custom-designed activities that appeal to this age group.

Counselors Are Key

What makes FBS different from other day camps is the quality of people who pour their lives into making it an exceptional place for kids. Our counselors are chosen for their high energy and enthusiasm, ability to interact with kids, and dedication to make a positive impact on kids’ lives.

They are goofy and fun-loving—and they just GET kids. Plus they have the experience working with kids of all ages in a group or one on one setting. Each counselor has what it takes to tap into each child’s wondrous imagination and love for fun.

Simple Signup

We love our camp and believe it’s the best available, but if you have any concerns, please visit our FAQs. If your question isn’t addressed there, just contact us by phone at (310) 459-2425 or by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required. We’re very easy to reach and respond quickly.

If you’re ready to sign up now, click here. And because we like to make the signup experience as easy as possible, remember you can always add or change days.

Don’t forget to take advantage of some of our amazing and responsibly priced add-ons! like healthy lunch choices and transportation with bus stops in Cheviot Hills and Westwood.