dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/24/2015

SM 7:24 Blog PicWhat an exciting Halloween Day at Santa Monica!  The sun shined bright in the early morning, but the campers still wanted to participate in all of the activities the counselors provided.  We had a fun Bobbing for Apples Obstacle course that needed our campers to prove their agility and speed while sinking their teeth into their apple.  We had a haunted house where you either got a trick (shaving cream) or a treat.  You also got to explore your senses by feeling zombie brains!  There was also a ghost story time while doing arts and crafts.  Campers took their time as Counselor Shawnda really knew how to tell stories that started suspenseful, but ended up in laughter.

After lunch, our campers enjoyed a Monster Mash Dance Performance and melted with cuteness as our young campers tried to keep a straight face eating sour candy.  Cabanas also dressed up a counselor into a scary monster for our Monster Runway and the Zombies won with their Swamp Thing creation and story!

What a day! Fun, Sun, and a few Scares got the campers engaged and wondering, what is in store next week?

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