dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/21/2015

SM 8:21 Blog Pic“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  That was the question all campers were asked.  Some had answers, others were not sure, and some just couldn’t choose!  We explored a variety of occupations today like Construction workers, Musicians, Surgeons, Police Academy Trainees, Realtors, Designers, and Artists.  The campers really enjoyed exploring different professions and still made time to engage with one another about the variety of projects.
After lunch, we were entertained by our Rock Band that put on a great performance.  Each camper had a part and got the crowd going crazy!  For the cabana competition, each cabana had to create a business.  The Sharks had a Towel Pizza business, with samples!  The Seals had a Relaxation Spa for couples and provided MC Farber and Assistant Director Canaan a moment of Zen.  And the Dolphins cabana had a business that provided awesome campers to support their cabanas.  In the end, the Seals won and showed that a Zen business was a blooming business!
With the last week coming up, our counselors are hoping to still see those happy faces that make us want to come to work every day


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