dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/31/15

11800628_963188323745697_7939894728157561740_nIt’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s Super Heroes Day!!! Santa Monica was awaken this morning my Iron Man’s (aka Counselor Daniel) rendition of the rules. He got the campers and counselors singing and cheering! The camp was split between the heroes and the villains! In the morning, campers got to get their face painted to represent a hero or villain, planned for an incredible puppet show and designed their stage, and made superhero gear to battle it out with a water balloon fight.

After lunch, the puppeteers put on their show about Captain Insano (Santa Monica’s loveable super hero) and how he came to be a superhero. The campers were captivated by the story and our puppeteers were applauded for their hard work. The battle between Heroes and Villains continued into the afternoon and in the end the Villains won spirit bars, but the Heroes still cheered them on for their ability to work as a team!

Our campers left today exhausted, which means it was a job well done by our Hero Counselors of Santa Monica!

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