dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica, 8/13/2014

Operation Seagull took place at SAMO FBS today. After last Wednesday water balloon battle with another FBS camp we were on high alert for a sneak attack. The entire camp was thrown into an emergency water balloon defensive exercise in case of a surprise attack. Mylan lead a group of campers to build a medic tent complete with cots and supplies, Jackson. David and the Allen brothers lead a spy mission to keep an eye on the possible incoming attack. Theo lead a brave group of campers put together a mock soccer game in which they were actually staking the front line of defense, while many campers like Declan were building the boogie board wall barrier and prepping hundreds of water balloons. The spy mission reported the enemy had retreated, so the counselors took on their roles and a massive water balloon battle ensued. The counselors were greatly outnumbered so the broke out their secret weapon… Shaving Cream! By the end the counselors and campers formed a truce and we all raced into the ocean to clean up and have some more fun.

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