dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/30/15

11811301_960966830634513_8445574947676802227_n-2To prepare for Super Hero Day tomorrow, campers got to battle with Pookie the Bulldog in a fantastic game of tag. They also worked on their Mr. Fantastic Stretches playing twister and got to work on their Butt Superpower in a game of Butt War. The kids were hyped and with the hot weather upon us, took their powers and strengths down to the water where they played catch, boogie boarded, swam, and dug for Sand Crab with their X-ray Vision.

During our cabana competition, our cabanas created their own super hero and described how they are able to SAVE THE DAY! Kids really used their imagination to decorate a counselor to play the super hero and took initiative in making up a wonderful story of strength, courage, and of course fun!

Super hero day will soon be here and we at Santa Monica have to ask…what super power will you have?

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