dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/27/15

11173321_961092490621947_2858003677228783602_nThe week started bright and hot as a new set of campers stepped onto our Santa Monica site. Counselors engaged our campers with activities such as Work Out Gyms, Fencing, Nature Walks and Sand Castle buildings. Our campers always enjoying the various activities available from the sand to the ocean. With the sun’s rays hitting us hard, majority of our campers enjoyed boogie boarding and swimming and the occasional battles with the waves.

After lunch, the cabana competition brought about turtle races. A relay race where campers would put bins over their body like a turtle shell and get through our obstacle. These campers would not let anything stop them from winning, even the sporadic bumps into one another. As the race came to an end, the Dolphins prevailed and were declared the champions!

It really feels like summer now as we lather ourselves with sunscreen to protect us from the heat and the sun’s rays. Will the morning start as hot again tomorrow? Join us to find out

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