dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/22/2015

SM 7:22 Blog PicWhat a day we had at Santa Monica! Campers could not get enough of the Scavenger Hunt that was created with a puzzle map. They were so engaged that it lasted the WHOLE MORNING! Campers also got to go on a Mission Impossible trip to the Jonathan Club to scope out a possible attack.  We also had auditions for our FBS Idol!
As always FBS Idol showcases our camper’s singing talents, with a few creating their own song and skit!  With the influence of FBS Idol, the cabana competition was all about Lip Syncing Battles!  As campers battled one another, the Pelicans (our newest cabana) came out on top and the wheel was spun, landing on Cream ‘Em!  Although the Director never gets involved (due to photo ops) a surprise attack created an uproar and the Director had to stand her ground and battle it out with the campers.
Remember campers, with Halloween Day coming up, one needs to ask if the Director has a Trick or Treat up her sleeve after today’s Cream ‘Em attack.  Guess you will have to find out on Friday!!!


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