dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/2/15


SM 72 Blog PicThe day was filled with sand castle contests, medallion creations in Arts and Craft, some gymnastics, and of course, a camp favorite, dodgeball!

But with all of that fun, the cheers you could hear throughout the day were, “Vote for Roan! Vote for Roan!” It was Roan vs “Jerry” (the adult) in an epic battle during our FBS election. Both candidates set up their campaign, met with the people, and gave their speeches. Our camper even made “Roan Dollars” to pass out to win votes and gain popularity. But, it wasn’t until the speeches were presented that our camper blew everyone away. He had wit, he fought for the people, and above all was liked by ALL! In the end, Roan beat “Jerry” and the people got to cream Jerry with shaving cream!

Are you ready for Friday, our themed Fourth of July day? At Santa Monica, we DEFINITELY are!!


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