dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/24/2015

SM 8:24 Blog PicWith the last week of summer starting, we are happy to see a new group of campers entering our site.  As if it was the first day of camp, kids were introduced to the cheers, activities, and of course the counselors.  Campers got to play Dodgeball, Building Bridges, Fetch It in the Water, and Making the biggest structure out of equipment on site.  Every child had an activity they were interested in really enjoyed each other’s company and the counselors encouragement.

Our cabana competition led to everyone heading to the water to play fetch it, with our campers dividing into height groups.  Every child had a chance to participate and really utilized their ability to run, swim, and fetch the ball.  You could hear their cabanas cheering proudly for each contestant, win or lose!  The support and encouragement is what makes SaMo such a wonderful site to be at


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