dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica, 8/14/2014

Today was “Camper-Counselor Flip Flop” day in which each counselor picked a camper to switch places with during our morning run through. Jesse was chosen to be our MC as he has shown great pride and memory of knowing all the words to every cheer as well as the order in which we start our day. Izzy put on a hilarious presentation of the FBS rules that she came up with all on her own. Spirit stick winner Rio has been a leader all summer and was chosen after leading the camp in the FBS clap and cheer. We had a water balloon launching competition and a beauty saloon prepared just for Counselor Cannan who the girls thought needed yet another makeover. The Davis brothers brought the house down as “The Sassy Short Short Sisters” while acting as judges for the cabana competition.

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