dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/6/2015

SM 8:6 Blog Pic

The campers really made camp a blast today with their creativity, insights, and talents.  The day opened up with Counselor Terilyn creating her own FBS FairyRULE Story.  Campers loved her drawings and her story of what the rules are at camp and why they should be followed.  After our morning cheers, the wedding preparations began.  Campers hung out with Counselor Phoebe, helping her get ready for her big day; while others hung out with Counselor Miles as he enjoyed his time getting insights on how to prepare for married life.

Before the morning ended, our decorations committee made a beautiful sand wedding cake, decorated our camp site for the ceremony, and even created the wedding dress for Counselor Phoebe.  If you look at the pictures on our site, you can see the beautiful work done by our campers!  This truly was a wedding designed by the campers with the Counselors having minimal input on the ceremony.

After a beautiful ceremony where the campers created each Counselor’s vows, our very own dance team put on a performance that brought tears to the happy couple’s eyes.  To end our festivities, each cabana created cheers to celebrate their excitement for this glorious day!

With all of the energy spent today, having a Pajama Day tomorrow was music to these camper’s ears!
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