dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica, 8/18/2014

Monday, Monday, Monday! Campers start your engines and get ready to race around the beach during another fun filled week at FBS! We had a three-way hula-hoop car race today at FBS Samo. Teams of four campers had to fit inside of a single hula hoop than work together to race through the “cone valley” jump over the many walls of “boogie board alley” then race across the red mat “slip ‘n slide” duck under the volleyball “web of defeat” and then finally running to the “wet zone” to drench each other in water before crossing the finish line. But of course we didn’t just run forwards, we ran backwards, blindfolded and then the campers voted the counselors try the course… but while spinning in a circle! To top it off the fun filled race was only part of all the fun we had at the beach today.

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