dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/6/15

11667305_949711141760082_2785557205945649229_nThe sky was gloomy today over Santa Monica, but that didn’t stop our campers from smiling and chatting up a storm! Girls proved that they were just as good as boys on the kickball field, our samurai warriors proved that size didn’t matter, campers competed to find the biggest sand crabs, and some campers went on a search for the infamous Pier Deer.

The cabana competition released the campers passion to win as they competed by eating donuts on a string and tactful ways of eating goldfish. In the end, the seals beat out their competition and won, thanks to Counselor Alex’s yoga moves! All of our campers and counselors asked where the time had gone because before they knew it is was time to go home. It really is true that time passes by so much faster when you’re having fun!

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