dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/17/2015

SM 8:17 Blog Pic

Two weeks left remain, but Fitness By the Sea is engaging kids like it was the first day of summer!  With the arrival of new faces, the counselors didn’t hold back to introduce everyone to the greatness that camp has to offer.  We had games like Fetch It in the water, Soccer on the shore, Fencing, Olympic Gymnastics, Dodgeball, and Digging for Sand Crabs.

After lunch, Counselor Gracie read the love letters that the campers wrote about the secret loves counselors have with one another.  The creativity and imagination these kids have is endless and everyone laughed at the words chosen to describe their love.

During the cabana competition, campers had to fill up a bucket of water using themselves.  Kids used their hands, hair, clothes, and even their mouths to bring the salty water back, but in the end, the Sharks prevailed proving that size and numbers don’t matter, but pure commitment to win!

Looks like the new week is starting off great and we know these campers will make it memorable!
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