dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/25/2015

SM 8:25 Blog PicTwo days down from our last week of camp and the energy has not dropped from these kids!  Even though the sun wasn’t out as usual, the campers still enjoyed a plethora of games from Dodgeball, Synchronized Swimming, Sand Castle creations, Pier Deer, and more.  Of course the question of, “Why do we need sunscreen when the sun isn’t out?” popped up a few times, but the campers are well aware of the routine for sunscreen checks and gladly place their face outwards to get checked.

We had three different cabana competition activities today.  The first was a team bridge activity where the cabanas had to stand on boogie boards and make a bridge to get from one end to the other without their feet touching the sand.  The second activity was a agility test where the cabanas challenged each other to get flags.  And the final activity had to do with the cabanas making a rain cheer.  In the end, the Sharks won 2/3 of the activities and claimed the title of cabana champions of the day!

As the midway mark is coming up, we prepare for our Luau on Friday.  What items would you like to share with your camp to spread the “Aloha Spirit” with your campers?!?


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