dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/20/2015

SM 8:20 Blog PicIt’s amazing to know how resilient kids are to cold temperatures.  Even though the sun appeared late today, the campers were still really eager to jump in the water!  They participated in activities like Lamborghini (creating sand cars), Kickball, Tie-Dye Fashion, Butt Wars, and of course Creature Search down by the shore.  If the campers were not excited by these activities, they boldly decided to get a group of kids and created their own game of Bin Designs.  It’s amazing how inspired and creative they can get when the Director says, “Show me what FUN means to you!”
For our cabana competition, the cabanas created SandMen and had to have a story with their sculpture.  The Seals created a Sand-Babysitter with her three children.  The Sharks sculpted a Sand-Eric Colton and praised his power.  And finally, the Dolphins created a Sand-tribe to lead their mascot Dolphin (Dolphina) back to the Pier.  In the end, the judges were most impressed with the Sand-Eric Colton and the fact that every Shark member participated.
Tomorrow we ask kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  We look forward to seeing their future dreams and aspirations


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