dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/26/2015

SM 8:26 Blog PicLooks like the Rain Dance the campers performed yesterday brought the sun out instead today!  Santa Monica shined it’s beauty on us today with calm waves and hot sand!  But of course the campers still enjoyed their day with Football, Dodgeball, Fish Hunting, Sand Crab Searches, and Prisoner!

For our Cabana Competition, we played a game of Family Feud (which was very appropriate for our SaMo Family!)  In the beginning, the Dolphins appeared to have the lead, but the Sharks were hungry for points and pulled a surprising victory!  All the cabanas cheered on the Sharks, with the Seals showing the most love to all of the teams.

With only a couple of days left before our Luau, we can’t help but wonder who will show up to celebrate the end of summer camp with us.  Will you be there??


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