dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 8/12/2015

SM 8:12 Blog PicThe camp was filled with laughter as campers welcomed new comers and enjoyed seeing their favorite counselors!  To prepare our campers for Wild Wild West day on Friday, campers enjoyed games like Lasso-ing, Moving Target Practice, Quick Draw, and Sand Ball.  As usual, we had our very own FBS Got Talent, a Wednesday favorite, where we saw singers, dancers, and skits!  SaMo kids really proved they have the best talents!

During our cabana competition, campers proved their speed and agility as they tried to get flags on the big field.  The last camper standing represented the winning cabana and that win went to the Sharks!  As the smallest cabana, they proved their worth and received praise and support from all the other cabanas!

Get ready campers for a rooting, tooting time as we gear up for Wild Wild West on Friday!


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