dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/29/15

11253228_962191627178700_7983000717662503970_nSo many activities, so much fun, so little time! That’s how it felt today as campers got to play Fetch It in the water, practice their Synchronized Swimming routine, get Hair Braids, build their very own Club Marquee, and do Arts & Crafts while listening to amazing stories. After lunch, the kids couldn’t wait to get into the water, but first they were patient and attentive as their watched their fellow campers do their Synchronized Swimming performance. It was magical to see all of the kids dancing in the waves.

As the cabana competition started, the campers went through three rounds of a Watermelon Eating Contest. Although the Seals were in the lead, the Sharks took the win as they had the cleanest watermelon, but also, had to eat the biggest slices! The Sharks Cabana cheered, “Sharks like to Eat” which not only was a true statement, but brought laughter throughout the whole camp.

With Super hero day coming up, campers are debating if they are a Hero or a Villain. Because technically, a villain is a super hero, he’s just on the bad side. Hmm…will there be more Villains or Heroes on Friday? Stay tuned…

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