dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/27/2015

SM 8:27 Blog PicThe end of camp is around the corner and many campers are excited and sad that school will be starting up and that Fitness By the Sea is coming to an end.  But we got a surprise visit today from the owner Eric Colton, who showed all of the campers why he loves his camp!  Eric played, joked, and participated in all of the activities!  He finally got to witness our counselors and campers creativity, energy, and love for one another.

For the cabana competition, each cabana had to create a music video.  The seals impressed us all with their lip syncing skills and ability to make a crowd go wild with their real band playing!  The Seals have always been a creative cabana and utilized every member to participate in the music video.  Check out online for the actual performance!

We are excited for our potluck and luau tomorrow to celebrate the end of camp, but the beginning of all of the new friendships we have made thanks to camp!  We look forward to seeing you


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