dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/13/2015

SM 8:13 Blog Pic

With the sun heating up our camp, we couldn’t help but create the ultimate water slide that continued throughout the whole day!  If campers were not ready to get wet yet, they enjoyed playing soccer, limbo, and sand crab hunts.

After lunch, we got a great dance performance by Counselor Hawkins, Brandon and one brave camper!  The camper really got our attention as we never expected to see this side of him, proving once again the impact FBS has on our camper’s personalities, spirits, and confidence!

Our cabana competition tested our campers skill to control their laughter.  Campers had to stay in a pose and not smile as counselors from competing cabanas tried their hardest to make the campers laugh.  Each cabana proved skillful, but it wasn’t until a tie breaker activity where cabanas had to imitate MC Farber, Assistant Director Canaan, or Director Wendy that led to the Seals winning it all!

With the day over, we prepare for a Rootin’ Tootin’ time tomorrow as we gear up for Wild Wild West Day!
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