dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/18/2015

SM 8:18 Blog Pic

What a day!  Counselor Terilyn prepared our campers with a rule skit based on our Theme Day, “When I Grow Up,” challenging our campers to figure out what profession relates to our rules.  We opened up our morning with some fabulous activities such as: Lip Sync Battles, Capture the Flag, Digging Holes, and Sand Castle creations.
The Lip Sync Battle was so successful that the kids encouraged us to make it our Cabana Competition, and so we did!  Campers had to drink a cup of V8 and then Lip Sync the MC’s song choice.  Although some campers struggled drinking the V8, the Dolphins pulled off a solid win with not just the best contestants, but also the greatest support!
With our numbers getting smaller with the start of school, the counselors are making it a point to make the remaining days as phenomenal as ever!  Curious to find out what fun our counselors have tomorrow???  The best way to know is by stopping by!  See you tomorrow!!!
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