dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/9/15

11141135_951067211624475_5094198891564958830_nWhat a wonderful Thursday in Santa Monica We celebrated two birthdays today, a camper’s and Counselor Shawnda’s! The camp danced around the birthday girls and made them birthday cakes in the sand. With the celebrations, we also had our “Santa Monica’s Got Talent.” Campers shared their talents and impressed not only our three judges, but also the audience. The winner of the show, hwever, was a camper that proved that you can make arm pit sounds under your arms AND knees! It was definitely something we had not seen or heard before!

During the cabana competition, cabanas had to recreate images in history. The images can be seen on our Facebook page and can we say how accurate and impressive these campers are. As Circus day arrives tomorrow, our campers are using their imagination to predict how the counselors will create such a memorable spectacle


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